The Duchess: Book Review

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Hello again! I still can’t over the Endgame fever…

Never mind, let’s begin with today’s book review. I have to say one thing though, although I don’t know the team behind this splendid cover, but the make-up, jewelry and the close-up shot is on point. Kudos to the team for that!

This story by Danielle Steel revolves around an eighteen year old Angelique Latham, orphaned after her father the Duke of Westerfield ‘s death who finds herself employed as a nanny at an abusive and eccentric household. Grating circumstances force her to quit her job and shift bases to Paris. After helping a wounded, young woman from the streets, she decides to venture into a business unsuitable and unthinkable for a high born, timid, tranquil Duchess like her.

Let me know in the comments section, if you were able to guess the profession (honestly speaking, I could not!)

Alright then, let’s talk about the plot. It is undoubted a fast paced and well plotted novel, my only problem with it, is its short length. The author focuses on the protagonist’s life before the business venture a little too much, leading to a shorter time span dealt with her life during and after the business wraps up(attention, spoiler alert)! The plot flows swiftly from one phase of her life to another generating respect for the character for struggling to survive in the world, alone , instead of sympathy. The unexpected twists surely keep you at the edge of your seat as you read along the lines. The conclusion is both thrilling, intense and satisfying at the same time. Rest assured you will have a dazzling smile on your face as you put down this book, after finishing it!

Knowing it’s Danielle Steele, you will find that the characters never go astray from the plot. Each character has its own deep embedded character graph which evolves during the course of the novel.

The protagonist eighteen year old Angelique Latham is a head strong lady, who becomes an accomplished businesswoman, doting wife and responsible mother in a small fraction of time. Every role she dons, she performs it to the best of her abilities. Being the aristocratic businesswoman, her aim of earning great profits never overshadowed her concern for the well being of her workers. Her life comes a full circle after the birth of her son; what she could not ear for herself, she earned for him.

Andrew, an ambitious politician and Angelique’s husband is an open-minded, unorthodox and righteous man. He always supported and loved his wife, despite knowing the truth about her, which could have ruined his political reputation and their marriage. What I feel is that his character should have been highlighted a bit more, but I guess like Khal Drogo’s death, I will have to make my peace with his as well!

Angelique’s stone-hearted brothers play an important role in providing her a platform to prove her mettle to the world, and ultimately bringing her one step closer to her destiny.

All the other characters in the novel, including her former employers, her business partners, her business clients, her old servants and her friends all have something to teach her and help her in establishing herself as a mastermind in the business arena.

This novel bring fresh, ground -breaking ideas to light. It provides an appreciable combination of melancholy, satisfaction,thrill, new rules and ideas of running a business(I doubt whether anyone was inspired by this)and a heart felt struggle of surviving, failing and emerging as a victor among all odds . The only problem is the division of novel. Steel spends too much time in establishing a sturdy base for her character, which ultimately leads to less focus on areas and characters which should have been highlighted (Steels and I have a lot in common, when it comes to writing, I suppose, winks). If you read the novel, you will be able to understand my point in a better light.

Apart from this one literary glitch, this novel for me stand at 4.1/5. Let’s see if you rate this novel, the same as I did. Tell me in the comments section how you liked the novel.

Till then, let’s dream about the weekend and don’t forget to follow my blog.


The Memory Keeper’s Daughter: Book Review

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Hello people! Watched the ‘Avengers Endgame’ yet? Don’t worry I won’t give away the spoilers in this blog, so you can scroll down without any worries or anxiousness(I know how hard spoilers hurt)!

So this blog is officially my first book review. I hope you guys don’t judge me too harshly…

Before beginning I just want to point out the title of this book, hands down, is too interesting and complex to comprehend in one go and gives you varied ideas. I had so many ideas that I don’t even remember which I settled on before starting to read this book. Let me know which all ideas you had (if you have not read the book yet). So coming to the theme, it is no doubt a great theme to write a book about, but I feel the execution could have been a little different and a little more focus could have been on Pheobe, the memory keeper’s daughter. Nevertheless it’s a great novel to read and book lovers can be assured that your weekend will be well spent, it you decide to read this book in one go.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards is a story of complex human actions, emotions and relationships. It is divided into five time periods; 1964, 1965, 1970, 1977, 1989.It begins with Dr. David Henry, an orthopedic surgeon forced to deliver his twins in a desolated hospital (wow, what an adventurous way to be born! Sorry let’s get serious again…) with the assistance of hospital nurse, Caroline Gill. Dr. Henry’s twins turn out to be a perfect, healthy boy Paul and a baby girl Pheobe born with Down’s Syndrome and has bleak chances of survival. To protect his wife, Norah from the grief of losing a child, he decides to send to an institution with Gill’s assistance while declaring the infant dead to the world. Unable to leave the little girl to fend for herself in the institution, Gill decides to shift bases and raise Pheobe as her own child away from the prying eyes of the world…

