A short story

Hello everyone! How’s it going for you guys? Lately I have been practising writing short stories, well you know how badly I need it!.😅

So here’s a juicy slice of creative energies I have been feeling on lately. I hope you enjoy it.

Longingly she called out to her cheerful, carefree childhood memories in the painful war wreck. Even years later, all that reverberated was the heart- wrenching silence.

Copyright- Bhagyashree, 9.01.2020

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The Harry Potter Christmas Tag

Hi everyone! I recently saw this amazing tag on Anna’s Book Nook and the Potterhead in me screamed at the top of her lungs, to take the plunge and do this tag, despite the fact the a New Year has already started. Now, who can argue with a Potterhead? So here it goes…

The Rules:

  1. Link Back to the Creator: Charleigh Writes
  2. You Can’t Choose any Harry Potter Book for Any of Your Answers
  3. Tag However Many People You Wish
  4. Have fun!

1)It’s your first Christmas at Hogwarts. What’s one book you’ve asked for this year?

I wish I could ask for my entire TBR list! If I had to narrow it down to one book, I would say the The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

Image result for the book thief"

2) You spot Hagrid hauling a Christmas tree through the grounds. What is the longest (or heaviest) book you own?

The longest (and the heaviest) book I own is the 1122 pages long paperback; The Complete Sherlok Homes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Image result for the complete  sherlock holmes"

3) It’s time for the famous Great Hall feast. What’s one book you can’t read without snacks?

I don’t really go for snacks while reading books. However, I can’t enjoy the adventurous series by Enid Blyton without a bunch of crisps at hand. The hunger for adventure makes me really hungry. Lol.

Image result for enid blyton  adventure books"

4) Well done, you’ve brewed your first Polyjuice Potion. What’s one book you’d change the cover of?

Wonder by R.J Palacio. Although I generally don’t care about covers, but this is the only book that made me think more about the cover than the unique plot. I think the cover could have been a little more creative in garnering a sense of wonder about the book.

Image result for wonder book cover back"

5) You receive a brand new Firebolt for Christmas. What’s one book you read super quickly?

The Pregnant King by Devdutt Pattanaik. It was such an interesting read that I finished it in just six, super quick hours!!!

Image result for the pregnant king"

6) You join Harry for his first proper Christmas. What’s one book you’d love to receive this year?

My TBR pile is pretty overflowing with books and my bookshelf is on the verge of giving up on me, so I think I’ll skip this question for a few months!

7) You get hit by one of Fred and George’s flying snowballs. What’s a book you wanted to throw across the room?

Gosh! I would never subject any book to such brutality, no matter how boring it is. It’s just heartless torture aimed at both books and book lovers.

8) You’ve just visited Hogsmeade for the first time. What’s one popular book you haven’t read yet?

I am so embarrassed to admit this, Catch-22 by Joseph Keller. A note to self: read it asap!

Image result for catxh 22 book"

9) Congratulations, you’ve been invited to the Yule Ball. What book about Christmas do you love?

Without doubt, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens! Ooohhh! The childhood nostalgia!

Image result for a christmas carol book"

10) You find Ron’s deluminator. What’s one book that helped you through some dark times?

Books by Dan Brown. The fictional adventures Professor Robert Langdon embarks upon every once in a while has helped me overcome my worries during times of distress. Thank you, Dan Brown!

Image result for books by dan brown with robert langdon"

I tag: Anyone and everyone who is interested in doing this fun tag!

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Happy Tales- Story Hop

Ola people! I am on a posting streak these days, it seems! Trust me, I am not complaining. I am back with my tag “Hoppy Tales”. I am sure you guys remember what it is all about and I am so excited to work on its second round!

Hoppy Tales is a special story tag co-created by three bloggers namely, Jenny from ofprogressandpurpose.com ,  Kathy at knj.home.blog. and myself from inkandthoughts.com !

Before further ado, let me introduce the first tag created on my blog.

The Tag:

Just as there are five parts in a traditional plot structure, we will have:

  1. An Introduction
  2. A Problem
  3. A Climax
  4. A Resolution
  5. A Conclusion

Original Image can be found here at: storyboardthat.com

You will be tagged to complete one of these five elements, along with given a theme (such as: beauty of simplicity, comedy, overcoming fear, love and romance, youth and beauty, coming of age, circle of life, friendship, empowerment).

The Rules:

  1. Provide a link back to the creators (Of Progress and PurposeKNJ Snippets & Tales, and Ink and Thoughts) so that we can see what you write!
  2. Share “The Tag” and “The Rules” to help eliminate confusion.
  3. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their portion of the story.
  4. Write your element with 3-4 days and try to keep it to around 50-60 words.
  5. Choose one or more persons to continue the story and assign them a theme.
    1. You may wish to let them know ahead of time in the comments, so that they can opt out if they don’t want to participate.
    2. If you write a conclusion, whoever you tag will start a new story of their own.
    3. If you tag more than one person, your readers will be able to choose their own adventure!
  6. Have fun with it! You are all so creative and inspiring, We can’t wait!

Let the fun ride begin…

(I was tagged by Betul to write the next element on of the story. )

An Introduction- Betul Erbasi

The walk in the streets felt different. The streets looked different. Everything was brighter and fresher. She could not help a smile on her face. She said ‘Hi!’ to everyone that passed by.

After all that struggle, she had finally got what she wanted. She felt that satisfaction even more as she approached her office. She looked forward to giving the news to her colleagues.

A Problem – Bhagyashree

As Olivia approached the familiar stairwell leading to her office, her footsteps faltered, having seen something she’d been evading her entire life. A shadow lurking around in the dark had finally emerged in broad daylight, but this time, to settle old scores.

