Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s a Wednesday and it should be a WWW Post. However, I am going to tweak it a bit. I am going to ask you a different question today!

What are your resolutions for the year 2020? BOOM!

After thinking a lot and falling a lot at keeping up with my resolutions, 😅I have decided to narrow down my resolutions to these.

1) Less of negative thoughts and more of meditation this year.

2) Completing my TBR list of about 50 books.

3) Less of junk food, I have been happily gorging on so up till now.😅

4) More of practicing guitar, blogging and learning time management techniques. 🙄

I would love to hear about your resolutions in my comments section. And I wish, all of you success in keeping up with your resolutions, this year!

Until the next time,

Happy New Year ! 🥂