The Pursuit of Happyness: Book Review

Hello people! How's it going? For the record, I am having a pretty terrible week (sigh). The Big Bang Theory is ending this week and we might never see Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his antics again... With so many epic sagas ending this year, it's going to be difficult to find happiness in our lives… Continue reading The Pursuit of Happyness: Book Review


Fun things to learn from Avengers: Endgame

Hello people! Hard to forget this amazing franchise so easily, isn't it? It was iconic, the way people flocked over to theaters last month to bid farewell to MCU. From the fateful day , trust me, I have not been able to stop thinking about the legendary series... Apart from chivalry, righteousness, team-work and all… Continue reading Fun things to learn from Avengers: Endgame


Kota Factory (web series): Review

Hi guys! I am so fond of experimenting with a myriad of colors and hence these different shades every week. I would love feedback from you guys about the color of my blog page (I am going astray from the here we are all serious now...) Although this blog is a little different from… Continue reading Kota Factory (web series): Review


The Help: Book Review

Hi everyone! I have now become a one-month old blogger! A question has been nagging me since the past few days...Am I still new in the blogging world? Should I change me tags? Jokes,apart I hope something exciting happened with you over the weekend. My weekend was pretty mundane with an exception of buying three… Continue reading The Help: Book Review


License to Live: Book Review

Hello readers! How's your week going? I had a great week. You know I had cast my vote for the first time. I feel responsible (alright, let's say symbolically responsible) now. Let me know in the comments section what were your experiences in casting your vote for the first time. Before beginning, I want to… Continue reading License to Live: Book Review


The Mystery of the Talking Skull: Nostalgic Review

Photograph by: Bhagyashree. All rights reserved. Hi guys! Enjoyed the weekend? My weekend was pretty awesome too. I had a pizza plus cheese garlic bread (they delivered it an hour late, but still) and watched Boss Baby. It's a hilarious movie, you should definitely watch it sometime. I also reread 'The Three Investigators' series. Pretty… Continue reading The Mystery of the Talking Skull: Nostalgic Review


Tuesdays with Morrie: Book Review

Hi guys! I hope everything is going well with you people. The last two days have been full of adventure (I hope adventure is the right word) for me. For one thing, results of high school graduation examinations were out (you can congratulate me on passing with a decent percentage!) Secondly I finished reading a… Continue reading Tuesdays with Morrie: Book Review