The Harry Potter Christmas Tag

Hi everyone! I recently saw this amazing tag on Anna’s Book Nook and the Potterhead in me screamed at the top of her lungs, to take the plunge and do this tag, despite the fact the a New Year has already started. Now, who can argue with a Potterhead? So here it goes…

The Rules:

  1. Link Back to the Creator: Charleigh Writes
  2. You Can’t Choose any Harry Potter Book for Any of Your Answers
  3. Tag However Many People You Wish
  4. Have fun!

1)It’s your first Christmas at Hogwarts. What’s one book you’ve asked for this year?

I wish I could ask for my entire TBR list! If I had to narrow it down to one book, I would say the The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

Image result for the book thief"

2) You spot Hagrid hauling a Christmas tree through the grounds. What is the longest (or heaviest) book you own?

The longest (and the heaviest) book I own is the 1122 pages long paperback; The Complete Sherlok Homes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Image result for the complete  sherlock holmes"

3) It’s time for the famous Great Hall feast. What’s one book you can’t read without snacks?

I don’t really go for snacks while reading books. However, I can’t enjoy the adventurous series by Enid Blyton without a bunch of crisps at hand. The hunger for adventure makes me really hungry. Lol.

Image result for enid blyton  adventure books"

4) Well done, you’ve brewed your first Polyjuice Potion. What’s one book you’d change the cover of?

Wonder by R.J Palacio. Although I generally don’t care about covers, but this is the only book that made me think more about the cover than the unique plot. I think the cover could have been a little more creative in garnering a sense of wonder about the book.

Image result for wonder book cover back"

5) You receive a brand new Firebolt for Christmas. What’s one book you read super quickly?

The Pregnant King by Devdutt Pattanaik. It was such an interesting read that I finished it in just six, super quick hours!!!

Image result for the pregnant king"

6) You join Harry for his first proper Christmas. What’s one book you’d love to receive this year?

My TBR pile is pretty overflowing with books and my bookshelf is on the verge of giving up on me, so I think I’ll skip this question for a few months!

7) You get hit by one of Fred and George’s flying snowballs. What’s a book you wanted to throw across the room?

Gosh! I would never subject any book to such brutality, no matter how boring it is. It’s just heartless torture aimed at both books and book lovers.

8) You’ve just visited Hogsmeade for the first time. What’s one popular book you haven’t read yet?

I am so embarrassed to admit this, Catch-22 by Joseph Keller. A note to self: read it asap!

Image result for catxh 22 book"

9) Congratulations, you’ve been invited to the Yule Ball. What book about Christmas do you love?

Without doubt, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens! Ooohhh! The childhood nostalgia!

Image result for a christmas carol book"

10) You find Ron’s deluminator. What’s one book that helped you through some dark times?

Books by Dan Brown. The fictional adventures Professor Robert Langdon embarks upon every once in a while has helped me overcome my worries during times of distress. Thank you, Dan Brown!

Image result for books by dan brown with robert langdon"

I tag: Anyone and everyone who is interested in doing this fun tag!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s a Wednesday and it should be a WWW Post. However, I am going to tweak it a bit. I am going to ask you a different question today!

What are your resolutions for the year 2020? BOOM!

After thinking a lot and falling a lot at keeping up with my resolutions, 😅I have decided to narrow down my resolutions to these.

1) Less of negative thoughts and more of meditation this year.

2) Completing my TBR list of about 50 books.

3) Less of junk food, I have been happily gorging on so up till now.😅

4) More of practicing guitar, blogging and learning time management techniques. 🙄

I would love to hear about your resolutions in my comments section. And I wish, all of you success in keeping up with your resolutions, this year!

Until the next time,

Happy New Year ! 🥂

Year End Thoughts

Hello everyone! So we’ve finally come to the last day of this great year 2019! Time flies, doesn’t it?

If anyone had told me exactly one year ago, the huge pile of great gifts ( alliteration?), 2019 would be endowing my life with, I wouldn’t have even listened to that person blabbering away. No seriously, I was too busy preparing for my board examinations.😅

I am so glad to have survived that phase to enter into an even difficult one; college!😂

They say happiness is one thing, you need to pursue. It is a state of mind that you are not born with. It comes with doing things that you love, persistently. And with some tweaks and changes everytime you do it. I learnt that in the amazing year of 2019 and found my happiness in blogging. A platform to express myself and my love for writing and reading in front of like minded individuals…

I made a huge number of blogger-friends, collabed with them on cool projects and made a zillion happy memories, here. I read and marvelled at some astounding works of fellow bloggers and learnt from them knowingly or unknowingly. I realized that boundaries no longer separated us when we were united by the power of thoughts.

