New Year Thoughts

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Happy New Year everyone!

Look who’s back after a long,long time!

Phew! I had such a myriad of thoughts rumbling in my mind while blogging that I had to take small breaks in between to organize my views and formulate the post. (No wonder this post took a long time to be completed!) Nevertheless, I am glad it was completed on time and I could share my thoughts with my beautiful readers.

Indubitably the past year has been tumultuous for everybody. We were faced with obstacles we could never think about and plunged in adverse situations for prolonged whiles. However, I am sure this tempestuous time had some hopeful, positive memories and learnings to offer to everybody, too. I hope whenever we think about the past year in future we remember the life-affirming experiences we’ve had and breathe in the humbling breath of gratitude for each blessing endowed upon us, throughout our lives.

Personally, this year has been a pretty ‘adventurous’ year of my life. I have learnt so many new things in the past few months, both about life and myself. I’ve experienced life with its ups and downs, ‘tried’ to solve some seemingly complex conundrums by myself (shoulder pats there), found moments of love-laughter in the most unexpected way, realized channelizing creativity doesn’t require ostentatious inflow of resources and pretentious showoffs, and above all, togetherness coupled with the support of our cherished ones can help us conquer every battle. I have grown as an individual and bonded stronger with my loved ones. Battling some health issues and dealing with emotional losses,I have realized that life’s beauty lies in its unpredictability; its most assuring boon and the most terrifying bane.

Oohh.Too philosopher right? Let’s coil back to a more realistic reality. Coming back to my chain of thoughts, as the tradition has been, every year we think of new resolutions and try to follow them stringently, this year after riding an emotional roller coaster, I have decided upon just two resolutions for the next. Instead of going for materialistic goals this year, I have decided to:

a) Try and live in the moment instead of coiling back to the dark shell of past or arbitrary bubble of future.

b) Not take my privileges and blessings for granted, instead practice the art of gratitude. (thank you, The Monk who sold his Ferrari).

Let’s hope I can sustain my resolutions for long and not give up midway. Fingers crossed.

I would love to hear how the last year has treated you and what are your resolutions for the next. Do share your opinions and views in the comments section.

I hope the new year presents us with the golden box of good health, peace and prosperity. Happy New Year readers!

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Until the next time,


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5 thoughts on “New Year Thoughts”

  1. Good luck! I like that perspective.
    2020 was terrible to me. So was 2019. I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle at this point. I haven’t made any goals or resolutions, because I don’t know what my life will look like this year. Things could get back to normal midway through the year, or I might be packing up and starting over somewhere else. It’s too early to make plans.


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