Knock Knock…Who’s there? A new blogger in the web air!

Hello beautiful readers!

Today I begin a fresh chapter of my life…I entrust myself with a new responsibility of being a blogger apart from being a poetess! So let’s begin by introducing myself. My name is Bhagyashree Jain. I am an ardent book lover, voracious reader and a fierce protector of my books (I dare you to touch my precious books without my permission). I published my first collection of poetry ” AN INWARD ODYSSEY” last year, when I was seventeen and now as the eighteenth chapter of my life unfolds, I have decided to dip my hands into blogging.

On the tenth day of April 2019, I hereby tread on a new journey of blogging and present my first blog to the world.

Although this is my first blog, I feel I am writing it for the millionth time. Whatever I wrote did not really make the cut…there was something missing in everything I wrote.

For those people who have watched “Wake Up, Sid!” , you might remember the scene when the protagonist Ayesha (Konkana Sen) a journalist, tears up her article one day before submission. The reason being she felt something was missing. I can still feel the dialogue ringing in my ears “maine submission se ek raat pehle apna article phad diya aur phir se likhne lagi “!

(” I tore off my article one night before the submission and began writing once again”)

As a die hard Bollywood flicks fan, I wanted the same incident to be repeated with me (along with others, hopefully they would come true too). They say whatever you desire the most, life presents you the same . And lo! the same thing happened. I literally tore off the blog and began the blog once again! Unfortunately, no Ranbir Kapoor was with me to help me out. (SILENT SOBS!)

So after trying to write and hitting the backspace button say about a thousand times, I decided to take a break and visit a nearby ice-cream shop.

One thing I love about people is observing them. The myriad of emotions, characteristics and thoughts these like- minded bodies express, are beyond comprehension. You know the beautiful silence that lingers when you just observe people around you…a blissful feeling of being alive and aware of each moment passing by…

So while enjoying my big cone of Cookies and Crunch ( for people who might wonder about this petty detail) I observed a little girl of probably three or four years of age. A chubby little girl enjoying her Popsicle in a spic and span manner, dabbing her mouth at regular intervals was definitely an entertaining sight to behold and to question your sense of cleanliness. I had been observing her for quite some time, for when she became conscious. To break the awkward silence I complimented her cute yellow dress. Like every Indian child she was schooled by her mother to reply with a cheerful ‘Thank You’. However the next two words got me to ponder something which I never gave a thought to. In her innocence , after hearing the golden words from her mother, she turned to me and said ‘Your Welcome’ and started giggling.

It might be an incident to laugh about for some but it made me wonder what did that little girl have about her, which we are lacking.

The answer had been in front of my eyes for quite some time, however I failed to recognize it. The desperate need to not use logic everywhere and laugh on oneself no mater what the situation.

I believe as we continue our journey in the ‘Forest of Age’, we protect our curious eyes with spectacles of boundaries. Later as we grow, these spectacles remain glued to our eyes and we fail to grasp the beauty of this world. Everything sf filtered by these glasses and we eventually forget to question everything with our eyes . What we have learnt, our minds apply. What we haven’t ,we stop questioning.

Searching for answers in lieu of our curiosity gives us immense joy, which leads to pretty smiles. These spectacles have constricted our curiosity and thus leading to less hearty laughs…

I wonder how life would have turned out, had I kept my eyes open without the protection of these glasses. Had I laughed more on myself before, would I have been laughing more now?

Not placing everything in accordance to logic, moral behavior, righteous conduct probably could have led to a new journey or discovering the world azure and anew and in the same breath discovering a new me?

No matter what we say, what questions arise in our minds, which answers we are seeking, life always gives us an opportunity , let me correct myself, millions of opportunities to seek answers, to change everything we decided for ourselves and be happy everyday, every moment of our lives.

Let’s imagine ourselves to be children once again, spilling out merrily in the world, discovering it and smiling even when they (or shall I say, we?) reach a dead end. Let’s try to fall and bump the ground, so our spectacles cab be broken for once and for all. Let’s enjoy the beauty oozing out without any screens, any glasses, any obstruction at all!

Let’s be alive for once, instead of just breathing…laugh on our mistakes and silliness instead of hiding them because at the end, has anybody ,even the most sincere of them all gotten out of here alive?

For the time we are youthful (which I believe throughout our lives), laugh heartily and enjoy ice-creams while seeking solutions to problems… (Good joke, made you smile, I hope!)

With this foundation stone I begin my new journey as an eighteen year child once again! Let’s see where the path bends, as the destination is not important but the journey is…

So who all our joining me for my next cone ? This time strawberry would do! ( I am smiling just by thinking about it!)

Till the next time…be awesome, be happy and wait for my new blog!

Comments and reviews are always welcome!

2 thoughts on “Knock Knock…Who’s there? A new blogger in the web air!”

  1. Superb Thought…..Good observation and presented it in wonderful and thoughtful words. Reading your blog gave me a nice feeling, Bhagyashree.
    Good, Keep it up and you have a great potiential.

    Liked by 1 person

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