I was welcomed in this friendly community with open arms by my lovely readers and inspired to improve myself constantly. All the chnages that I see in my writing style and myself, is all because of you guys!

So as the year ends, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person for making me feel welcome, loved and special in this cosy, close-knit community of ours. I found here, what I was looking for, all my life; peace, happiness and respect for my works!

I want to share a quick life update with you guys, my first publication,a collection of poetry, will soon be available for online purchase! I’ll be sharing details with you guys shortly. Isn’t that exciting?

I hope all your unfulfilled wishes come true next year and may you be endowed with all the sweetness you have showered upon me!

Until the next time,



Hello people! It’s time for our weekly segment “Wordly- Wise Wednesday”!

Winter has officially begun and I am so looking forward to cozy readings in bed with steaming cups of coffee…who else is loves this?

Before we start discussing our varied opinions on today’s question, I have some news to share with you guys. From this month onwards, I have decided to schedule this segment to be posted twice a month, in the span of two alternative weeks. Along with this, I have decided to infuse a monthly segment in my blog posts where I will be talking to fellow bloggers about the nitty-gritty of blogging. Stay tuned for further updates on this segment.😄

Disclaimer: today’s question might make you drop all the work and rush to a nearby library/bookstore!

How would you describe your dream library/ bookstore?

A huge floor-to-ceiling window opening to a serene view with cushions and mattresses scattered around it along with ample reseves of books, bookmarks, coffee and amazing people to discuss books with, would be my idea of an ideal library/ bookstore.

I would be waiting to hear your answers in the comments section.

Until the next time,


Book Review: To The Lighthouse

Hello readers!

A quick update before beginning today’s blog, I celebrated my blog’s six-month anniversary, two weeks ago! Isn’t that amazing? And being the forgetful nelly that I am becoming overburdened by the unending college assignments, I completely forgot to share this happy news with you guys! Well let me make it up to my readers with multiple posts this week.

It feels so good to be back doing book review posts, which beautifully combines my love for reading books and writing!

Alright then, here’s the review for today!

Book- To The Lighthouse

Author- Virginia Woolf

Rating- 4/5

Virginia Woolf had been an unexplored author on my TBR list, right from the time, I was introduced to her works in literature class, a few years back. From the excerpts of this book that I had read before, I felt that her writing had a story of its own. A story curated from fragments of her life, waiting to be told.


Experiences, perceptions, ambitions and emotions of the various members of the Ramsay family and their friends Lily Briscoe, Charles Tansley, August Charmichael and William Bankes form the crux of the story. The novel begins with James (the youngest son of the Ramsay family) expressing his desire to visit the lighthouse only to be demoralized by his father. The story is then moved forward by introducing life choices of other characters and how Mrs Ramsay directly or indirectly influences them. The book also encompasses how drastic global events affected the protagonists, ultimately helping them find the closure they had been seeking all their lives.

Writing Style

I found this novel quite intriguing because of that fact that it lacks a narrator of any sort. Instead, perspectives of the characters are used to spin the story. Extensive symbolism is used by the author for both her theme and characters. Each character in his/her own way depict an individual of the modern society, struggling to carve an identity to be remembered for eons, yet making peace with the fact that they are lacking in some or the other way seeking their true happiness. I have been a book geek since times immemorial, yet I had never come across a book, until now, in which I could relate to every character in one way of the other. Kudos to Miss Woolf for achieving such a feat!

Interesting Aspects

a) The novel offers an unique writing style.

b) The plot is layered in so many interesting themes, in such a beautiful manner, that you find it hard to put down the book before finishing it.

c) Instead of providing guidelines for the reader, the author weaves an intriguing web of words for the readers, to frame their own opinions and statements.


To be honest, when I first began reading this novel, I felt that I would probably toss it down in my DNF shelf, for the narrative was running haywire in so many directions, leaving me utterly confused. But I am glad, I kept my eyes and mind glued to the text and kept on reading one of the finest pieces of literature I have ever laid my hands on. It has now become one of my favorite books!

Do you remember how I frequently write about a dearth of honest endings in novels? Well, I think I found my closure after reading this novel. It is a masterpiece which has an unique narrative style and a splendid ending which justifies all it characters.

One more aspect which makes the story, phenomenal, is the realistic portrayal of common people being affected by the drastic global events. While reading the novel, you never feel that the dimensions of common life and global phenomena dim each other, at any point.