The good news lay buried beneath the shrieking yelps escaping from her nearly blue lips, before everything went pitch black.

My Tag:

I am tagging Chaz from https://lifeofchaz.com/ to write a climax for this story on the theme “Beauty of simplicity.”

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A Short Story

Image result for short story gif"

Hello people! How are the new year resolutions going? All those who follow my blog know, how fond I am of elaborating and writing huge manuscripts. Well, at the beginning of a new decade I have decided to try something new. Short story writing!

Here’s the first draft. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.

She recognized her long abandoned son, the priest. Again. Guiltily she turned to the confession room to absolve her sins, but walked out, as she had no answers. Again.

© Bhagyashree, 02.01.2020

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s a Wednesday and it should be a WWW Post. However, I am going to tweak it a bit. I am going to ask you a different question today!

What are your resolutions for the year 2020? BOOM!

After thinking a lot and falling a lot at keeping up with my resolutions, 😅I have decided to narrow down my resolutions to these.

1) Less of negative thoughts and more of meditation this year.

2) Completing my TBR list of about 50 books.

3) Less of junk food, I have been happily gorging on so up till now.😅

4) More of practicing guitar, blogging and learning time management techniques. 🙄

I would love to hear about your resolutions in my comments section. And I wish, all of you success in keeping up with your resolutions, this year!

Until the next time,

Happy New Year ! 🥂

Year End Thoughts

Hello everyone! So we’ve finally come to the last day of this great year 2019! Time flies, doesn’t it?

If anyone had told me exactly one year ago, the huge pile of great gifts ( alliteration?), 2019 would be endowing my life with, I wouldn’t have even listened to that person blabbering away. No seriously, I was too busy preparing for my board examinations.😅

I am so glad to have survived that phase to enter into an even difficult one; college!😂

They say happiness is one thing, you need to pursue. It is a state of mind that you are not born with. It comes with doing things that you love, persistently. And with some tweaks and changes everytime you do it. I learnt that in the amazing year of 2019 and found my happiness in blogging. A platform to express myself and my love for writing and reading in front of like minded individuals…

I made a huge number of blogger-friends, collabed with them on cool projects and made a zillion happy memories, here. I read and marvelled at some astounding works of fellow bloggers and learnt from them knowingly or unknowingly. I realized that boundaries no longer separated us when we were united by the power of thoughts.

I was welcomed in this friendly community with open arms by my lovely readers and inspired to improve myself constantly. All the chnages that I see in my writing style and myself, is all because of you guys!

So as the year ends, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person for making me feel welcome, loved and special in this cosy, close-knit community of ours. I found here, what I was looking for, all my life; peace, happiness and respect for my works!

I want to share a quick life update with you guys, my first publication,a collection of poetry, will soon be available for online purchase! I’ll be sharing details with you guys shortly. Isn’t that exciting?

I hope all your unfulfilled wishes come true next year and may you be endowed with all the sweetness you have showered upon me!

Until the next time,


The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

Hello everyone! I am back with a book review this time. Trust me this is the longest I have taken to finish a mere 500 page book. I didn’t know college could wear one out to such an extent…

Book: The Casual Vacancy

Author: J.K. Rowling

Rating: 5/5

The magical story teller of our childhoods, once again weaves magic with her captivating use of words and accomplished art of story telling. As we begin reading the novel we come across a Parish councillor, too caught up in fulfilling his responsibilities towards the society and his family, ultimately ignoring to take care of his own self. As he fiddles to escape this whirlwind, a catastrophe strikes and he is announced to be deceased on his nineteenth anniversary. Leaving behind the town to turn into a battlefield, fighting for his now vacant position….

Exactly a year ago, I had seen this book at a book fair and seeing a familiar name, I added it to my cart. Like every Potterhead I used to associate J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter never considering the possibility of her writing novels for adult readers as well. So naturally I was a little hesitant before reading this novel and I am so glad to be proven right! J.K. ,Rowling ( see what I did there😉) and I couldn’t be prouder. She is a terrific writer who can execute any style of writing for all categories of readers. If anyone is looking for a semi-political fiction, this is the perfect book for you guys.

The plot and the story gel perfectly with dashes of reality that sometimes it becomes diffiult to believe it is fragment of the author’s fictional imagination. The plot is tightly weaved around one central theme (politics) incorporating many themes like adolescent misdemeanors, empathy, social identity crisis, imprudent pretence, deceit, adultery, responsibility, never for once, letting us stray from the key idea. It is nearly impossible to search for plotholes in the entire narrative.

Talking about the characters and narrative, this book comes as a refreshing break from the contemporary novels offering multi-purpose narratives and only focusses on a third person perspective narrative. It spirals back and forth between past and present, revealing the hidden shades of each character after being affected by the death of their beloved Parish councillor.

There are only a few novels which delve deeply into human beings and their varied emotions. There are even less novels which bring the two together and create a literary symphony from them. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy is one such novel. Each aspect of human emotions is reflected by one or the other character, united by one luring goal, power; politcal power,power of freedom, power of acceptance and power of love.

Each scene is chiselled with such perfection that it seems like reality swirling in front of your eyes. One of my favourite scenes is where a father-son duo finally bond after years of bickering and misunderstanding(I’ll give you a hint, their last name is Walls).

I would say this book defines perfection. It’s ending although isn’t happy for all characters(as mirrored in real life) is one impactful ending, which hits you deep inside and won’t let you forget, how one incident, one decision can change your life forever.

