‘Epic’ lessons you never noticed you learnt these days

Hi guys! Our lives can change so much in a year, don’t you think so? This time, around last year I was celebrating after taking my school leaving examinations and eagerly awaiting the release of Endgame. This year we are all struck in our homes fighting a fatal virus. But I won’t be increasing your stress now. We are in a safe space here and today I’ll be helping you all realease some stress. Enjoy this post on a lighter note.

Our reality is becoming stranger than fiction these days!

The most advanced form of life is now being held hostage by a clump of genetic material! A bit ironical no?  Who would have envisioned a scenario when the entire world would unite to fight against one of the tiniest forms of life?

I guess it’s now time to take all the teachings of our life, literally. Life’s mightiest lessons are always taught by the ‘tiniest’ of experiences. Although by no means I am demeaning this mighty-crown-shaped-life-threatening invader nor I am calling this experience tiny (it’s massive and scary). Virus Rights Commission please take note! All I am attempting is infusing a little bit of humour in our stress infested lives. Trust me guys, even I am equally scared. Just breathe. Everything will eventually return to normal.

And as for the time we are stuck with our books, electronics, and family members in the confines of our homes (coming from me, this is a heaven!!!) , let’s have an insight on some of the life lessons we have learnt so far! Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep it extremely intellectual!

  • We are really creative! Just give us a theme, and we’ll come up with songs, remixes, jingles, prayers, music pieces, plays, ads, movies, screenplays, web series, memes within a snap! Beat that, Thanos!
  • We need to invest in a new and powerful Anti-Virus as our existing ones cannot handle such immense load of malware. (Apologies for my bad puns).
  • We have the power to make our wishes come true. Seriously, how strongly did we wish to have some days dedicated entirely to Netflix and chill (for me, Prime and chill) with six meals a day and least social contact that we are getting to live our dream? Guys, help me wish for a way to fight Covid-19 too. Desperately need your help!
  • Our parents can actually survive seeing us lazing around all day. (Now even they get to enjoy uninterrupted TV as we are glued to our laptops and tabs).
  • Let alone Mother Earth, even fictional characters now have their time to make scores even. I am sure Monica Geller-Bing and Dr. Sheldon Cooper are having a great laugh at us at a tea party, hosted by her in their surroundings cleaned by him in some alternate reality! It’s now time for us to be ‘Monica’ clean!
  • Sneezing and coughing are now considered taboos. And should not be attempted in public. Let’s give ‘Bless yous’, after sneezing a few years maybe?
  • Taking a break from our metropolitan way of lives and being grateful for each moment is actually peaceful. We should do this more often. But please, sans the virus this time. Can’t we all agree, we have learnt our lesson? Mom (Earth) let us be out for our playtime now, we are dying in here!
  • After the pandemic, we might be better prepared for the next generation of Covid viruses. What would they be called? Let me guess Na(NO)-Corona. God forgive me, I give up!
  • We used to worship Batman already, now we’ll start worshipping bats too (out of fear though)! God those little creatures wreaked havoc on our lives (if the theories turn out to be true). Otherwise science remains unparalleled! Scientists take a bow!
  • All the philosophers were true. Virtual world have truly become our reality and trust me it’s much safer there. So let’s say we spiral down virtual trapdoor and come back well-equipped to fight this battle?
  • Introverts and lazy people (like me) are having the time of our lives, aren’t we? Sorry extroverts, it’s our time now! All the introverts out there, give me a cheer in the comments section!
  • Not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear masks and scrubs and I believe in them. Period.They have literally grown from good to great and they demand our respect. #bravewarriors
  •  Lastly guys, do not forget this is our battle with Death. If we survive this, we are going to tell our children, we conquered Death! Jokes apart. This is the fight of our lives. We have to look out for each other by locking us all in. Be safe. Take care. We’ll end this demon together. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE INDOORS!

Stay at your homes, take care and stay safe. It’s only a matter of days till we establish a victory over this virus. Just hang in there!

Until the next time,


©2020 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

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