This story has all the flavors of life from love, loss, betrayal, resentment, protest, deceit, loneliness, happiness, wrapped in the perspectives of common charterer arcs. All you need is a little patience to understand and enjoy this story.

I would totally recommend this book to everyone who is looking forward to enjoying an authentic piece of modern literature. And for book worms like me, there is an added advantage, it’s quite short, so can easily be finished in a day or two. 😛

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When I dreaded the weekend….

#funny #humour #life

Hello readers! I hope you all are basking in the happy weekend-ish sunshine!

I have an enlightening insight regarding college, which I have learned the hard way; it surely is TOUGH!!!! 😥

This is probably the first time in my life when I dreaded the weekend. The reason? I had so much work piled up to be submitted in the next week. Trust me, I have never prayed harder before, than this one time, where I prayed for Sunday to be extended a few hours more…it never worked though, Monday morning is just a few hours away now.🤤🤤

Anyways, something happened over the course of these twenty hours, which made me drop my work and start punching the keyboard keys.

Alright then, let the saga begin!

I woke up to the pitter-patter of raindrops pounding on my window pane,this morning. As I opened the door and went outside to collect the morning paper, a light object landed right on the top of my head and began traversing its journey downwards. Woohhh, when I think about it now, it was one of the scariest moments of my life.

As the object was taking its dear time to land on the ground, I was attracting attention, seeking for help. You cannot even imagine the myriad of possible names and shapes for the unidentified object, that were going on in my head. Hearing the pandemonium that I was creating outside, my four birdies, Simba, Sarah, Coco and Rio started fluttering around the cage in terror, unsettling all the ornaments and swings in there.

After a few minutes of the terrified screeching from the five of us, which earned us dirty looks from the neighbors and some laughs from the children, I decided to look directly at the source of my distress. With my body arched backwards to launch an instant attack on my attacker and a little caution, I opened my eyes to find a shiny, green object lying next to my foot. It was a long lost (and forgotten) shuttlecock. A SHUTTLECOCK!!!!

Flashes from a friendly game, last week came rushing back. Something had happened to the shuttlecock…Oh yes, a powerful shot from my opponent in the direction of the wind and it landed right on the inaccessible roof. And the game ended there! So how did it plan to give me a surprise visit this weekend? Blame the rainwater. As the streams of water flowed downwards, it carried with it, its new friend which landed right on my head, giving me the fright of my life.

Being the warrior that I am, with great zeal and zest I collected the morning paper and shuttlecock, and headed to solve the other problem; the one with my birds.

Staying alone in the peaceful environment, would have been a good idea, though. As I entered the house, I screamed once more, out of horror this time. My seemingly peace-loving birds had upturned their entire cage somehow and were fluttering happily around their spilled food. It took me about an hour to sweep and mop the floor spotless.

However my saga doesn’t end here. It has a few more acts before the curtains close…

A few hours more into the day and I find myself battling another T-Rex.I couldn’t measure and draw the contours of relief features, because some dim-wit thought it would be a good idea to eat chocolate in class, using my textbook as a protective shield for their dress! For protecting their dress!!! I hope from the bottom of my heart, the don’t have the fortune to meet husky book lovers. Seriously, someone is in great peril, when I meet them in college on Monday.

With a little help from the Internet and other sources, I completed one assignment of mine and decided to take a short break by walking around my building. Little did I know, the rainwater was in no mood to spare me either. A cyclist going the opposite way, decided to take a little detour and started peddling towards me. Before I could react to what was happening, I found myself drenched head-to-toe in the freezing water from puddles. Who knew, I would get to attend a rain dance session, sans passes?

The rude cyclist, did not even stop to apologize and cycled the rest of his journey, laughing along the way. However, he didn’t get to go very far, without having to shed a few tears either. He *accidentally* cycled on some stray dog’s tail who chased him along the block , finally jumping on his cycle and sprinkling him with the same puddle water, he drenched me with, in the first place! Thank you, universe! That was exceedingly satisfying! 🙂

However, all of this is nothing compared to the big shock that was awaiting to greet me when I reached back home. I had been locked out with no spare key. If somebody was keeping a record for bad days, I am sure, this one is qualified to make the cut.

With a disheveled appearance and piles of work to complete, I had to wait for two hours outside my house, with chilly winds to accompany me for my mother to rescue me out of this situation. I wonder how cold Jack must have been feeling all the time he was protecting Rose!😧 No matter what happens, now I am always carrying a spare key, some extra clothing and towels with me, wherever I go.