I would give this book:

Writing style: 5 stars

Plot: 5 stars

Character sketch and description: 5 stars

Narrative: 5 stars

Relevance to reality: 5 stars

So, this book stands at 5 stars for me. It’s a complete package of everything you need in a book!

Reasons for choosing this book:

1) It is a thick and interesting book, which can be a perfect read for the holidays.

2) It infuses the attention grasping concepts of power and emotions at work during the rise of a political figure. As far as I know only, biographies and autobiographies reach up to such level.

3) Provides some literary creative writing to be savoured by the readers ( No spoilers here!)

4) The book is exactly as you do not expect it to be and leaves a lasting impression on you mind.

Until the next time,



Merry Christmas everyone! I haven’t done this in along while, have I? I hope you remeber the rules of this weekly segment…

Alright then without further ado, let me present today’s question to you guys!

I know this question is a little dispersed from the normal literatute league (holy alliteration ), but I really want to read about this more.

Which quote(s) inspired you to move along during tough time?

I know my answer it a bit vague and funny for some people, but it really uplifted my spirits during some tumultuous times. I used to follow this verbatim and then rise once again to victory! Wow I am good at this!😂

I enliven by sleeping”.

I would love to hear about your motivators in my comments section!

Until the next time,


Dear Politics

Hi guys! Vacations are just round the corner and I am so excited! What are your elaborate plans for the vacations? I know one thing surely, I would be posting more often! That reminds me could you guys give me some tips for surviving college? I would love to read them in the comment section.

Alright then, time for today’s post. Although I do write about politics very often, I decided to dabble with this subject a little more in the light of some recent events. I hope you guys enjoy reading my work.

Dear Politics…

Dear Politics,

It is with deep pain and remorse, I write to you, this letter,

To thank you for the gifts of corruption and demonic humanity,

Instead of freedom and equality “supposed” to make our lives better,

We are stuck with fake promises, hidden truths and futile vanity.

I used to look up to you as a motherly comfort to global tears,

Hoping one day, your children, would reign over a world sans violence,

Instead their policies have given way to even more chaos and fears,

And in place of laughter, I hear a gruesome, painful, wailing silence.

You were there, when the guilty rapists were set free, weren’t you?

Despite the pleas and protests of the shattered but hopeful girl,

What a pity you were a witness during the human trafficking trial too,

What if you were absent all such times, letting Lady Justice freely swirl,

How wonderful it would have been, had you let the innocent breathe,

And rather chose to silence the ruthless terrorist’s rustling notes,

Yet again, you chose unwisely, soaking all the righteous citizens’ seethe,

I don’t blame you though; your choice was between justice and votes.

Would there have been quick progress if you had let the deserving candidate win?

Probably then there would have been less focus on boundaries and religion,

But you taught us it was important to respect old blood in the political kin,

And every aspect of development would follow, if you had an orthodox vision.

Since your inception, you never cease to discordantly disappoint me,

With your ingenious methods of flouting numerous rules and laws,

And the principle of heartless elimination in one’s ambition spree,

To achieve which, you propagate, highlighting others’ tainted flaws.

Old memories come gushing to me, when you used to walk in sync,

With empathy, unity, respect, honesty and above all prudence,

I don’t understand, over the years, how these virtues left your rink,

Leaving behind dark traces of envy, revenge and grating imprudence.

I wish you were still tolerant enough to comprehend my perception,

And had allowed me to pale the dark covers to bring out your kind heart,

If it exists, I doubt, deep down, after seeing the current condition,

Or the prophecies were true after all; it’s indeed inevitable doom’s start.

With my only weapon; writing, I tried to help you open your closed eyes,

Time and again, to warn you, felon souls do not need your blessing,

My people supported my words, unlike you, heedless to my cries,

Plunging down, with the present and future, instead of progressing.

United with my people, I fought and failed against your might,

But succeeded in raising our feeble voice against your hollow clangour,

The power hungry politicians made attempts to change this sight,

First failing by persuasion then overtly expressing their vicious anger.

When every scheme of yours floundered, you targeted the mastermind,

And decided to extinguish the tiny ray of hope, ignited with great efforts,

But you forgot, realizing the truth, my people once again won’t be blind,

And you won’t be able to rule unabashedly with your comforts.

From behind my closed walls, I write for one last time,

Wishing you luck for the toughest battle of your life,

You may silence me now, but I will live on in my soldiers’ paradigm,

Against you, together, as the day rises, we’ll definitely win this strife.

Before I forget, until the next time we meet, after you are defeated,

Try learning, serving people, instead of power, which is consecrated.


A strong, anonymous voice

© Bhagyashree


Until the next time,


Hoppy Tales- Story Hop!

Hello people! How’s it going? I do realize it’s been a long time, since I last posted and trust me, I missed my readers as much they missed my writing! Well, I hope you did!😅

So before we begin, (SPOILER ALERT), I have a surprise for my readers. All the time, my tedious college assignments were keeping me away from my beloved blog (boy, I love alliteration!)I was secretly working on something extremely exciting to tantalize my readers’ creative souls! I would be elated to read what you guys thought about this new tag of mine that has been on my To Do List for quite some time .

Hoppy Tales is a special story tag co-created by three bloggers namely, Jenny from ofprogressandpurpose.com ,  Kathy at knj.home.blog. and myself from inkandthoughts.com !

Before further ado, let me introduce the first tag created on my blog.

The Tag:

Just as there are five parts in a traditional plot structure, we will have:

  1. An Introduction
  2. A Problem
  3. A Climax
  4. A Resolution
  5. A Conclusion

Original Image can be found here at: storyboardthat.com

You will be tagged to complete one of these five elements, along with given a theme (such as: beauty of simplicity, comedy, overcoming fear, love and romance, youth and beauty, coming of age, circle of life, friendship, empowerment).

