” Together”

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Hi fellow bloggers and beloved readers!

Isn’t it surreal how one line, one quote, sometimes inspires you to no bounds and you surrender yourself to the beautiful process of creating something new! (Let me know if it is otherwise for you guys)

” More than mother and son,
They were accomplices in solitude”.

Gabriel Gracia Marquez

When I finished reading this quote, I was sure about one thing, is the inspiration for my next poem. And lo, here it is! A poem dedicated to the angelic journey of a mother-son duo pitted against the cruel world. However, this poem would have made more sense on the occasion of Mothers’ Day πŸ˜› Never mind, enjoy my piece!

Stumbling her way through the old building alone,

The young girl maneuvered to search for that stone,

From her childhood, bearing the innocent imprints,

Of ruling the world, someday, with her artistic prints.

Crossing the forgotten alley, she recalled that night,

Which left her miserable and drowning in contrite,

“It was a mistake, a grave blunder”, he kept repeating,

“Let’s stifle the tiny heart, that’s inside you, beating”.

A scared, but firm ‘no’ was her strong, ultimate reply,

After which, her loved faded, painfully bidding goodbye,

Determined to fight back for herself and now,for him,

A part of her soul, which would never leave her grim.

Abandoned by her parents, seeking solace in solitude,

She realized, a change was needed, in her attitude,

From a meek, frightened and helpless single mother,

To a strong, brave, loving and self-sufficient mother.

She decided to rekindle her love for the vibrant paints,

And learn to live life to the fullest, sans constraints,

Seeking inspirations from the scribbles of the past,

She vowed to lay an example, forever which would last.

Her left hand, carrying the stone with cracked paint,

The other promised the child, ” You’ll never be a taint,

You are my precious, precious blessing to be prized.

Seeing the wonder you’ll be, the would will be surprised”.

“We are not alone from now, we are together in this,

And together we’ll make our lives an ethereal bliss”,

Promising this, she walked with her head held high,

With her little treasure she was ready to soar the skies.


Twenty, long, years later, she remembered her old days,

Seeing the cluster of canvases, bather by golden rays,

Where a young man, spoke about spreading joy through art,

An innocent, pure joy, keeping the evil and cruelty apart.

Smiling he walked up to an old lady, delicate and elegant,

Taking her hand, he whispered in a manner, eloquent,

” We were not alone, mother, we were together in this,

Mother, together we made our lives, an ethereal bliss”.

Bhagyashree, 30.8.19

All rights reserved.

Did this quote impact you in the same way, like me?

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work.Let me know in the comments section what you think,

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In the circle of life (yeah, yeah I am a big Lion King fanπŸ˜‚), you meet strangers who turn into friends and friends who turn into strangers. However, it the journey of a friend turning into a stranger that hurts the most. Today’s post is about that one journey that leaves you pained and scarred, yet gives you the courage to try again and find your happiness.

It is not the goodbye that hurt,

It is the recurring flashback, that does,

It is not the empty room that pinches,

It is the engraved echoing conversation, that does.

It is not the short talks that squeeze my heart,

It is that abrupt ending adieu, that does.

It is not the distance between us that hurts,

Is is the increasing emotional gap, that does.

Is is not our dwindling friendship that hurts,

Is is your fake attempt at rekindling, that does.

It is not letting you go that pinches,

It is remembering old memories alone , that does.

It is not ending things that squeeze my heart,

It is starting all over again and again, that does.

Bhagyashree, 27.8.19

All rights reserved.

I would love to hear your varied views on this journey. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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Just Breathe

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Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

Success is all about failing and learning. It takes courage to bravely face all the hurdles, fail, learn from them and continue on the strenuous path you have chosen to carve your success. Today’s post is dedicated to all the amazing people who had decided to follow the same path, yet, for some reason, are on the verge of giving up. Trust me, all of you are brave enough to undertake the rest of the journey, and emerge victorious, just don’t lose courage now. You have come a long way since the moment you decided to fight and a new life awaits you at the end of the next step you have to take…

As you sit at the uncomfortable foot of the stairwell,

Overthinking the zillion ways, life did not treat you well,

Or the times, you did not live up to the expectations,

Yours, theirs, seeking solace in dearth of inspirations.

Pondering the reasons you should stop mid-way,

Drowning yourself in regret retreat, where alone you’ll stay,

Or probably the bliss of escaping, when you had time,

Or just one more push and you reach the ultimate paradigm.

You see others succeeding rapidly at a faster pace,

Doubting yourself, if you belong here, in the first place,

Suddenly, you stand up, determined to quit once and for all,

Promising yourself, to not feel pangs of guilt, big or small.