Thankfully I completed all my work, before night had fallen and I got to enjoy a peaceful family dinner, where my “adventures” for the day, were discussed and laughed at thoroughly. I have some stone-hearted family members, I found out today! Lol!

I hope laughing at my misery uplifted your weekend moods, if you guys also had to cancel some plans. I wonder what the universe has in store for me, next weekend!

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Life Update Post

Hello beautiful rays of sunshine!

Today’s post is about something special! Something which makes me feel responsible, loved, happy and emotionally invested at the same time. This new experience is so blissfully beautiful and I want to enjoy each moment to the fullest. I know these little guys are going to be excited each time I get home, show their happiness whenever I strum my guitar sitting near them, make me clean up after them a LOT (trust me, my first time was extremely unpleasant), chirp my pensive mood away, teach me many things, scientific things to be specific, and most importantly love me unconditionally! Ohh…I am so touched. Lol.

Alright then, let me unravel the mystery about this post now. Although I think, I have given you guys some hints already…

I have got four birds as pets!


The first day at their new home!
L-R; Simba, Sarah, Coco, Rio.

Well judging by their names you can guess how much I adore Disney movies! I wanted to name one after Po, but, unfortunately got vetoed out of it. It still hurts. *wink* *wink*

So I am now a proud pet parent of two pairs of birds belonging to breeds Zebra Finch and White Finch each. Unfortunately, Coco had been poked in the eye by some bird while at the pet store, so she had faced a bit more trouble in adjusting, than the others. Thankfully, she is all better now and keeps frolicking around with her bestie, Sarah.

This is how the four friends bid goodnight! Although I think Rio is angry with me for clicking a pre-bedtime shot:P

I love their snowy coat of feathers and res shiny beaks! Nature sure has its own way of embellishing beauty.

I observed that both Simba and Sarah (Zebra Finches) are both gregarious and fun-loving and on the other hand it seems, Rio and Coco (White Finches) keep having tiffs over issues I am clearly not aware of. It is hard to see them all huddled up next to each other, but I guess I got lucky tonight!

Since they are adults, it will be hard for them to learn to sit on my shoulder or be comfortable with human touch. Although I am pretty sure, I will be getting loads of pictures clicked with their offspring. Care to suggest me some names for the future generation? I have already exhausted my favorite names supply.

I am eagerly waiting for the time, they’ll be comfortable and well adjusted enough, to fly freely around my house. How fun, that would be! And of course, when their little tree house is ready for them to reside in, I’ll throw another house warming party for them, that day.

I would love to hear suggestions and advice on how to rear these birds and their offspring. Please feel free to share your views in the comments section. Also, tell me about your experiences of being a pet parent for the first time.

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Until the next time!


Simba, Sarah, Coco and Rio

Kota Factory (web series): Review

Image result for tvf kota factory poster

Hi guys! I am so fond of experimenting with a myriad of colors and hence these different shades every week. I would love feedback from you guys about the color of my blog page (I am going astray from the here we are all serious now…)

Although this blog is a little different from what I usually write about, but trying new things makes life more exciting and interesting. Doesn’t it? And the series (which I finished binge watching, again, yesterday) I am going to talk about in today’s blog, surely deserves a mention!

So here we begin!

For all my readers who are not familiar with this scenario, here’s a little background guide for you (remembering MUN’s, anyone)?

Kota is a well-established town in the state of Rajasthan, India, which houses a large number of pre- engineering and medical coaching institutes. Students in large numbers from all over the country, flock to this this town in hopes of undergoing extensive training to be granted admission into prestigious colleges. The extreme pressure of performing well, either make diamonds out of coals or break the existing coals. The struggle of a new student of coping with the life away from his comfort zone is depicted in the series.

Creator: Saurabh Khanna

Director: Raghav Subbu

Cast: Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai

Streaming on: TVFPlay, Youtube


In a black-and-white frame, we meet a young, anxious,apprehensive boy, Vaibhav, who has migrated from his hometown to Kota, to get into one of the prestigious coaching institutes. His inability to crack entrance into the best coaching institute lands him in another one where his life changes. New bonds, new friendships, new memories, new romance, new courtships, new lessons, new responsibilities, new life- altering decisions and everlasting impressions are created on the way to fulfilling his dreams…until the fateful day which flips his world upside down.