The Rules:

  1. Provide a link back to the creators (Of Progress and PurposeKNJ Snippets & Tales, and Ink and Thoughts) so that we can see what you write!
  2. Share “The Tag” and “The Rules” to help eliminate confusion.
  3. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their portion of the story.
  4. Write your element with 3-4 days and try to keep it to around 50-60 words.
  5. Choose one or more persons to continue the story and assign them a theme.
    1. You may wish to let them know ahead of time in the comments, so that they can opt out if they don’t want to participate.
    2. If you write a conclusion, whoever you tag will start a new story of their own.
    3. If you tag more than one person, your readers will be able to choose their own adventure!
  6. Have fun with it! You are all so creative and inspiring, We can’t wait!

Let the fun ride begin…

(I was tagged by Pallavi to provide an ending to this story.)

An Introduction: (by Jenny )

Kathy moved quickly, narrowly missing the rocks and roots scattered about the forest floor. A branch grazed her cheek once or twice, but she pressed most of them away with her free hand. In her remaining hand, she held fast to a new beginning, her heart beating nearly out of her chest. Hope bubbled inside her with each new step.

A Problem: (by Greg)

Kathy turned to look at a squirrel, taking her eyes off a branch that smacked her face a second later.  She screamed, falling to the ground and landing in bear droppings.  “Kathy?” a voice called.  Kathy blushed, mortified, seeing the handsome gentleman she had come to meet, the source of her new hope.  He had witnessed her moment of clumsiness.

A Climax: (by Kathy)

Scrambling to right herself, Kathy brushed off the remnants of her folly. “You came,” she whispered, still clutching the half-broken locket. The man nodded, stepping closer until their bodies touched. Kathy trembled with anticipation as they connected their halves to completion. A blinding light burst from the heart locket and into the sky, creating an otherworldly glowing crescendo.

A Resolution: (by Pallavi)

In that magical moment, in midst of purple and silver fog, Kathy caught herself longingly gazing at him. She had hopelessly fallen in love with him, an alien. Her knees regressed to weakness. Her heart spewed plume of desires, to implore him to stay and to make love under those stubborn branches. But deep inside she knew his world was somewhere far away from hers, a world she could never be part of and a world he couldn’t stay away from. Conceding to that destiny, she recognized it was time to let him go.

A Conclusion (by me!)

Clutching the locket, she remembered the oath, she had taken decades ago, as the chief scientist; “create for progress, destroy for protection”. Fueled by the memory, she chose responsibility above love and proceeded to destroy her creation, her lover; the alien, a man with a robotic mind, before he wrecked havoc in her world. With one hand she tainted the automated locket and with the other, carved her way back, full of optimism, holding on to her new beginning…

I had tons of fun creating and doing this tag! And to continue this creative chain, I am tagging Betul from https://betulerbasi.com/ to begin another set of words linked together by imagination and creativity!



Wordly- Wise Wednesday!

Hello readers!

Time for a quick question for the wise!!!


Are there any books from your favourite authors that you never knew existed till you came across them ?

Hands down, the book for me is ” THE CASUAL VACANCY ” by J.K Rowling! Man, how did I ever miss it?!🤨

Tell me in the comments section how surprised were you when you came across such books! I would love to read them.

Until the next time,



Hello people! It’s time for our weekly segment “Wordly- Wise Wednesday”!

Winter has officially begun and I am so looking forward to cozy readings in bed with steaming cups of coffee…who else is loves this?

Before we start discussing our varied opinions on today’s question, I have some news to share with you guys. From this month onwards, I have decided to schedule this segment to be posted twice a month, in the span of two alternative weeks. Along with this, I have decided to infuse a monthly segment in my blog posts where I will be talking to fellow bloggers about the nitty-gritty of blogging. Stay tuned for further updates on this segment.😄

Disclaimer: today’s question might make you drop all the work and rush to a nearby library/bookstore!

How would you describe your dream library/ bookstore?

A huge floor-to-ceiling window opening to a serene view with cushions and mattresses scattered around it along with ample reseves of books, bookmarks, coffee and amazing people to discuss books with, would be my idea of an ideal library/ bookstore.

I would be waiting to hear your answers in the comments section.

Until the next time,


In conversation with a Blogger

Hello, beautiful readers!

I am back with another post for this week! Today’s post is a *little* different from my other posts, I am sure you can guess why, judging from the title. Patrick W. Marsh from the amazing What the Monster Said agreed to collaborate for this segment with me, in which we would be talking about the nitty-gritty of blogging. . He is an author, blogger, screenwriter and consultant who charms his readers with an intriguing writing style. He has achieved milestones in his life and will continue to do so.

Here’s the excerpt from our conversation

Hello Patrick! Thank you for agreeing to do this. Before we begin, I would like to know about blogging journey.

P- Hello! My blogging journey really started in 2012 when I started writing a fictional journal online called the Greenland Diaries. I was going back to college to study creative writing and I wanted to practice the past-tense voice, so I started writing this apocalyptic journal online. Putting the narrative on the internet was a way of holding myself accountable to it, even though nobody read the thing, including my friends and family. Doing this project though taught me the value of a blog and consistently updating it. As an impatient person, this instant publishing format really suited my personality, for better or worse. Since then I created a personal blog to use as a website for my writing. It has evolved multiple times since I started out, sort of like a Pokemon. The latest version is “What the Monster Said” which functions as both my author page and a blogging outlet for my flash fiction.  

How would you describe you blog in just three words?

