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The world is definitely a huge stage, I’ve realized, veiled by magnificent green screens all over, and we as actors, perform our jobs brilliantly and live up to our name, incadesently, each day endows us with new opportunities, of living the truth, we are placidly surrounded by, happily, contentedly, however all we do, is project illusions, illusions that seem to vanish and ressurect, with each passing moment, if only we seem to realize, our illusions have become our reality, the only one we know of, how and when, that still is a crude mystery, nobody sees it, nobody willingly hears it, those who attempt to do, are silenced by the sighted blinds, and the determined coercively shut ears, the voices of the silenced, then peacefully find their way home, in the ever existing gaps of the world, furthening, strengthening, by the deceitful illusions, tearing us apart in the process, I wish, I pray, I hope, one day these green screens, crumble down and we encounter, our one true Truth, collectively, the relevation might shatter the beliefs we know of, and turn our faith to ashes, who knows though, that fire, might light our way towards a new beginning, and the ashes might give way to embers, for a newer, brighter world, that doesn’t require boundaries to hold it together, only our enlightened, honest ideas and expressions, reflect the meaning of accepting, living and loving our reality.

©Bhagyashree 2022. All rights reserved.

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