This is probably the first monochrome web series in the age of fine colors and precise definitions. You begin the series, expecting it to be a portrayal of how a student is crushed and defeated with all the pressure teeming around him, but you would be surprised and satisfied as the drama unfolds.A monologue from a seemingly “old school” professor breaks all stereotypes of orthodox teacher-student relationships and keeps you glued to watch the next episode. Further into the series, you find yourself wanting to envelope the protagonist in a warm, empathetic embrace (wow, I getting better at alliterations!)as he struggles to adjust in his now competitive, hostile and parent-less world. Here as well his teacher comes to his rescue and hence begins a new chapter of a newly made independent Vaibhav. Dealing with academic problems and dallying with an acquaintance(that too, with an academic undercurrent) sums up the latter episodes of the series.

The protagonist’s sidekicks and roommates Uday and Meena show you two different sides of the same world, one struggling to prove your worth to the world and the other, struggling to accept your inability to prove your worth.
The top-notch acting of the (stars-in-the-making studded) cast, strikes the cords of your heart and you start living each characters’ life through your eyes. Each actor displays the nuances of great (no wait, tremendously great) acting skills, but ultimately the adorable and naive Meena steals the limelight.

The writing and story is so bold ,gripping and realistic, you feel like giving the writers and creators a standing ovation. They have beautifully captured the details of everyday life of students and presented them to the world in the form of a cinematic luxury.

I think the black-and-white screen, the aerial shots (pointing to the zenith) are euphemisms for the harsh realities of life of the students. As the end of the series draws near, colors are fused in the screen and you left believing that Vaibhav has finally found a course, a direction and happiness in life.

Small incidents in the series light up your day, like, Meena unburdening his friend from the load of maintaining long-distance friendship, Vaibahv’s mother finally at peace when he adjusts himself aptly in his surrounding, Vaibhav paying gratitude to his teacher and many more. Uday’s portrayal of a boy struggling to fulfill his father’s dreams at the cost of his happiness is commendable.

Kota Factory isn’t just a web series but a cinematic experience that keeps everyone marveling at the creativity of story narration and presentation. There are few glitches that I have with the series. Firstly the creators used to upload one episode in a week and left you at a cliffhanger waiting for the next. And secondly, it ended way too soon. You feel, you just started knowing Vaibhav, learning to grow up in unfamiliar and uncharted surroundings and the next thing you know, you won’t be welcome in his world, until the next season.

This is without doubt, one of the best web series I have seen in a long time, barring Game of Thrones and a few others. So I would rate this series 4.5/5 and suggest everyone to add this to your must watch series. The best thing about this series is that, it provides subtitles for people who face a little trouble understanding Hindi.

Watch these series once and then we will discuss whether the episodes could mellow your heart and convince you to applaud Vaibhav and millions of others who face this struggle.

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Sikkim Diaries. Part-1

What’s up readers?

Image result for sikkim map

Any Kung Fu Panda fans in the house? Wanted to see a real life Master Shifu prancing around (not specifically nailing Kung Fu poses)? Well, the state of Sikkim is just the place for you! For you will have a chance see the nearly extinct red panda In Singalila National Park in the state. Although don’t be surprised to see the red panda lazing around instead of performing difficult postures!

So talking about Sikkim tourism, it would be a great idea to know that the state is divided into four divisions north, south, east , west and there are different tourist locations in each zone.

During my three day long trip (I know, its short and cruel, but what can be done now?), I visited tourist locations in East Sikkim and some destinations of North Sikkim.

This state lies in the lap of Himalayas, so it can rain and get chilly on any day, without any warning. So it would be a great idea to pack an emergency umbrella, torch light ,extra pair of clothes and woolens for your trip. I suggest instead of going for sport shoes, go for Crocs as a safer option. You never know, when the weather decides to shower its blessings on you and you might fall sick.

Sikkim doesn’t have an airport yet, so from whichever state you book a flight you will land at Baghdogra Airport(16 kms west of Siliguri) and then a shared taxi ride of about 2-3 hours would take you to your hotel.

A good choice of hotel would be Golden Star Continental Hotel & Spa for comfortable stay and great food! (They did not pay me to advertise, but their hospitality deserves a mention).

I have divided the destinations and their respective itinerary according to days on which I visited them. So here’s the list.