P- Musings, monsters, and me would be the three words to describe my blog. Musings are something I’ve grown to like that I publish every Monday. They’re sort of a snapshot of my thinking for the week, on a creative and personal level. Monsters are what I focus on as a writer. I create them in fiction to understand what it is to be human. I explore this in multiple genres of fiction; Steampunk, science fiction, fantasy, horror and Cyberpunk to name a few. I publish new bits of flash fiction weekly on my blog, so I’m always exploring monsters with new content. Many of the stories are continuous, yet, stand alone. As far as me is considered, the blog is also about me. Who I am, where I came from, and what my books are about. I also publish posts about what events I’ll be attending in the future.

 You writing style infuses monsters to portray human emotions. That is a bold and interesting theme. Could you throw light on what inspired you carve upon this theme.

P- My writing style focuses on monsters because growing up when I would watch, read, or interpret any narrative media, the most interesting part of these stories was the monster. I always loved the suspense of finding out what a monster was, or how a villain grew into their identity. Most of the time as the audience I was disappointed at how these abominations were explained, so I became resolved to change this perception, and to write stories where the presence of monsters was a product of the human environment, and not an aberration. I create monsters to understand what it is to be human. They represent the truth in the story. 

Do you remember any comment from your readers that made you laugh?

P- That’s a tough one. I don’t get a ton of comments, but I did write a nonfiction post one about compulsively buying video games and then reselling them. I would buy them because I love video games, but sell them because if felt like society was trying to make me grow-up so to speak. A few people commented about how they did this as well, how they felt this societal pressure to “grow-up” and purge their lives of these enjoyments from their younger days. This made me laugh that other people had done this relatively strange and masochistic action as well. 

Blogging is a commitment that demands great dedication, diligence and a constant variety and regularity of content. Some bloggers who are unable to meet these demands, quit within the first year. Your take on this. Any tips for the bloggers who experience this?

P- Ugh. Yeah, I’ve come pretty close to quitting many times, but I’ve learned from other professionals in the creative industry that you have to be stubborn to survive. Consistently tricking yourself into writing about things that interest you is key. It took me years before I started to actually make my Monday Musings work for me as writer. That would be my biggest tip as a blogger. Write about what interests you, and explain why it interests you. Both are a post in itself if you think about it. Also, as bloggers you’re not really required to write giant posts or anything. As a modern society our attention span is frighteningly short, especially when on the internet. Don’t stress yourself out with giant pieces of writing, but more so tidbits that can be binged at the audience’s leisure. 

 Have you ever experienced a bloggers block? If yes, how did you overcome It?

P- I have experienced Blogger’s Block many times in my life. I have no doubt it will return as well. There is never a complete cure for it, but there are treatments. One strategy I’ve sort of begun practicing is changing the style of my blog posts to mention what I’m going to say, or tailor the format to include some thoughts that I find interesting. For example, with my Monday Musings that I publish weekly I’ve got one of the talking points strictly devoted to my weekly Existential Crisis, which to be honest happens to me on a nearly hourly basis. I sort of engineer things on my blog to match my interests, but to keep the structure intact so they audience knows I’m relatively reliable.

You have a huge reader base. Any secrets behind achieving this milestone?

P- Well, I guess my own secret is pretty much the traditional answer, which is producing content. Continuously publishing stuff is the easiest method. However, that material must be of some baseline quality, not just posts to get views if that makes sense. I also follow many other people, so my news feed is jammed. Communicating with your readers when they ask you questions is also a must. People knowing you update and interact frequently is very important. We’re very lucky in this day and age to be able to publish, communicate, and interact at the push of a button, but that doesn’t always mean what you want to say requires a blog post. Walking that fine line is always difficult, but you can do it.

 Would you like to share some advice for new bloggers?

Some advice to bloggers is to find out what you want to say before you say it, if that makes any sense. Don’t just start blogging because you want to share your ideas, but figure out why you want to communicate them in the first place. I’m not saying make some ardent plan that can’t be flexible. Being able to adapt is a key trait you’ll need for this process. Just spend some time thinking, meditating, or ruminating about what you really want to say. For me, it is monsters and my fascination with them. For you it’ll be something different, and enjoy the process of finding out what it is. 

 I hope those are good. Thank you for doing this.

If you liked this post, don’t forget to hit the like button and comment. You can also follow my blog, for similar posts.

Until the next time,


Book Review: To The Lighthouse

Hello readers!

A quick update before beginning today’s blog, I celebrated my blog’s six-month anniversary, two weeks ago! Isn’t that amazing? And being the forgetful nelly that I am becoming overburdened by the unending college assignments, I completely forgot to share this happy news with you guys! Well let me make it up to my readers with multiple posts this week.

It feels so good to be back doing book review posts, which beautifully combines my love for reading books and writing!

Alright then, here’s the review for today!

Book- To The Lighthouse

Author- Virginia Woolf

Rating- 4/5

Virginia Woolf had been an unexplored author on my TBR list, right from the time, I was introduced to her works in literature class, a few years back. From the excerpts of this book that I had read before, I felt that her writing had a story of its own. A story curated from fragments of her life, waiting to be told.


Experiences, perceptions, ambitions and emotions of the various members of the Ramsay family and their friends Lily Briscoe, Charles Tansley, August Charmichael and William Bankes form the crux of the story. The novel begins with James (the youngest son of the Ramsay family) expressing his desire to visit the lighthouse only to be demoralized by his father. The story is then moved forward by introducing life choices of other characters and how Mrs Ramsay directly or indirectly influences them. The book also encompasses how drastic global events affected the protagonists, ultimately helping them find the closure they had been seeking all their lives.

