Year End Thoughts

Hello everyone! So we’ve finally come to the last day of this great year 2019! Time flies, doesn’t it?

If anyone had told me exactly one year ago, the huge pile of great gifts ( alliteration?), 2019 would be endowing my life with, I wouldn’t have even listened to that person blabbering away. No seriously, I was too busy preparing for my board examinations.😅

I am so glad to have survived that phase to enter into an even difficult one; college!😂

They say happiness is one thing, you need to pursue. It is a state of mind that you are not born with. It comes with doing things that you love, persistently. And with some tweaks and changes everytime you do it. I learnt that in the amazing year of 2019 and found my happiness in blogging. A platform to express myself and my love for writing and reading in front of like minded individuals…

I made a huge number of blogger-friends, collabed with them on cool projects and made a zillion happy memories, here. I read and marvelled at some astounding works of fellow bloggers and learnt from them knowingly or unknowingly. I realized that boundaries no longer separated us when we were united by the power of thoughts.

I was welcomed in this friendly community with open arms by my lovely readers and inspired to improve myself constantly. All the chnages that I see in my writing style and myself, is all because of you guys!

So as the year ends, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person for making me feel welcome, loved and special in this cosy, close-knit community of ours. I found here, what I was looking for, all my life; peace, happiness and respect for my works!

I want to share a quick life update with you guys, my first publication,a collection of poetry, will soon be available for online purchase! I’ll be sharing details with you guys shortly. Isn’t that exciting?

I hope all your unfulfilled wishes come true next year and may you be endowed with all the sweetness you have showered upon me!

Until the next time,


The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

Hello everyone! I am back with a book review this time. Trust me this is the longest I have taken to finish a mere 500 page book. I didn’t know college could wear one out to such an extent…

Book: The Casual Vacancy

Author: J.K. Rowling

Rating: 5/5

The magical story teller of our childhoods, once again weaves magic with her captivating use of words and accomplished art of story telling. As we begin reading the novel we come across a Parish councillor, too caught up in fulfilling his responsibilities towards the society and his family, ultimately ignoring to take care of his own self. As he fiddles to escape this whirlwind, a catastrophe strikes and he is announced to be deceased on his nineteenth anniversary. Leaving behind the town to turn into a battlefield, fighting for his now vacant position….

Exactly a year ago, I had seen this book at a book fair and seeing a familiar name, I added it to my cart. Like every Potterhead I used to associate J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter never considering the possibility of her writing novels for adult readers as well. So naturally I was a little hesitant before reading this novel and I am so glad to be proven right! J.K. ,Rowling ( see what I did there😉) and I couldn’t be prouder. She is a terrific writer who can execute any style of writing for all categories of readers. If anyone is looking for a semi-political fiction, this is the perfect book for you guys.

The plot and the story gel perfectly with dashes of reality that sometimes it becomes diffiult to believe it is fragment of the author’s fictional imagination. The plot is tightly weaved around one central theme (politics) incorporating many themes like adolescent misdemeanors, empathy, social identity crisis, imprudent pretence, deceit, adultery, responsibility, never for once, letting us stray from the key idea. It is nearly impossible to search for plotholes in the entire narrative.

Talking about the characters and narrative, this book comes as a refreshing break from the contemporary novels offering multi-purpose narratives and only focusses on a third person perspective narrative. It spirals back and forth between past and present, revealing the hidden shades of each character after being affected by the death of their beloved Parish councillor.

There are only a few novels which delve deeply into human beings and their varied emotions. There are even less novels which bring the two together and create a literary symphony from them. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy is one such novel. Each aspect of human emotions is reflected by one or the other character, united by one luring goal, power; politcal power,power of freedom, power of acceptance and power of love.

Each scene is chiselled with such perfection that it seems like reality swirling in front of your eyes. One of my favourite scenes is where a father-son duo finally bond after years of bickering and misunderstanding(I’ll give you a hint, their last name is Walls).

I would say this book defines perfection. It’s ending although isn’t happy for all characters(as mirrored in real life) is one impactful ending, which hits you deep inside and won’t let you forget, how one incident, one decision can change your life forever.

