Year End Thoughts

Hello everyone! So we’ve finally come to the last day of this great year 2019! Time flies, doesn’t it?

If anyone had told me exactly one year ago, the huge pile of great gifts ( alliteration?), 2019 would be endowing my life with, I wouldn’t have even listened to that person blabbering away. No seriously, I was too busy preparing for my board examinations.😅

I am so glad to have survived that phase to enter into an even difficult one; college!😂

They say happiness is one thing, you need to pursue. It is a state of mind that you are not born with. It comes with doing things that you love, persistently. And with some tweaks and changes everytime you do it. I learnt that in the amazing year of 2019 and found my happiness in blogging. A platform to express myself and my love for writing and reading in front of like minded individuals…

I made a huge number of blogger-friends, collabed with them on cool projects and made a zillion happy memories, here. I read and marvelled at some astounding works of fellow bloggers and learnt from them knowingly or unknowingly. I realized that boundaries no longer separated us when we were united by the power of thoughts.

I was welcomed in this friendly community with open arms by my lovely readers and inspired to improve myself constantly. All the chnages that I see in my writing style and myself, is all because of you guys!

So as the year ends, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person for making me feel welcome, loved and special in this cosy, close-knit community of ours. I found here, what I was looking for, all my life; peace, happiness and respect for my works!

I want to share a quick life update with you guys, my first publication,a collection of poetry, will soon be available for online purchase! I’ll be sharing details with you guys shortly. Isn’t that exciting?

I hope all your unfulfilled wishes come true next year and may you be endowed with all the sweetness you have showered upon me!

Until the next time,


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