Writing Style

I found this novel quite intriguing because of that fact that it lacks a narrator of any sort. Instead, perspectives of the characters are used to spin the story. Extensive symbolism is used by the author for both her theme and characters. Each character in his/her own way depict an individual of the modern society, struggling to carve an identity to be remembered for eons, yet making peace with the fact that they are lacking in some or the other way seeking their true happiness. I have been a book geek since times immemorial, yet I had never come across a book, until now, in which I could relate to every character in one way of the other. Kudos to Miss Woolf for achieving such a feat!

Interesting Aspects

a) The novel offers an unique writing style.

b) The plot is layered in so many interesting themes, in such a beautiful manner, that you find it hard to put down the book before finishing it.

c) Instead of providing guidelines for the reader, the author weaves an intriguing web of words for the readers, to frame their own opinions and statements.


To be honest, when I first began reading this novel, I felt that I would probably toss it down in my DNF shelf, for the narrative was running haywire in so many directions, leaving me utterly confused. But I am glad, I kept my eyes and mind glued to the text and kept on reading one of the finest pieces of literature I have ever laid my hands on. It has now become one of my favorite books!

Do you remember how I frequently write about a dearth of honest endings in novels? Well, I think I found my closure after reading this novel. It is a masterpiece which has an unique narrative style and a splendid ending which justifies all it characters.

One more aspect which makes the story, phenomenal, is the realistic portrayal of common people being affected by the drastic global events. While reading the novel, you never feel that the dimensions of common life and global phenomena dim each other, at any point.

This story has all the flavors of life from love, loss, betrayal, resentment, protest, deceit, loneliness, happiness, wrapped in the perspectives of common charterer arcs. All you need is a little patience to understand and enjoy this story.

I would totally recommend this book to everyone who is looking forward to enjoying an authentic piece of modern literature. And for book worms like me, there is an added advantage, it’s quite short, so can easily be finished in a day or two. 😛

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Wordly-wise Wednesday

Hello beautiful readers! I hope you are having a great time! I am still drowning in never ending college assignments, in case anyone wants to know.😥

So today’s question is a tad bit interesting. I had to think a lot about its answer! I am sure it would be a little tiresome for you guys as well.

Here’s the question for today.

If you had to choose a name for your autobiography/ biography, what would it be?

Too far-stretched right?😂

But what’s wrong in being hopeful, you never know when good fortune decides to endow your destiny.😂

Anyways, on a serious note, I would name my biography/ autobiography “A ‘short’ story “.

Let me know in the comments section your views. I would be waiting to read through those.😊

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Hello lovelies! Time for yet another segment of our “WORDLY-WISE WEDNESDAY “! *Drumrolls*

Alright then, I have an interesting question for you guys today.

If you own your library someday, what would be the rules that you would expect the people to follow?

I would have three rules.

1. Don’t even dare to think about borrowing my precious books.

2. You are allowed to only see the books. No touching!

3. Finally, never forget the two rules above mentioned.🤓

Tell me in the comments section which rules would you create and pray that one day, we finally get to own our personal libraries!

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“Wordly-wise Wednesday”

Hello people! Happy Wednesday!

I love interacting with my fellow bloggers and engaging in interesting conversations, so I have decided to start a new weekly segment called “WORDLY-WISE WEDNESDAY” from this day. In this segment, we’ll be talking about books, poetry, novellas and anything and everything related to words. I will post a question with my answers and opinions each Wednesday and you will have to respond to my question in the comments section. If you wish, you can also nominate other bloggers to do the same.😊

So let’s start this segment with a bang!

As we are battling with mid-week blues today, let’s cheer everyone with a dose of laughter and joy!

Question 1 for “Wordly-wise Wednesday ” is

Which are the top five books that made you laugh?

1) Born a crime by Trevor Noah

2) Battle hymn of a tiger mother by Amy Chua

3) Pollyana by Eleanor H. Porter

4) Talkative Man by R.K Narayan

5) Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney ( alright, these are graphic novels, I agree, but these are hilarious)

I will be waiting to hear from you guys! Let’s see whether we share the same interest in books.🤔


When I dreaded the weekend….

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Hello readers! I hope you all are basking in the happy weekend-ish sunshine!

I have an enlightening insight regarding college, which I have learned the hard way; it surely is TOUGH!!!! 😥

This is probably the first time in my life when I dreaded the weekend. The reason? I had so much work piled up to be submitted in the next week. Trust me, I have never prayed harder before, than this one time, where I prayed for Sunday to be extended a few hours more…it never worked though, Monday morning is just a few hours away now.🤤🤤

Anyways, something happened over the course of these twenty hours, which made me drop my work and start punching the keyboard keys.

Alright then, let the saga begin!

I woke up to the pitter-patter of raindrops pounding on my window pane,this morning. As I opened the door and went outside to collect the morning paper, a light object landed right on the top of my head and began traversing its journey downwards. Woohhh, when I think about it now, it was one of the scariest moments of my life.

As the object was taking its dear time to land on the ground, I was attracting attention, seeking for help. You cannot even imagine the myriad of possible names and shapes for the unidentified object, that were going on in my head. Hearing the pandemonium that I was creating outside, my four birdies, Simba, Sarah, Coco and Rio started fluttering around the cage in terror, unsettling all the ornaments and swings in there.

After a few minutes of the terrified screeching from the five of us, which earned us dirty looks from the neighbors and some laughs from the children, I decided to look directly at the source of my distress. With my body arched backwards to launch an instant attack on my attacker and a little caution, I opened my eyes to find a shiny, green object lying next to my foot. It was a long lost (and forgotten) shuttlecock. A SHUTTLECOCK!!!!