View from the ropeway
  1. Gangtok Rope way – This is the closest to all the accommodations. The hotel authorities would arrange a driver and a full day cab for you on demand. Since, Sikkim lies in a mountainous region, transportation is bit difficult. This is the reason, shared cab culture is prevalent in the region. I suggest you to not be shocked of passengers who would ask for a ride despite seeing you seated comfortably in the cab. Also, this place is extremely safe for ladies so if you plan to embark on a solo trip, and want to explore the streets at nights, you can go ahead with it with no apprehension! Coming back to the rope way, it is nothing but a journey in a glass cabin which provides you with a stupendous view of the state. Watch ‘Qarib Qarib Single movie’s last scene for reference. It was shot there. Make sure not to pull out your cameras out of the windows of the cabin to capture the scenic beauty. The ride can be a bit jerky and you might end up losing your camera/phone!
  2. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology- After the rope way ride, your driver would take you this monastery cum museum. You will have to climb an apparent steep slope to reach this place. As you enter the monastery, you will have to touch these revolving pillars and then gain entry into the inner part of the monastery. It signifies inner peace and respect for the self. As you finish visiting the monastery, remember to keep the entry ticket safely, as the small piece pf paper would allow you to take entry into the museum. It is a wonderful place to know about the Tibetan culture in detail. However , no photographs can be clicked here, so sorry people, you would have to visit the place yourself to see the artifacts!
Revolving pillars at Namgyal Institute
Related image
Ban Jhakri Falls

3. Ban Jakhri Falls- So nature lovers, prepared to be amazed at the beauty that these resplendent waterfall ooze. You will come across many picturesque locations here, which can be used to increase Instagram and Snap chat followers! Various water sports are also offered at these falls. A word of caution, wear water proof clothes and shoes or carry an extra pair of clothes. Also, while in water take small, balanced steps and be cautious of the slippery surfaces. All the boating lovers, instead of paddling in huge lakes, here you will enter in a small pool with statues all over the place and rough edges which makes boating difficult. So a big no to boating here, from my side.

4. Flower Exhibition Center- Trust me, it is one of the most beautiful flower exhibitions I have ever seen in life. The myriad of flowers can blow your mind with their delightful fragrance and epitome of beauty. If you plan to visit Sikkim anytime, take out time to visit this exhibition once. That reminds me the best time to visit this state is between the months of March-June. The rest of the months are either too cold or unsuitable for tourism.

Flower Exhibition
Morning dew and view from my hotel.

An erratic power supply can be experienced in the region, so always carry a power bank. And wake up a little early to enjoy the feeling of living among the clouds.

Visiting all these places in one day can be a little tiring for bodies and reading an extremely long blog can be exhausting for eyes so with an end to day one in Sikkim,I end my blog for today.

I would be back tomorrow with all the places I visited during the remaining period of my trip…

Till then be happy and be awesome

Comments about your experiences in Sikkim are welcome!Let’s see if you and me have something to share from our trip to the state!

Living in Lanka.

Ayubowan readers!!! (Can you guess the language?)

Today’s blog is a travel account dated to the time I embarked on a Youth Exchange Program to Sri Lanka in 2017 with six other people.

Before beginning, did you know Sri Lankan government allows dual citizenship to people for both Sri Lanka and India? I did not know about this, until the very last day of my trip…

So it was the 28th day of August and the first day my week long vacation (I know YOUTH EXCHANGE, but anywhere away from school, is a vacation, right?) Moving along the gyrating paths amidst the mountains and reaching our destination at Horton Plains, summarizes it perfectly.

A small bit of advise, no matter in which season you visit the place, always carry a light, warm clothing as it can get a wee bit chilly in the later part of the day.

Standing atop the highest point of Horton Plains (look at the oxymoron), you feel you are on the top of the world. Struggling to hear what your friend is trying to speak against the howling wind, is battle in itself. One day is surely not enough, to drink in the beauty oozing of this place.

Also, carry a pouch of tit bits for the way as the journey can be a bit tiring.

After many failed efforts, this is the one only pose I could come up with for a picture like this at Horton Plains! Laugh all you want to…

One amazing fact that we came to know, on the way, really blew my mind. I know many people have heard the curious incident of birds plummeting to their deaths in India, but have you hear there was mass animal suicide in Indian ocean as well?

Well this happened when the Indian and Sri Lankan plates broke apart and the animals on either side, were not able to adjust to this change. In an attempt to be on the other side of the land, they drowned in the Indian ocean. Phew! Must have been scary, no?

The next day was the same as well, with just a distinction of visiting an ice-cold lake this time. Gregory Lake. For all the people who have long hair out there, I suggest you carry a scarf with you during boating, as the rough winds can take a toll on your hair! I had to learn it the hard way. Well, poor me!

Alright, now it’s time talk about living with host families in Sri Lanka. Using basic English can really help you strike a good rapport with the families. And one word of caution, be careful of what you eat, because more than half of the goods there, contain some or the other form of non-vegetarian products.

