The Harry Potter Christmas Tag

Hi everyone! I recently saw this amazing tag on Anna's Book Nook and the Potterhead in me screamed at the top of her lungs, to take the plunge and do this tag, despite the fact the a New Year has already started. Now, who can argue with a Potterhead? So here it goes... The Rules: … Continue reading The Harry Potter Christmas Tag

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I know it's a Wednesday and it should be a WWW Post. However, I am going to tweak it a bit. I am going to ask you a different question today! What are your resolutions for the year 2020? BOOM! After thinking a lot and falling a lot at keeping up … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Year End Thoughts

Hello everyone! So we've finally come to the last day of this great year 2019! Time flies, doesn't it? If anyone had told me exactly one year ago, the huge pile of great gifts ( alliteration?), 2019 would be endowing my life with, I wouldn't have even listened to that person blabbering away. No seriously, … Continue reading Year End Thoughts


Hello people! It's time for our weekly segment "Wordly- Wise Wednesday"! Winter has officially begun and I am so looking forward to cozy readings in bed with steaming cups of coffee...who else is loves this? Before we start discussing our varied opinions on today's question, I have some news to share with you guys. From … Continue reading WORDLY – WISE WEDNESDAY!!!

Book Review: To The Lighthouse

Photograph by: Bhagyashree. All rights reserved. Hello readers! A quick update before beginning today's blog, I celebrated my blog's six-month anniversary, two weeks ago! Isn't that amazing? And being the forgetful nelly that I am becoming overburdened by the unending college assignments, I completely forgot to share this happy news with you guys! Well let … Continue reading Book Review: To The Lighthouse

Life Update Post

Hello beautiful rays of sunshine! Today's post is about something special! Something which makes me feel responsible, loved, happy and emotionally invested at the same time. This new experience is so blissfully beautiful and I want to enjoy each moment to the fullest. I know these little guys are going to be excited each time … Continue reading Life Update Post

Kota Factory (web series): Review

Hi guys! I am so fond of experimenting with a myriad of colors and hence these different shades every week. I would love feedback from you guys about the color of my blog page (I am going astray from the here we are all serious now...) Although this blog is a little different from … Continue reading Kota Factory (web series): Review

Sikkim Diaries. Part-1

What's up readers? Any Kung Fu Panda fans in the house? Wanted to see a real life Master Shifu prancing around (not specifically nailing Kung Fu poses)? Well, the state of Sikkim is just the place for you! For you will have a chance see the nearly extinct red panda In Singalila National Park in … Continue reading Sikkim Diaries. Part-1

Living in Lanka.

Ayubowan readers!!! (Can you guess the language?) Today's blog is a travel account dated to the time I embarked on a Youth Exchange Program to Sri Lanka in 2017 with six other people. Before beginning, did you know Sri Lankan government allows dual citizenship to people for both Sri Lanka and India? I did not … Continue reading Living in Lanka.

Blogger’s Bedrock.

How's it going, readers? Today's blog , I know it is a little late. Apologies , but the topic I chose to write on , today, required a great deal of thinking. Believe me, I have been racking my brains to seek answer to this question all day long...(scroll down to unravel the mysterious question) … Continue reading Blogger’s Bedrock.

Knock Knock…Who’s there? A new blogger in the web air!

Hello beautiful readers! Today I begin a fresh chapter of my life...I entrust myself with a new responsibility of being a blogger apart from being a poetess! So let's begin by introducing myself. My name is Bhagyashree Jain. I am an ardent book lover, voracious reader and a fierce protector of my books (I dare … Continue reading Knock Knock…Who’s there? A new blogger in the web air!