The confident footsteps stagger to walk on their new way,

Until a small voice whispers; “Just breathe and let it go away,

Just breathe and enjoy a day relaxing, smiling, savoring,

Enjoying the laurels you have been so far, achieving.

You are meant for this, for a reason, you choose this path,

However, scary it seems, you are treading on the right path,

Quitting now, is a blunder, you’ll be horrified to commit,

Later on, realizing, at the next step was the desired summit.

Just breathe and cling tightly on the thin thread of hope,

Keep climbing high until this thread becomes the thick rope,

Of your dreams, wishes, desires, joys and silent success,

Agreed, it is strenuous and hard, keep trying, nonetheless.

Just breathe and climb the stairwell, you left behind,

Just breathe and follow your heart, instead of your mind,

Doubting and impulsive quitting are just a part of life,

Which make you even more determined to win this strife.

Just breathe, relax, smile, muster courage, try again,

Harder and harder till the time, it is no pain and only gain,

Just breathe and let all the doubt slowly get away,

The footsteps will then confidently walk on their old way.”

Bhagyashree, 24.8.19

All rights reserved

I would love to hear your story of overcoming the impulsive decision of quitting and emblazoning success over it. Let’s chat about it in the comments section.

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Until the next time, stay motivated and strive harder!

Happy weekend!

Life Update Post

Hello beautiful rays of sunshine!

Today’s post is about something special! Something which makes me feel responsible, loved, happy and emotionally invested at the same time. This new experience is so blissfully beautiful and I want to enjoy each moment to the fullest. I know these little guys are going to be excited each time I get home, show their happiness whenever I strum my guitar sitting near them, make me clean up after them a LOT (trust me, my first time was extremely unpleasant), chirp my pensive mood away, teach me many things, scientific things to be specific, and most importantly love me unconditionally! Ohh…I am so touched. Lol.

Alright then, let me unravel the mystery about this post now. Although I think, I have given you guys some hints already…

I have got four birds as pets!


The first day at their new home!
L-R; Simba, Sarah, Coco, Rio.

Well judging by their names you can guess how much I adore Disney movies! I wanted to name one after Po, but, unfortunately got vetoed out of it. It still hurts. *wink* *wink*

So I am now a proud pet parent of two pairs of birds belonging to breeds Zebra Finch and White Finch each. Unfortunately, Coco had been poked in the eye by some bird while at the pet store, so she had faced a bit more trouble in adjusting, than the others. Thankfully, she is all better now and keeps frolicking around with her bestie, Sarah.

This is how the four friends bid goodnight! Although I think Rio is angry with me for clicking a pre-bedtime shot:P

I love their snowy coat of feathers and res shiny beaks! Nature sure has its own way of embellishing beauty.

I observed that both Simba and Sarah (Zebra Finches) are both gregarious and fun-loving and on the other hand it seems, Rio and Coco (White Finches) keep having tiffs over issues I am clearly not aware of. It is hard to see them all huddled up next to each other, but I guess I got lucky tonight!

Since they are adults, it will be hard for them to learn to sit on my shoulder or be comfortable with human touch. Although I am pretty sure, I will be getting loads of pictures clicked with their offspring. Care to suggest me some names for the future generation? I have already exhausted my favorite names supply.

I am eagerly waiting for the time, they’ll be comfortable and well adjusted enough, to fly freely around my house. How fun, that would be! And of course, when their little tree house is ready for them to reside in, I’ll throw another house warming party for them, that day.

I would love to hear suggestions and advice on how to rear these birds and their offspring. Please feel free to share your views in the comments section. Also, tell me about your experiences of being a pet parent for the first time.

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Simba, Sarah, Coco and Rio

Favorite Agatha Christie Novels

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Mystery novels and I have a long, long history between us!Even the first novel that I ever read belonged to mystery genre ;The Three Investigators Series; The Mystery of the Talking Skull. My entire childhood can be summed up in two words; mystery novels. Later on I was introduced to and embraced in the spell binding world created by Agatha Christie and thus there was no turning back. So I have decided to pay tribute to the queen of Detective novels by listing six of my all time favorite Agatha Christie novels.

6. The ABC Murders

A classic Herclue Poirot mystery which consists of drama, family feud, romance, action, adventure and an ending which signifies the detective’s eureka moment that finally solved the case.

Poirot receives a mysterious letter signed by “A.B.C”, hinting some act of crime is going to be committed very soon. Soon two murders take place in an alphabetical order with an ABC Railway Guide present at both the crime scenes. The little Belgian detective must race against time to stop the murderer from striking his third victim and save an innocent man from meeting with an unfortunate fate.

P.S. You’ll be surprised to know who turns out to be the actual culprit and applaud Christie for her art of weaving stories by linking all the hidden hints (ooooh, alliteration!) together. That’s what I did, at least πŸ˜›

5. Death comes as the End

Quite a strong title, no?