Talking about the characters, it’s a tough one as each character has a story in itself. David (on whose daughter the whole story should have been weaved , but never mind!) the doting husband before the birth of his children, struggles with his demons and is never able to conquer them after that life-altering event. He shoulders his responsibility of being a father perfectly, but somewhere fails himself as a husband and a protector of his children. You should definitely read this book to understand his dilemma,his choices and his deep rooted sense of being a protector.

Norah the ideal wife and mother who never could get over her daughter’s death. All her attributes find roots to one event of her life. Her ability to feel something amiss in her life, yet her inability to see it makes her strong and vulnerable at the same time.

With her determination to raise a baby with special needs, alone and set everything right makes Caroline Gill outshine throughout the book. Both her inner conflict and comfort are reflected through out the novel through her actions (for many its through expressions, hence the point). We need more courageous characters like her to inspire us in our lives.

Both Paul and Pheobe are different yet same in one and all ways. Both have a determination to prove their mettle to the world, to accept, to forgive but the author never allows us to get a satisfying glance in their world. (sad, no?)

All the other characters help to take the story forward in justifying manner. Nevertheless, I loved each character to the core and I feel, it made my read worthwhile.

The plot twists and highlights of the novel are surely one of its strengths although a little more focus should been on Pheobe (as said before). The conclusion of the novel is intense and gives rise to various emotions in the reader’s mind at the same time, rendering it useless for him to decide how the scheme of things which characters are victims of self guilt and which ones are of circumstantial brutality. The novel hit the emotional and physiological corners of my soul and made me question whether protection ultimately leads to hurt and pain?(Too deep, right?) It provides to right dose of happy moments, moments to be proud of, moments to smile about, melancholic moments and most importantly moments to be remmeberd for a lifteime.

So for me, this book is definitely 4.1/5 for me and should defiantly be on your book shelf. (Two many definitelys in one sentence, pun intended! )

Go ahead and read this book and my book review and be a kind-hearted while judging the two things!

Take a deep breathe and live the long week ahead and don’t forget to subscribe my blog!


Books to read while travelling.

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Hello readers! See true to my promise , I have already started to be a little more regular than the last break…

Talking of breaks it’s almost the end of April and many of us are gearing to enjoy the upcoming breaks. I know many of you have already made plans and preparation to visit exotic places during this time of the year. However for book lovers, any trip isn’t complete without them perched near a window seat with a thick book in hand. The companionship of reading while travelling is bliss for them!So for all the book lovers put there, here’s a list of books that you must read while travelling. All of these are paperback editions, so that one worry (of the books being damaged), is off your list.

5. LIFE OF PI by Yann Martel

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A thrilling memoir of a young boy, Pi Patel surviving a shipwreck with a zebra, hyena,orangutan and Royal Bengal Tiger in a lifeboat can surely make your journey more exciting than you expected! The book is divided into three parts. The first part focusing on the protagonist’s childhood spent in India. His family owns zoo in the picturesque Indian district of Pondicherry and he shares a cordial relationship with the animals, specially the Royal Bengal Tiger, Richard Parker. During the Emergency, his father decides to shift bases to Canada and from here begins the second part of the novel. This throws light on journey of the protagonist, his family and zoo animals in a ship vessel, which later drowns in the sea. How Pi combats the harsh difficulties with animals on board in a life boat and manages to saves his life could turn into an exhilarating read during the trip. The final part of the novel reveals a grown up Pi narrating two versions of his story to a novelist and asking him to choose one among them for his novel. As you read along the pages, you will realize the novel focuses on the theme of journey of life between two places with varied companions and companionships in the face of difficulties and moments of happiness similar to your journey to beautiful locations! So go ahead with this book in your luggage and enjoy your vacations!

