Hello people! It’s time for our weekly segment “Wordly- Wise Wednesday”!

Winter has officially begun and I am so looking forward to cozy readings in bed with steaming cups of coffee…who else is loves this?

Before we start discussing our varied opinions on today’s question, I have some news to share with you guys. From this month onwards, I have decided to schedule this segment to be posted twice a month, in the span of two alternative weeks. Along with this, I have decided to infuse a monthly segment in my blog posts where I will be talking to fellow bloggers about the nitty-gritty of blogging. Stay tuned for further updates on this segment.😄

Disclaimer: today’s question might make you drop all the work and rush to a nearby library/bookstore!

How would you describe your dream library/ bookstore?

A huge floor-to-ceiling window opening to a serene view with cushions and mattresses scattered around it along with ample reseves of books, bookmarks, coffee and amazing people to discuss books with, would be my idea of an ideal library/ bookstore.

I would be waiting to hear your answers in the comments section.

Until the next time,


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