The novel set in Ancient Egypt, unlike the other contemporary novels by the author boasts of a story as strong as the title. A revered priest’s life turns upside down after he marries a woman much younger than him. Certain incidents find his newly wedded wife to be a victim of raging angst from his family members. Soon she is found dead and it seems her vengeful spirit is back to settle old scores…

One more thing that distinguishes this novel from the others is that, the narrative is presented in a first person perspective as opposed to the other third person perspective approaches.

You would love reading the gripping tale about a ghost who has crossed the realms of the dead to avenge her murder or is it another mystery all together? No spoilers ahead!

4. Death on the Nile

A masterpiece of a novel which showcases a melange of human emotions including bittersweet love, sympathy, greed, selfishness and of course Poirot’s brilliance.

A young woman approaches the detective to assist her in distress. She and her husband are being stalked by her husband’s ex-lover. Poirot, however, refuses to accept the case. The couple, then boards a cruise steamer to escape the stalker. It is then despite all efforts to avert it, a murder is committed; the young woman seeking Poirot’s help breathes her last. It is time for the Belgian’s grey cells to actively work, to solve the mystery, before the murderer strikes again.

I recommend you read this novel carefully and pay attention to all the characters, as this string of people are repeated once again in a different setting, but pointing to the same motive hidden beneath the veil of crime.

3. The Mystery of the Blue Train

Herclue Poirot boards the uneventful Le Train Bleu in hopes of undertaking a peaceful journey. However, his plans are interrupted as one of the passengers is found to murdered and a world famous jewel is missing from her possession. With a train full of passengers as suspects and two cases to solve, Poirot has to rack his brains to distinguish the truth and lie from the water tight alibi that point to real murderer.

P.S. This was the first Agatha Christie novel I read! I loved reading about how the author made the detective solve two cases that appeared to stem from a single act of crime and saved the innocent from meeting with an unfortunate fate. Having difficulty in choosing a book for the upcoming weekend? Just take a deep breath and unravel the mysterious murder with Agatha Christie.

2. Appointment with Death

The author narrates a story about a dominating ex-prison warden and her family who are travelling for a vacation, together. The matriarch influences her children heavily and never allows them to think for themselves. While travelling, she leaves a queer remark to one of the passengers and is soon found to be dead. It now falls upon the able shoulders of Poirot to deduce the culprit and find meaning to the old lady’s quaint remark.

One factor which distinguishes the novel from others is that is that, it is written from the perspective of two vital characters in the novel and does not include a third-person perspective. It keeps you glued till the very end and leaves you satisfied as you finish the novel.

Finally, my favorite book! The best for the last…

1. Murder on the Orient Express

Ohh! One of the few novels that made me gasp at every page! It has so many topsy-turvy incidents that give the story a new depth. The best thing about this novel is that it never loses its narrative in the backdrop of various side stories and it includes character continuation, which is rare to find in Christie’s novels. Instead the author offers new elements, characters and plots to satisfy the thirst of her readers.

A mismatched group of passengers board the Orient Express with Poirot and witness the most bizarre murder of the century. A famous criminal on the run, seeks help from the detective to avert mortal peril and is found dead, the next morning, with inexplicable knife stabs. The detective treads on the journey of catching the culprit or is it a heist which is carried by a group of culprits?

Please, please readers read this novel once. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

Before signing off today, I have a question for my readers. What would you like to read my next review about;a stand-alone or a book series? I would be waiting for your replies.

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The Sun is also a Star: Nicola Yoon

Happy Friendship Day people! I couldn’t think of any other book to review than the one which celebrates friendship and love in their truest sense, on this day!

Rating : 4.1/5


  1. A vibrant cover, which would make you fall in love with it at the first glance.
  2. An amazing title which leaves you confused and curious at the same time.
  3. An unconventional love story which spans over a period of ten years. The depth of the story makes it an interesting read.
  4. Multi-perspective novel, which provides the reader the POVs of each character, instead of a third-person perspective that novels usually seem to present.
  5. A fantastic ending, which you never would have expected. Don’t worry, no spoilers ahead!
  6. Paperback and pocket friendly πŸ˜›


Two teenagers, Natasha, an immigrant girl, who analyses everything scientifically and Daniel, a free spirited boy, fond of literature and poetry, meet accidentally. Their encounter blossoms into a beautiful friendship and gradually they fall in love over the course of a series of adventures they share for a period of twenty-four hours. Their unconventional love story, changes course as the fate has other plans. Natasha has to leave the country on account of illegal immigration, leaving behind the most beautiful moments of her life behind…

Writing Style

The author beautifully presents the thoughts and incidents playing in the minds of the characters and weaves them into a story. As a reader you get immense satisfaction in reading the tale from each perspective, rather than a third-person perspective that novels usually provide. The content and character arcs are written in an intriguing manner with a sprinkle of realism that you instantly fall in love with the two awkward teenagers. You begin reading the story expecting it to be an usual love story, where you would find two characters madly in love with one another and the universe coming together to unite the star-crossed lovers. However, your stance changes completely after realizing how the characters are presented in a humble and grounded manner, dealing with far graver problems and discovering themselves in the face of understanding friendship in love and love in friendship. It’s truly a delightful real.