I would give this book:

Writing style: 5 stars

Plot: 5 stars

Character sketch and description: 5 stars

Narrative: 5 stars

Relevance to reality: 5 stars

So, this book stands at 5 stars for me. It’s a complete package of everything you need in a book!

Reasons for choosing this book:

1) It is a thick and interesting book, which can be a perfect read for the holidays.

2) It infuses the attention grasping concepts of power and emotions at work during the rise of a political figure. As far as I know only, biographies and autobiographies reach up to such level.

3) Provides some literary creative writing to be savoured by the readers ( No spoilers here!)

4) The book is exactly as you do not expect it to be and leaves a lasting impression on you mind.

Until the next time,



Merry Christmas everyone! I haven’t done this in along while, have I? I hope you remeber the rules of this weekly segment…

Alright then without further ado, let me present today’s question to you guys!

I know this question is a little dispersed from the normal literatute league (holy alliteration ), but I really want to read about this more.

Which quote(s) inspired you to move along during tough time?

I know my answer it a bit vague and funny for some people, but it really uplifted my spirits during some tumultuous times. I used to follow this verbatim and then rise once again to victory! Wow I am good at this!😂

I enliven by sleeping”.

I would love to hear about your motivators in my comments section!

Until the next time,


Dear Politics

Hi guys! Vacations are just round the corner and I am so excited! What are your elaborate plans for the vacations? I know one thing surely, I would be posting more often! That reminds me could you guys give me some tips for surviving college? I would love to read them in the comment section.

Alright then, time for today’s post. Although I do write about politics very often, I decided to dabble with this subject a little more in the light of some recent events. I hope you guys enjoy reading my work.

Dear Politics…

Dear Politics,

It is with deep pain and remorse, I write to you, this letter,

To thank you for the gifts of corruption and demonic humanity,

Instead of freedom and equality “supposed” to make our lives better,

We are stuck with fake promises, hidden truths and futile vanity.

I used to look up to you as a motherly comfort to global tears,

Hoping one day, your children, would reign over a world sans violence,

Instead their policies have given way to even more chaos and fears,

And in place of laughter, I hear a gruesome, painful, wailing silence.

You were there, when the guilty rapists were set free, weren’t you?

Despite the pleas and protests of the shattered but hopeful girl,

What a pity you were a witness during the human trafficking trial too,

What if you were absent all such times, letting Lady Justice freely swirl,

How wonderful it would have been, had you let the innocent breathe,

And rather chose to silence the ruthless terrorist’s rustling notes,

Yet again, you chose unwisely, soaking all the righteous citizens’ seethe,

I don’t blame you though; your choice was between justice and votes.

Would there have been quick progress if you had let the deserving candidate win?

Probably then there would have been less focus on boundaries and religion,

But you taught us it was important to respect old blood in the political kin,

And every aspect of development would follow, if you had an orthodox vision.

Since your inception, you never cease to discordantly disappoint me,

With your ingenious methods of flouting numerous rules and laws,

And the principle of heartless elimination in one’s ambition spree,

To achieve which, you propagate, highlighting others’ tainted flaws.

Old memories come gushing to me, when you used to walk in sync,

With empathy, unity, respect, honesty and above all prudence,

I don’t understand, over the years, how these virtues left your rink,

Leaving behind dark traces of envy, revenge and grating imprudence.

I wish you were still tolerant enough to comprehend my perception,

And had allowed me to pale the dark covers to bring out your kind heart,

If it exists, I doubt, deep down, after seeing the current condition,

Or the prophecies were true after all; it’s indeed inevitable doom’s start.

With my only weapon; writing, I tried to help you open your closed eyes,

Time and again, to warn you, felon souls do not need your blessing,

My people supported my words, unlike you, heedless to my cries,

Plunging down, with the present and future, instead of progressing.

United with my people, I fought and failed against your might,

But succeeded in raising our feeble voice against your hollow clangour,

The power hungry politicians made attempts to change this sight,

First failing by persuasion then overtly expressing their vicious anger.

When every scheme of yours floundered, you targeted the mastermind,

And decided to extinguish the tiny ray of hope, ignited with great efforts,

But you forgot, realizing the truth, my people once again won’t be blind,

And you won’t be able to rule unabashedly with your comforts.