4. EAT ,PRAY ,LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Ever thought of going on a solo trip to discover yourself? Or just reading book about the same theme to get inspired? For all those looking for inspiration, this book is just perfect for you. Well, isn’t it a coincidence, that I read this book on a trip to mountains myself? A larger than life story about young, successful Elizabeth Gilbert takes you on a journey from losing belief in life to finding it back and loving yourself. We see (or read about) a determined Elizabeth Gilbert planning a solo trip to three countries with varied cultures after finalizing her divorce.Like the previous book, this one too is divided into three distinct parts. The first one deals with the leading lady’s adventures in Italy, mainly with nourishing herself with food. The second part is pictured in India. The smell of incense sticks and the peaceful chants of prayers will reverberate in your ears, as you read Elizabeth’s account of her days in India. The third part follows Elizabeth in her journey of finding the love of her life in Indonesia. You will enjoy the book with its light -hearted and positive instances on your voyage or even otherwise. It’s one of those books which , once you start reading can’t be put down without finishing. And loving them at the same time. It is surely a journey worth remembering for life. Or in Gilbert’s words, ” A journey of ‘I’ in countries starting with ‘I’; Italy, India and Indonesia.

3. THE MOTHER I NEVER KNEW by Sudha Murthy


A collection of two novellas about understanding the roots of one’s life and in the process discovering some startling truths. The Mother I never knew is a collection of accounts of two men Venkatesh and Mukesh both on a journey of uncovering a grave truth. Venkatesh’s world is turned upside down, when he stumbles upon a look alike of his and shares his father’s name. Upon further investigation he finds out about his father’s another marriage and a family he never knew existed before. Venkatesh’s determination of making amends for his father’s behavior and how he unburdens himself from guilt forms the crux of this story. The other story deals with a young, grieving man Mukesh, who finds out he is adopted after his father’s death. With a troubled mind he sets forth on a journey of uncovering the truth about his birth. During this trip to his past he discovers how he was nearly abandoned at birth by hew unwed mother, how his was ill-treated by his foster family and how he finally found love in the arms of his old, frail mother he had left behind, in this pursuit. The heartfelt journeys of two different men with a similar agenda in mind would add a soul-satiating breath to your journey. Do read it once and lead yourself to the warm embrace of love and care in the arms of the ones closest to you…


Way of the Peaceful Warrior.jpg

Half fictional and half autobiographical book based on the early life of gymnast and author Dan Millman will surely lead to a new you during your journey. A college going gymnast Dan is frequented by a nightmare of having an encounter with Death and being saved by an old man. In the days that follow, he meets the man from his dreams at a petrol pump and is intrigued by his ideologies. Over time, Dan asks the old man, whom he addresses as Socrates, to guide him in finding happiness. Socrates trains him physically, spiritually, mentally in seeking answers to his questions. These interactions seem to change something within Dan and he starts living his life until a tragedy strikes. A leg injury rob him of gymnastics and Socrates help him in healing once more. One thing worth learning from this book is that happiness is in the journey itself and not in the destination. Dan finally discovers himself later in life after a failed marriage and realizes that the answers that he was long searching for were always in front of him. Always with him. As you wind down the mountains or ride through the sand dunes, do read this book and question yourself which answers are you seeking. And for a matter of fact, our mind and souls work better when surrounded by nature(wink, wink)!

  1. MALGUDI DAYS by R.K Narayan

So the best one for the last once again!

Malgudi Days.jpg

Although it is not a novel, it is a collection of stories, but for a light -hearted, soulful read, this surely makes the cut. It revolves around a young boy Swamynathan and his adventures with his family and friends. For all those who are familiar with Indian culture, this book would make you revisit your childhood memories and laugh at the flimsy excuses we used to come up with to save ourselves from scolding. For all the others, a humble piece of advise, read this book once and the next time you remember your childhood, this book would surely find its mention in your nostalgic moments.What makes it different from other books and novels is that the protagonist is a child and all his childlike views and questions about the world makes us question our long forgotten curiosity and eagerness. Kudos to the author for keeping the child alive in himself and then through these pages for all of us to savor. After finishing this book, don’t forget to give a call to your old friends and teachers and laugh heartily once again with them!

So here’s my list of books that you should read on journeys. Do tell me which place you visited and which of these books you read there in the comments section. But at the same time, don’t forget to enjoy the trip at the same time and click loads of pictures…

So till the next time, enjoy the weekend vibes (long needed!) and don’t forget to follow my blog!


Five books to die for.

Hello fellow book lovers! Isn’t it a wonder how our world revolves around books, characters, scenes, incidents and how easily friendships and relationships could be severed if someone, dare reveal the spoilers before we are done with the books!!!

On a lighter note..NEVER I repeat NEVER reveal spoilers to bookworms I am not sure how violent the reactions could be!