With the host family…

Small sovereigns back from your hometown can really make people cheerful.

I suggest if you plan a trip to Sri Lanka, do visit its parliament. What enchanting beauty, that place hold is beyond description. I would have loved to show you photos, but nobody is allowed to click pictures there. Security reasons, I guess. It is one enchanting place, where you will be lost in your own thoughts after entering.

The rest of my trip included in meeting with Sri Lankan diplomats, government officials , discussing various issues with them, vising government offices and a long list of monotonous itinerary, which I am sure most of the people are not interested in. To be honest, even I am not even I find it a little boring to share all these details…

What I loved about this trip was an inter-cultural program for delegates of both counties. We had to dress up in traditional clothes of our country and put up cultural performances. Come on, kudos to our choreographers, who made a stiff branch like me swirl gracefully.

Apart from these, I would never forget the late night talks with other delegates, conversations over cups of coffee and bonfire. I suggest try to get a booking In the Sri Lankan Youth hostel for a comfortable stay and try mingling with other delgates.

Did I mention, we also witnessed the shooting of Sri Lanka’s Got Talent in the auditorium of the Youth Hostel. It was quite boring, let me tell you!

One more site worth visiting, is the Candy market in the capital. It has shops established around huge aquariums! Isn’t it fascinating?

A strong, travel light and a mosquito repellent along with bottled water would be a great idea to travel. The ideal months to travel to this place would be between August to September.

At least once in your lifetime, you should visit this place. It a place where your soul comes alive through the bountiful and beautiful nature.

So waiting for you to share your experiences of Living in Lanka!

Till the next time be happy and be awesome!

Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Blogger’s Bedrock.

How’s it going, readers?

Today’s blog , I know it is a little late. Apologies , but the topic I chose to write on , today, required a great deal of thinking. Believe me, I have been racking my brains to seek answer to this question all day long…(scroll down to unravel the mysterious question)

Abbreviating the reason for me being here, for a nobody being on a platform to share her views was truly a Herculean task! When I finally thought of a reason which satiated my desire to delve deeper into this question, I decided to start this blog.

Isn’t it strange, how millions of faces appear in the world, merge with the ‘facade’ of a huge crowd , disappear and are eventually forgotten. Millions of faces, millions of minds, millions of ideas, billions of expressions, yet all fused in a marsh of invisibles.

The same story has been and will be repeated with one and all till the end of time. Different tales amidst that One Story of life and death, will be left unheard, undocumented and will be forgotten. In this phenomenon of racing ahead paving way to be remembered through the eons of time, we are outstripped of everything we have achieved and ultimately forgotten by Time… Trying to grasp the irony is a bit frightening and humorous at the same time, isn’t it?

Although this fear of being forgotten had been daunting me since childhood, I realized its magnanimity (trust me, I am not deceiving you) a few seconds before attempting to write this blog. This has been a recurring nightmare of mine since the time I have been discovering the true purpose, true ambition and the true calling of my life.

I might be just another face (or mask) in crowd, sometimes not even visible (because I am a teeny-tiny person, laughs), but I never want to be forgotten. I might have the same tale among thousands, even the feelings and expressions might be similar, but I want the tale to be heard. I want my sing-song voice to be heard and remembered through the cacophonous chatter.

This brings me to my question of what actually brings me here? Probably a desire to write. Probably a desire to reach out to people through words and expressions. Probably to make new friends. Probably to break free from the constraints of my leather bound dairy. I am sure all of these, but above all to be remembered even when I am no longer a face in the crowd…till the end of time.

I never knew, documenting and sharing petty details to great achievements (trying hard to make them come true), could make me happy to an extent that I smile throughout the day and I am one step closer to being immortal.

I know I am not alone ( and never want to be as well) in this. There are thousands, questioning themselves, gathering courage probably doubting themselves before expressing a sweet melody among the crass noises. A big shout out to all those!

It takes great ounces of strength and determination to even attempt something like this. So let’s be each other’s back in this journey and carve out a new way, where only souls ,not faceless faces live to express and express to live. Let our words and expressions alone lead to our immortality.

With this, I came to an end of this blog, having explained my reason for attempting to be here or rather begin my journey of immortality.

Knock Knock…Who’s there? A new blogger in the web air!

Hello beautiful readers!