From behind my closed walls, I write for one last time,

Wishing you luck for the toughest battle of your life,

You may silence me now, but I will live on in my soldiers’ paradigm,

Against you, together, as the day rises, we’ll definitely win this strife.

Before I forget, until the next time we meet, after you are defeated,

Try learning, serving people, instead of power, which is consecrated.


A strong, anonymous voice

© Bhagyashree


Until the next time,


Hoppy Tales- Story Hop!

Hello people! How’s it going? I do realize it’s been a long time, since I last posted and trust me, I missed my readers as much they missed my writing! Well, I hope you did!😅

So before we begin, (SPOILER ALERT), I have a surprise for my readers. All the time, my tedious college assignments were keeping me away from my beloved blog (boy, I love alliteration!)I was secretly working on something extremely exciting to tantalize my readers’ creative souls! I would be elated to read what you guys thought about this new tag of mine that has been on my To Do List for quite some time .

Hoppy Tales is a special story tag co-created by three bloggers namely, Jenny from ,  Kathy at and myself from !

Before further ado, let me introduce the first tag created on my blog.

The Tag:

Just as there are five parts in a traditional plot structure, we will have:

  1. An Introduction
  2. A Problem
  3. A Climax
  4. A Resolution
  5. A Conclusion

Original Image can be found here at:

You will be tagged to complete one of these five elements, along with given a theme (such as: beauty of simplicity, comedy, overcoming fear, love and romance, youth and beauty, coming of age, circle of life, friendship, empowerment).

The Rules:

  1. Provide a link back to the creators (Of Progress and PurposeKNJ Snippets & Tales, and Ink and Thoughts) so that we can see what you write!
  2. Share “The Tag” and “The Rules” to help eliminate confusion.
  3. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their portion of the story.
  4. Write your element with 3-4 days and try to keep it to around 50-60 words.
  5. Choose one or more persons to continue the story and assign them a theme.
    1. You may wish to let them know ahead of time in the comments, so that they can opt out if they don’t want to participate.
    2. If you write a conclusion, whoever you tag will start a new story of their own.
    3. If you tag more than one person, your readers will be able to choose their own adventure!
  6. Have fun with it! You are all so creative and inspiring, We can’t wait!

Let the fun ride begin…

(I was tagged by Pallavi to provide an ending to this story.)

An Introduction: (by Jenny )

Kathy moved quickly, narrowly missing the rocks and roots scattered about the forest floor. A branch grazed her cheek once or twice, but she pressed most of them away with her free hand. In her remaining hand, she held fast to a new beginning, her heart beating nearly out of her chest. Hope bubbled inside her with each new step.

A Problem: (by Greg)

Kathy turned to look at a squirrel, taking her eyes off a branch that smacked her face a second later.  She screamed, falling to the ground and landing in bear droppings.  “Kathy?” a voice called.  Kathy blushed, mortified, seeing the handsome gentleman she had come to meet, the source of her new hope.  He had witnessed her moment of clumsiness.

A Climax: (by Kathy)

Scrambling to right herself, Kathy brushed off the remnants of her folly. “You came,” she whispered, still clutching the half-broken locket. The man nodded, stepping closer until their bodies touched. Kathy trembled with anticipation as they connected their halves to completion. A blinding light burst from the heart locket and into the sky, creating an otherworldly glowing crescendo.

A Resolution: (by Pallavi)

In that magical moment, in midst of purple and silver fog, Kathy caught herself longingly gazing at him. She had hopelessly fallen in love with him, an alien. Her knees regressed to weakness. Her heart spewed plume of desires, to implore him to stay and to make love under those stubborn branches. But deep inside she knew his world was somewhere far away from hers, a world she could never be part of and a world he couldn’t stay away from. Conceding to that destiny, she recognized it was time to let him go.

A Conclusion (by me!)

Clutching the locket, she remembered the oath, she had taken decades ago, as the chief scientist; “create for progress, destroy for protection”. Fueled by the memory, she chose responsibility above love and proceeded to destroy her creation, her lover; the alien, a man with a robotic mind, before he wrecked havoc in her world. With one hand she tainted the automated locket and with the other, carved her way back, full of optimism, holding on to her new beginning…

I had tons of fun creating and doing this tag! And to continue this creative chain, I am tagging Betul from to begin another set of words linked together by imagination and creativity!