Flashes from a friendly game, last week came rushing back. Something had happened to the shuttlecock…Oh yes, a powerful shot from my opponent in the direction of the wind and it landed right on the inaccessible roof. And the game ended there! So how did it plan to give me a surprise visit this weekend? Blame the rainwater. As the streams of water flowed downwards, it carried with it, its new friend which landed right on my head, giving me the fright of my life.

Being the warrior that I am, with great zeal and zest I collected the morning paper and shuttlecock, and headed to solve the other problem; the one with my birds.

Staying alone in the peaceful environment, would have been a good idea, though. As I entered the house, I screamed once more, out of horror this time. My seemingly peace-loving birds had upturned their entire cage somehow and were fluttering happily around their spilled food. It took me about an hour to sweep and mop the floor spotless.

However my saga doesn’t end here. It has a few more acts before the curtains close…

A few hours more into the day and I find myself battling another T-Rex.I couldn’t measure and draw the contours of relief features, because some dim-wit thought it would be a good idea to eat chocolate in class, using my textbook as a protective shield for their dress! For protecting their dress!!! I hope from the bottom of my heart, the don’t have the fortune to meet husky book lovers. Seriously, someone is in great peril, when I meet them in college on Monday.

With a little help from the Internet and other sources, I completed one assignment of mine and decided to take a short break by walking around my building. Little did I know, the rainwater was in no mood to spare me either. A cyclist going the opposite way, decided to take a little detour and started peddling towards me. Before I could react to what was happening, I found myself drenched head-to-toe in the freezing water from puddles. Who knew, I would get to attend a rain dance session, sans passes?

The rude cyclist, did not even stop to apologize and cycled the rest of his journey, laughing along the way. However, he didn’t get to go very far, without having to shed a few tears either. He *accidentally* cycled on some stray dog’s tail who chased him along the block , finally jumping on his cycle and sprinkling him with the same puddle water, he drenched me with, in the first place! Thank you, universe! That was exceedingly satisfying! 🙂

However, all of this is nothing compared to the big shock that was awaiting to greet me when I reached back home. I had been locked out with no spare key. If somebody was keeping a record for bad days, I am sure, this one is qualified to make the cut.

With a disheveled appearance and piles of work to complete, I had to wait for two hours outside my house, with chilly winds to accompany me for my mother to rescue me out of this situation. I wonder how cold Jack must have been feeling all the time he was protecting Rose!😧 No matter what happens, now I am always carrying a spare key, some extra clothing and towels with me, wherever I go.

Thankfully I completed all my work, before night had fallen and I got to enjoy a peaceful family dinner, where my “adventures” for the day, were discussed and laughed at thoroughly. I have some stone-hearted family members, I found out today! Lol!

I hope laughing at my misery uplifted your weekend moods, if you guys also had to cancel some plans. I wonder what the universe has in store for me, next weekend!

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I am a big girl now, mother…

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Hello readers! Finally,I am out with a poem I had been wanting to compose for a really long time, but was never really satisfied with the result until now.This piece of poetry revolves around the relationship of a mother-daughter duo and how they find their strength to face the cruel, male dominated world. I know, it’s pretty long (well actually, the longest I’ve ever written), excuse me, for that, but knowing I am writing this, it is justified, right?

I hope you enjoy reading the poem as much as I enjoyed writing it! Here it goes…

I am a big girl now, mother…

I remember the first time, the day, a man eyed me hungrily,

You said breathe, look away, walk faster and move on steadily,

I had been a child of five, ready, eager to explore and create,

You said by the time, I turned into a ‘big girl’, I should wait,

Wait for the viciousness and hunger to completely clear away,

And keep my beauty, my identity hidden under a veil till that day.

I grew up believing those stares were a route to that time,

I did what you taught me and kept hiding from the crime.

I was smiling and laughing at my tenth birthday party that night,

Forgotten were the horrors of the past in the present ,so bright,

Suddenly a hand groped me from behind, despite my protests,

Mom, he was one among the long list of civilized guests,

 Hurt, angry I came running to you, out of shock, out of fear,

You laughed it off as a mishap and began to wipe my sorrowful tear.

I thought another hurdle was added to that right path,

And once more, I had to hold back and bury my wrath.

Time flew by, and I started  turning into a young lady,

I was shrouded into long, dull clothes to blend with the shady,

Surroundings and protected from the hunters lurking around,

You asked me again to look away and make no sound,

The wolf-whistles started to be engraved in my ears,

But looking away and walking faster helped all through the years.

Surrounded by my trusted people, I spent the early years of my life,

Before I knew it you pushed me to become someone’s ideal wife,

From that day onwards I remember him never asking for my consent,

I don’t think he understands what the word ‘NO’ meant,

The ornaments of my face have given way to red, blotchy scars,

But didn’t this arrangement called marriage raise bars,

Of cruelty and strangling my ideas, thoughts and opinions,

I believed I would never face this, for I am not among the millions.

 After all those years, I am a big girl now mother,

Still waiting for the dawn you promised me mother,

As I lay on the floor stripped naked of my existence,

Even when I followed all your words with persistence.

Lying on the floor surrounded by blood and dirt,

I question myself, what did I ever do to be hurt?

Darkness has started to crowd and envelope my eyes,

Probably this is where I die, after living the promised lies,

In spite of the defeats, I don’t wish to be dead so soon,

Is this ending in disguise a long-awaited blessed boon?

With this moment I wish to fight, till my shackles are cut off,

And I explore the world in the way, the little girl dreamt of.

