Living in Lanka.

Ayubowan readers!!! (Can you guess the language?)

Today’s blog is a travel account dated to the time I embarked on a Youth Exchange Program to Sri Lanka in 2017 with six other people.

Before beginning, did you know Sri Lankan government allows dual citizenship to people for both Sri Lanka and India? I did not know about this, until the very last day of my trip…

So it was the 28th day of August and the first day my week long vacation (I know YOUTH EXCHANGE, but anywhere away from school, is a vacation, right?) Moving along the gyrating paths amidst the mountains and reaching our destination at Horton Plains, summarizes it perfectly.

A small bit of advise, no matter in which season you visit the place, always carry a light, warm clothing as it can get a wee bit chilly in the later part of the day.

Standing atop the highest point of Horton Plains (look at the oxymoron), you feel you are on the top of the world. Struggling to hear what your friend is trying to speak against the howling wind, is battle in itself. One day is surely not enough, to drink in the beauty oozing of this place.

Also, carry a pouch of tit bits for the way as the journey can be a bit tiring.

One amazing fact that we came to know, on the way, really blew my mind. I know many people have heard the curious incident of birds plummeting to their deaths in India, but have you hear there was mass animal suicide in Indian ocean as well?

Well this happened when the Indian and Sri Lankan plates broke apart and the animals on either side, were not able to adjust to this change. In an attempt to be on the other side of the land, they drowned in the Indian ocean. Phew! Must have been scary, no?

The next day was the same as well, with just a distinction of visiting an ice-cold lake this time. Gregory Lake. For all the people who have long hair out there, I suggest you carry a scarf with you during boating, as the rough winds can take a toll on your hair! I had to learn it the hard way. Well, poor me!

Alright, now it’s time talk about living with host families in Sri Lanka. Using basic English can really help you strike a good rapport with the families. And one word of caution, be careful of what you eat, because more than half of the goods there, contain some or the other form of non-vegetarian products.

Small sovereigns back from your hometown can really make people cheerful.

I suggest if you plan a trip to Sri Lanka, do visit its parliament. What enchanting beauty, that place hold is beyond description. I would have loved to show you photos, but nobody is allowed to click pictures there. Security reasons, I guess. It is one enchanting place, where you will be lost in your own thoughts after entering.

The rest of my trip included in meeting with Sri Lankan diplomats, government officials , discussing various issues with them, vising government offices and a long list of monotonous itinerary, which I am sure most of the people are not interested in. To be honest, even I am not even I find it a little boring to share all these details…

What I loved about this trip was an inter-cultural program for delegates of both counties. We had to dress up in traditional clothes of our country and put up cultural performances. Come on, kudos to our choreographers, who made a stiff branch like me swirl gracefully.

Apart from these, I would never forget the late night talks with other delegates, conversations over cups of coffee and bonfire. I suggest try to get a booking In the Sri Lankan Youth hostel for a comfortable stay and try mingling with other delgates.

Did I mention, we also witnessed the shooting of Sri Lanka’s Got Talent in the auditorium of the Youth Hostel. It was quite boring, let me tell you!

One more site worth visiting, is the Candy market in the capital. It has shops established around huge aquariums! Isn’t it fascinating?

A strong, travel light and a mosquito repellent along with bottled water would be a great idea to travel. The ideal months to travel to this place would be between August to September.

At least once in your lifetime, you should visit this place. It a place where your soul comes alive through the bountiful and beautiful nature.

So waiting for you to share your experiences of Living in Lanka!

Till the next time be happy and be awesome!

Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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