If someday, we might cross paths and during conversations you may ask me what my idea of bliss would be, I won’t have to think too hard. Before your question finishes, I would reply, a book in hand, with something to munch or a nice cup of black coffee along with the treasure of words and pages in a loud, excited voice. (This could be your clue to take me to a bookstore in the next five minutes, if you please…)

I love, love, love talking about books. Likewise, my next blog (apologies for posting after a long time :(, will try to be more regular after this one time) is about books. If you have followed my blog, you would have know up till now, how much of a book lover I am. So fellow book lovers here’s a treat for you…

Here is the list of five books that are worth dying for just have a read. These books could really change your perspective towards life (like they did for me!) and make you fall in love with books, if you aren’t in love with them already.

These are from my collection and are DEFINITELY not available for lending or borrowing purposes!!!

5. DADDY by Danielle Steel

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This book beautifully describes the evolving relationship between a father and his three children, when a storm upturns their lives, The upheavals they face in the journey together bring them closer than ever and they grow as a family together. After reading this book , I assure, you will ponder how could you improve your relationship with your pillar of support. Our first hero, the man whom we all take for granted all the time how becomes our life is described in an ethereal manner. The various characters in the novel and their stories seem so real and relatable that you can’t help falling in love with them. Various issues have been brought to light with this book including combating loneliness, rebuilding your life from scratch, dealing with major setbacks in life, choosing between ethical and unethical. The author tries to pose answers to these integral questions of life and at the same time urges the readers to think on these lines. This book is easily one of the masterpieces produced by Danielle Steele. Over a long weekend, sitting in a cozy chair, with a steaming cup of coffee, do read this book. I promise, you won’t be able to put down the book without finishing it and loving it.


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True to its title, ‘A story of losing everything and finding it back’. A moving story of a young India woman whose legs had to amputated without anesthesia due to a train mishap scaling the Mt. Everest. It is an autobiography that moved me to tears and inspired me to move on despite all the difficulties. Every word and every page of this novel is irresistible and full of life. It is living example of how one can change the course of events in his life through sheer determination and will power. It is a must read for all those who think the problems in their lives can overpower their hard work and will power. Trust me, after reading the first page of this book, you will realize, whatever happens in our life, occurs to make us stronger and braver. Whenever problems arise, the tools of combating them are also presented to us. All we need to do is keep our spirits uplifted, have a little patience and just move along( by All American Rejects is a pretty cool song by the way!). So the next time you visit a book store, do include this in your ‘To Read’ List.


Image result for battle hymn of the tiger mother

A story about a Chinese mother, her husband, their two daughters and their two dogs. This account of the advantages of Chinese parenting and at the same time criticizing Western parenting is a light read which should be included in every bookshelf.You would love immersing yourself in the world of these real-life characters and start living their lives after a point of time. What I loved about this book is that despite of talking about orthodox, authoritative perspectives and mentalities, the author finally accepts a change brought in by her younger daughter. Baring the envy you will get reading about the exotic vacations they enjoyed, I think the readers will find no fault in the narrative. As an example of modern, contemporary literature, this book undoubtedly makes the cut. This novel actually inspires to share your struggles with the world courageously and let the people decide for themselves, whether they want to follow your lead or not. The memoir provides snippets of teacher- student relationships which are hilarious and exhilarating to read. So next time you decided to read a book, read this one. Who knows this might change your life?

2. TO SIR, WITH LOVE by E.R Braithwaite

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A 189 page long journey of a misfit teacher in a misfit school with misfit students. Although, this journey might be a fictional one, but as you flip through the pages, it seems each episode, each incident, each conversation is played in front of your eyes. Each student in the book is unique and same like us at the same time. You might rediscover yourself through these characters as you intellectually skim through the pages. You might want to salute your teacher(s), after realizing how much struggles and dilemmas they face while shouldering the responsibility of raising you. You will develop a soft corner in your heart for the students and their little gestures of affection for their beloved ‘Sir’.The witty conversations among the teachers in the between periods would surely make you realize how humor, even in the darkest hours can help you survive. As you read this book, you would be seated with the students in classrooms, you visit museums together, you would share a laugh with others on petty things, learn the History and Geography lessons again and ultimately start loving together. Want a trip down the memory lane, with a little twists and turns? This is the perfect gateway for you to move ahead! So let’s have a date this weekend with this book, my friend?

  1. BORN A CRIME by Trevor Noah
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So the best is reserved for the last!

