Happy new year, people!

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Hello readers! A happy, happy, happy new year! I know things have been hard for us since the past two years and we have experienced viccissitudes of life like never before. It still hasn’t passed, yet I can’t help but feel a little hopeful for the future. I hope this feeling is shared across the boundaries.

It has been a long time, since I have had an actual conversation with my readers and I truly miss that. Blogging has opened up avenues for me which I never believed existed and helped me make friends, virtually. I have an idea why not we converse through this post? Hmm. We can have a dialogue about our plans for the year ahead can’t we?

What are your resolutions for this year, if there are any? Do you believe you’ll be able to fulfill them till the last day of this year?

Whenever people have asked me this before, I had sheepishly tried to evade this flow of conversation. Now don’t ask me why. Maybe because I never had plans for long term before or maybe I was too lazy to think about all this. It was most probably latter than former. However the last two years have changed my perspective forever and I have realized that living doesn’t require intricate plans but it does require efforts by ourselves to make our lives better in different ways.

If somebody was keeping track, they might have noticed that I hit my lowest last year and bouncing back from that wasn’t a piece of cake. I just have to count my blessings and be thankful for my friends and family who supported me through this phase. Tight hugs and love for you guys, you know who you are!

However we shouldn’t dwell on the past and focus on the joyous things. It’s a new year, a new beginning and a new opportunity to live our life to the fullest and make it better! So for this year, I have decided on two things:

1) Practice meditation and be thankful for every breath.

2) Learn a new language.

Just two simple things, which make me feel alive. The only thing I have realized is that the permanence of life is laced with impermanence. So let’s not think about things which we have no control on and live another day! 🙂

Do tell me how have things been for you since the last two years and your plans for the next one!

Love and Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Happy new year, people!”

  1. Happy New Year! Here’s my list for 2022.
    1. Continue meal planning
    2. Read more books
    3. Re-establish my nighttime reading routine
    4. Get back into yoga
    5. Successfully complete my co-chair duties for the 2022 P.E.O. Virginia State Convention
    6. Publish my first novel by the end of the year

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  2. Medication, for what?
    “Who u are..” does that include me ? :()
    Lovely lines, living doesn’t require intricate plans… very true. Understanding and accepting this takes one to a very high level of intellect.. God Bless!
    Lemme know which language, I too will try. 🙂

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    1. Meditation. Apologies that was a typo.
      As for your second question, indubitably! I would be running around in circles if it was not for you guys! I love you and all the people in my inner circle to the moon and back! ❤
      Sure, sure. Let me research a bit. I’ll get to you regarding the language!


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