First of all, let me bring to light, I am not a fan of reading love stories. This is the first love story I have read in my life and I feel amazed while admitting, I liked it…I never thought I would!

Coming to the review, it is one of the novels I felt satisfied after reading. Right from the beginning, to the various sub-plots and the ending, everything is perfect in an ethereal manner. You start living each emotion in the novel with the first word you read and continue to do so till the last page.

Just one tiny thing I felt, could have been better in the novel, is the pace of the ending. No doubt, the ending is unexpected and peaceful, the pace seems to be too fast. While reading you get used to a pleasant pace of the narrative and suddenly the author rushes us to the point where her characters reunite, the readers faces trouble adjusting to it.

Has this novel changed my perspective towards love stories? I think it’s too early to comment on that having read only a few novels. But definitely, I would like to read more of the author’s works.

Would I recommend it? Affirmative. I think it would make a perfect read for a weekend getaway or the gifted to a friend who loves love stories or otherwise. I think you should read it once, you will not be disappointed.

What are your favorite love stories to read? Tell me in the comments section and let’s see if your recommendations turn me into a hopeless romantic at heart. Lol.

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Favorite book quotes of all times

Hello readers and fellow book lovers! Have you come across lines/dialogues/quotes so well written, that you have to close the book and stare into nothingness for a while pondering about the words? Don’t even ask me how many times this happens to me…

In today’s blog, I bring you a compiled list of my favorite book quotes that might bring a smile on your faces. So, sit tight and be prepared to be blown over by awesomeness!

10. “Just live well. Just live.” Me before you by Jojo Moyes

Image result for happy gifs

As if the entire story wasn’t heart wrenching enough, the author had to include an emotional letter ending with such powerful lines. Reading these lines fill me with much zest to live and explore no matter whenever or wherever, I happen to skim through these. Ever having a bad day? Just remember these two lines by Will to Lou and you’ll be good to go!

9. “ You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” The Help by Kathryn Stockett

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The book which captures women power and blurs racial differences in its truest sense, also captures the essence of self worth.Just the three words you need to remind yourself, every time you venture out to prove your worth.

8. ” You are mad. Bonkers. Off your head…But I’ll tell you a secret…All of the best people are.” Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll

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Some deep thinking going on here. And in the novel. Some hard hitting words which leave you mesmerized and dazzled and craving for more.

7.” It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart”. Hunger Games by Suzzane Collins

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Mind blown! Such crude words which everyone feels but is too afraid to acknowledge. What can I say more about it?

6. ” No one can put a price on losing everything” The Sun is also a star by Nicola Yoon

Related image

A girl on the verge of losing everything. A boy on the verge of changing everything. They meet, fall in love and are separated. How painful can their story be? And in midst of that this quote to suck the breath out of you! Why universe, why?

5. ” It’s wrong what they say about the past. I have learned about how you can bury it. Because the past claws its way out”. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

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Chills, right? Such powerful words that hit you right through the bones. I fell in love with the novel, I read it the first time and more so with its degree of depth and realism. Isn’t it amazing how you relate to these words at the first glance irrespective of age, race, nationality, gender etc. Please take a bow Mr Hosseini, for crafting such a masterpiece.

4. “ Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect” Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

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First of all. a belated happy birthday to the queen who made our childhood awesome! Whew! Words just fall short when I try explaining my euphoria whenever someone talks of Harry Potter. Its characters, its stories, its plots, everything is just magical. As magical as this quote which is filled with silent sadness and serene hope, enough to last a lifetime.

3. ” Survival is a state of mind”. Life of Pi by Yann Martel

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Just two words. MIND BLOWING!

2. ” Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation”. Eat. Pray. Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Who would have thought a true account of discovering one self would become would inspire a young girl, miles apart to begin anew? This is by far one of my favorite books and quotes.

Now time for the best one…

  1. ” This part of my life, this part right here. This is called happyness”. The Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner

Related image

A novel which tells the story of a father-son duo struggling to live the life of there dreams and teaching us to live in the moment. This quote is a treat to read, understand and live by as soon as you finish reading it.

What are your all-time favorite book quotes? Tell me in the comments section!

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