Beware ,you would apparently die laughing while reading the hilarious account of South African comedian Trevor Noah’s childhood and growing up years. The story is set against the backdrop of Apartheid and how it affected the tiny (not so tiny, he was huge) baby boy, who was born a crime to a black mother and white father. The first page itself is so jovial, I had to wash my eyes, to restore my blurred vision from tears of laughter. It takes you in the by lanes of a dark past of the author, but never lets you feel depressed or saddened by its mention. A big shutout to the author for achieving this feat. You would fall in love with Trevor’s mom, an independent and fierce woman who could give you a run for your money. After finishing the book, you would crave to meet the fun-loving family (like me!!!) and share a laugh with them. Who would have thought poverty, racism, singly parenthood could be so fun to read? It takes into account the various types of relations, the boy shares with different characters in his life be it his father, stepfather, mother, step-brothers,friends,jail inmates (read to find out how an why) even dogs and cats. This book also talks about women empowerment and the society’s willingness (or unwillingness) to uplift its women.Its twist and turns keep you hooked till the very end. With its gripping narrative, larger than life characters and a million jokes and punches, it is surely a book to read NOW, probably with a cookie and cream ice-cream cone (I am so hungry right now, just by the mention of it!). I repeat, it surely a book to read NOW.

True to my nature, I have not spoiled your reading with spoilers.

You guys also have to fulfill your side of responsibility. Do read these books and tell me in the comments section, did they impact you in the same way as me? Did these change your perspective towards life? Let me know which all titles can be added in this list.

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The Unforeseen

Hello readers!

Today’s blog talks about future. I mean who would have thought, a typical, nerdy school kid like me would have started her own blog?

Future is so uncertain and so are the consequences of our actions. I don’t know where I would take this blog (or more precisely where this blog would take me in future). But, what I know for sure is what happens with the characters in my poem, which you guys would have to read to know.( I don’t reveal spoilers!)

 Deep down in a dense jungle,

Roared a lion, lying on a hay bundle,

“Present me my food, ye animals humble,

Else all of the jungle would be in a crumble”!

Hearing this all the animals were too scared too enthuse,

For all their lives were too precious to loose,

All headed to their homes in neat, long queues,

For it was a situation neither of prudence or amuse.

A little bird then twitched her tail,

And said it was a challenge in which they could not fail,

“We have to fight the mighty lion and sail,

To the bank of victory, strong, sturdy and not pale”!

Hearing this, the  animals scurried away,

Too scared to give this thought in their minds a way,

The little bird stood strong and courageous,

Ready to face the lion come what may.

The lion due to his old age had lost his alacrity,

But the little bird was too vain to take even a twinge of pity,

She considered the lion her greatest enemy and prayed to the Almighty,

To not make her stronger and more courageous than the lion but more witty.

Avenging her humiliation was taking shape,

Her prudence and sensibility were all ablaze,

She dreamt of shattering the lion’s pride,

Her stone heart had no space left for any agape.

Slowly and steadily the lion applied skill and technique,

Comprehending his speed, the little bird started to feel pique,

For she thought that the mighty beast was immensely meek,

And thus began the ferocious fight amidst the excited, anxious clique.

The lion pounced, the bird few high,

It was her strategy to first exhaust the lion and the aim for the sky,

Loud and long heard was this battle cry,

In which the lion or the bird had to die.

Suddenly the crowd parted,

For a new fight had started,

The bird was running behind the lion,

The lion was running in the ground uncharted.

The little bird then perched on a bank of a lake,

And waited for the lion, painting her expressions opaque,

The lion had a choice to emerge victorious or make it slake,

It was a risk he had to take.

The lion then drew back a little,

For he desired to make the little revolutionary’s death highly remittal,

The little bird’s mouth out of fear was dry of spittle,

The lion then jumped on a platform near the lake highly brittle.

Sensing the danger of drowning the lion started to yelp,

But the animals rejoiced not caring to extend a hand of help,

The little bird’s praises were sung wide and far,

For she had given freedom to everyone in the jungle from an insect  to a kelp.

For a few days the little bird was consecrated,

Her praising continued unabated,

At the same time, a danger was circling the jungle unabated,

It was time for the animals to be serious and culminate celebrating being elated.

The mortal man afraid of the lion, kept away from the forest,

But now it was time to massacre the animals, humble and modest,

He started felling the trees to ashes and dust,

For now he longed to fulfil his lust.

The jungle was set on fire,

Everything was tainted from the shrubs to the mire,

The little bird lost the respect she had acquired,

To undo the killing of the beast was her ultimate desire.