Today I begin a fresh chapter of my life…I entrust myself with a new responsibility of being a blogger apart from being a poetess! So let’s begin by introducing myself. My name is Bhagyashree Jain. I am an ardent book lover, voracious reader and a fierce protector of my books (I dare you to touch my precious books without my permission). I published my first collection of poetry ” AN INWARD ODYSSEY” last year, when I was seventeen and now as the eighteenth chapter of my life unfolds, I have decided to dip my hands into blogging.

On the tenth day of April 2019, I hereby tread on a new journey of blogging and present my first blog to the world.

Although this is my first blog, I feel I am writing it for the millionth time. Whatever I wrote did not really make the cut…there was something missing in everything I wrote.

For those people who have watched “Wake Up, Sid!” , you might remember the scene when the protagonist Ayesha (Konkana Sen) a journalist, tears up her article one day before submission. The reason being she felt something was missing. I can still feel the dialogue ringing in my ears “maine submission se ek raat pehle apna article phad diya aur phir se likhne lagi “!

(” I tore off my article one night before the submission and began writing once again”)

As a die hard Bollywood flicks fan, I wanted the same incident to be repeated with me (along with others, hopefully they would come true too). They say whatever you desire the most, life presents you the same . And lo! the same thing happened. I literally tore off the blog and began the blog once again! Unfortunately, no Ranbir Kapoor was with me to help me out. (SILENT SOBS!)

So after trying to write and hitting the backspace button say about a thousand times, I decided to take a break and visit a nearby ice-cream shop.

One thing I love about people is observing them. The myriad of emotions, characteristics and thoughts these like- minded bodies express, are beyond comprehension. You know the beautiful silence that lingers when you just observe people around you…a blissful feeling of being alive and aware of each moment passing by…

So while enjoying my big cone of Cookies and Crunch ( for people who might wonder about this petty detail) I observed a little girl of probably three or four years of age. A chubby little girl enjoying her Popsicle in a spic and span manner, dabbing her mouth at regular intervals was definitely an entertaining sight to behold and to question your sense of cleanliness. I had been observing her for quite some time, for when she became conscious. To break the awkward silence I complimented her cute yellow dress. Like every Indian child she was schooled by her mother to reply with a cheerful ‘Thank You’. However the next two words got me to ponder something which I never gave a thought to. In her innocence , after hearing the golden words from her mother, she turned to me and said ‘Your Welcome’ and started giggling.

It might be an incident to laugh about for some but it made me wonder what did that little girl have about her, which we are lacking.

The answer had been in front of my eyes for quite some time, however I failed to recognize it. The desperate need to not use logic everywhere and laugh on oneself no mater what the situation.

I believe as we continue our journey in the ‘Forest of Age’, we protect our curious eyes with spectacles of boundaries. Later as we grow, these spectacles remain glued to our eyes and we fail to grasp the beauty of this world. Everything sf filtered by these glasses and we eventually forget to question everything with our eyes . What we have learnt, our minds apply. What we haven’t ,we stop questioning.

Searching for answers in lieu of our curiosity gives us immense joy, which leads to pretty smiles. These spectacles have constricted our curiosity and thus leading to less hearty laughs…

I wonder how life would have turned out, had I kept my eyes open without the protection of these glasses. Had I laughed more on myself before, would I have been laughing more now?

Not placing everything in accordance to logic, moral behavior, righteous conduct probably could have led to a new journey or discovering the world azure and anew and in the same breath discovering a new me?

No matter what we say, what questions arise in our minds, which answers we are seeking, life always gives us an opportunity , let me correct myself, millions of opportunities to seek answers, to change everything we decided for ourselves and be happy everyday, every moment of our lives.

Let’s imagine ourselves to be children once again, spilling out merrily in the world, discovering it and smiling even when they (or shall I say, we?) reach a dead end. Let’s try to fall and bump the ground, so our spectacles cab be broken for once and for all. Let’s enjoy the beauty oozing out without any screens, any glasses, any obstruction at all!

Let’s be alive for once, instead of just breathing…laugh on our mistakes and silliness instead of hiding them because at the end, has anybody ,even the most sincere of them all gotten out of here alive?

For the time we are youthful (which I believe throughout our lives), laugh heartily and enjoy ice-creams while seeking solutions to problems… (Good joke, made you smile, I hope!)

With this foundation stone I begin my new journey as an eighteen year child once again! Let’s see where the path bends, as the destination is not important but the journey is…

So who all our joining me for my next cone ? This time strawberry would do! ( I am smiling just by thinking about it!)

Till the next time…be awesome, be happy and wait for my new blog!

Comments and reviews are always welcome!