I see the open window and hope it carries my voice outside,

The voice of a bruised but not broken child, lady and now a bride,

I scream and scream till there is no voice left in my throat,

I raise my voice for me and for millions like me to be afloat,

From the misery and helpless reflections from the mirrors,

And break free once and for all from the ruthless killers.

I truly understand, today what the ‘big girl’ signified,

Months after losing you, my protector, by my side,

You wanted me to find my voice, my strength, my power,

To fight for myself in the face of hardships and not cower,

You made me strong enough to take a staunch stand,

I feel proud and loved at how you never let go off my hand.

I remember reading the diary you left behind for me,

And realizing how many battles you fought for me,

Alone you pushed the man, who dared to raise his eye,

And harboured intentions of making your daughter cry,

The hand that groped me, years ago, was cut off brutally,

You fought all hardships for me always smiling beautifully,

 Till your last day my husband was not spared from your fire,

To always protect me was your heart’s deepest desire.

You protected me till your last gasp of breath,

Till the time I found chivalry in the face of death.

Nothing can bruise, taint and shatter me to pieces now,

I have tolerated enough abuse and humiliation, I avow,

My soul breathes the bravery lingered by you, my dear,

From the courage you taught me by giving in, to fear.

I have turned into the big girl now mother,

Who will not tolerate injustice another,

I have turned into the big girl you were mother,

Ready to face the world, your big girl mother…

Bhagyashree 31.7.19

All rights reserved.

A big shout-out to all the ‘big girls’ out there and a bigger shout out to their mothers for making them who there are today. #gogirlpower

Don’t you think it’s cruel that the innocent little girls become their courageous big counterparts only after losing everything? How I wish, life had been a bit merciful by providing another alternative…

Let me know in the comments section what you thought about the poem. If you liked my piece don’t forget to like, comment, reblog and follow my blog.

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A walk by the fields

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Hello people!

After a long time, finally, I am out with a post. Today’s post narrates a story of a father discovering the meaning of life after the death of his beloved wife. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Overwhelmed by the canopy of stars under the night sky,

I sit by the fields like any other day, waiting for her to pass by,

Her dazzling smile, her sweet fragrance, her graceful stride,

Reminds me of that special day, when my girl became my bride,

The chapel was lit, tearful parents seated on the sides of the aisle,

With the nervous groom, struggling to recall his vows all the while,

Which flowed like poetry, once he lifted her, glittering, pristine veil,

And they promised each other oneness in their matrimonial trail.

He counted two decades elapsed since he visited the church again,

For instead of happiness, that place now bestowed him with pain,

A loud noise was heard and a devastating rumble followed suit,

Letting go of her gloved hand was all that he remembered en route,

To the hospital, where he woke up after ten torment full days,

To hear, he lost his family in the church which in riots was ablaze,

Only his newly wedded wife was fortunate enough to survive,

Although now she needed machines to help her breathe and thrive,

Days turned into months waiting in the hospital, by her bedside,

Hoping one day, she would rise, leaving her lifeless trance, aside,

After months of waiting, she breathed her last and bid goodbye,

And bequeathed a girl to make him smile, whenever he would cry.

However, he pushed the baby girl away, in pain, in raging anger,

” Her life is cursed”, he kept repeating feverishly with a clangor,

He’d send her to be raised in a home for orphans he decided,

She would bring nothing but sorrow, was the reason he provided,

With a stone heart, he left the baby at the house, sans any concern,

For her well-being and happiness and decided never to return.

With changing moons,the crying baby blossomed into a wise lady,

Believing, one day she would finally be able to meet her family,

Probably when she would be roaming freely around the fields,

Or happily running haywire amidst the colorful,dense yields,

Or someday riding a bus while going to the neighboring town,

Maybe they’ll meet while she was shopping for her wedding gown.

Like his lover, he roamed around the fields every now and then,

Hoping in some way or the other, he could be with her again,

On one of these somber, hopeful walks, she came back into his life,

With the same smile, warm face, she was a replica of his late wife,

In an instant he realized where she came from, who she was,

For her unhappy childhood and misery, he was the cause,

Unable to face his young girl, whom he had harmed,

He scurried away shamefully, making her scared and alarmed.

Since then he had been visiting those fields every day,

To talk to her,to seek her forgiveness in every possible way,

Every time she casts a glance at me, she melts away my heart,

With her kind, nurturing aura and a pristine soul and heart,

With time she has started considering me her trustworthy friend,

If I told her truth, will she turn away and would our bond also end?

Afraid of this, I could never muster courage to talk to her,

Until today when I would reveal the cold truth in front of her,

I know her love for the fields will make her sneak out of her room,

For she finds these walks as a means of averting the gloom,

Tonight come what may, I will chose the path of atoning for my sin,

I ‘ll promise to never go and stay with her through thick and thin,

A low thud and rustling of leaves, made me look around,

My sweetheart was sprawled near the fallen Oak leaves, I found,

I lovingly helped her get to her feet and dusted her dress,

And around the twinkling stars, twirled the playful tigress.

Before I could utter a word, I could feel myself weeping,

For injuring a heart, which would probably never stop bleeding,

She bent down and pressed something in my hand,

A bright red rose, which had crumpled a little in her hand,

She embraced me and said something, changing my life forever,

“I know you went away before, but I know you’d do it never,

Again and we’ll be together till the world falls apart,

A new life,sans agony, united and strong, we’ll start”.

Seeing our footprints together, I was sure she had returned to me,

Years later, reminiscing , the moments of our youthful spree,

When he had hurt her selfishly, she had smiled and revealed,

He was forgiven,by asking him to walk with her by the field.

© Bhagyashree, 19.9.2019

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