The animals cast her reproachful looks,

She was granted a throne amongst the crooks,

Her vengeance had costed her jungle’s best hooks,

Hatred was seen in every corners and every nooks.

The little bird then repented her decision unwise,

She had murdered her protector in disguise,

Everywhere were visible mirages of lies,

For she had killed her protector in disguise.

The gay, vibrant jungle was now depressed,

Now there was only angst and no jest,

For they failed to comply to the mighty beast’s request,

They won the battle but failed to conquest…


Let me know of any alternative endings, this poem could have.

Waiting for your comments.

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The Scape of Elections

Hello readers!

This is the first time I am attempting to write a political satire. I wanted the title to resemble a famous hip hop beat played in Discos, but never mind. I had fun writing this. I hope all of you read this in a fun spirit and not force me , to take down my blog tomorrow (I sincerely wish, this does not happen, I am scared though!)


Please tell me in the comments section, if my attempt of writing a satire could make a mark.

Related image

It is the talk of the town,

Whose name is ‘Flags-down’,

The time is coming near,

Time of elections, my dear!

The chubby man assured water,

Unbroken supply even if it’s saltwater,

The woman under the veil,

Promised voting criminals, bail,

Mr Unlawman spoke highly about,

Quick justice ,without doubt.

Another party banner screams,

Of fulfillment of the young dreams.

Earlier,attempted to ban womens’ modern clothes,

Women safety is promised by those.

Another leader bragged about public heath,

As a sector of work, using public wealth.

Newly made houses are bound,

To poor, if you vote Mr Slowgrowth around.

Employment is just round the corner,

If you bring forth, Miss NoWarner.

Another group promises all of the above,

With its loud symbol of a black dove.

A youngster with a huge head,

Promised happiness instead.

With this, the battlefield turned iridescent,

In the town, shaped like a crescent.


A voter presses the button with a hopeful finger,

Chuckling on the lyrics of the street singer,

After the war, barren is the battlefield,

Fake promises and pretentious actions are to yield,

A society of growth and development,

A town of equity, stability and contentment,

Unless the people join hands, and,

Work, instead of just taking command,

Of the leaders and the and politicians,

Who in the end, turn out to be mind magicians’!

After the war, barren is the battlefield,

Fake promises and pretentious actions are to yield,

A society of growth and development,

A town of equity, stability and contentment’!


I request all the people (eligible to vote), please make use of your power to elect the ideal party to run our nation.

Also, wish me luck, for I would be voting for the first time!

Until the next time, sleep late on this Sunday!


Treasure. Life. Pleasure

Hello readers!

Let me know it you like this poem in the comments section! An honest review is needed as I have tried a different style of poetry (free verse with anaphora;repetition of word or phase in the beginning of each verse) which I have not attempted before.

Image result for crumbling palace drawing

She saw once again, the crumbling ruins with tired eyes,

She saw once again the hopeless, sleepless nights,

She saw the delusional palace that she grew up in,

She saw the long corridors where she used to run alone,

She saw the friendly snowflakes settling on window panes,

She saw the grandeur fragmenting slowly and stealthily,

She saw the desolated meals, every day and every night,

She saw the paintings screeching for freedom,

She saw the sunlight bouncing on the treacherous walls,

She saw the smiles of the unhappy child, teenager and adult,

She saw the bulldozer striking again at her unhappy palace,

She saw the people collecting rubble from the demolition,

She saw the unhappy child dying with each stroke.


She saw once again the happy cottage with tired eyes,

She saw the hopeful, peaceful slumbers spent in the house,

She saw the happy cries of her children, echoing around,

She saw a happy face smiling back at her from the glass door,

She saw a happy child being born inside her again,

She saw her demons flying around, not able to touch her,

She saw her happy home, standing in place of the palace,

She saw her happy soul flying happily, instead of being caged,

She finally saw her home once again, before closing her eyes again.


Enjoy the weekend till we meet again!

A Daughter’s Cry

Hello readers!

Here is poem dedicated to all the beautiful ladies out there!

Dating back to the ancient texts,

A woman is treated as a soul divine,

But a daughter, they won’t let her shine.

Image result for girl on the horizon

They kill her before she opens her eyes,

Why believe those myths, those lies?

She is chirpy, so full of life,

Why pierce her soul with a tainted knife?

No matter what is her age,

Let her out for once from ,

The vicious social cage.

To the pure heart I pay my respect,

For once let her all her sorrows forget.

Why disregard the humble soul,

Let her rise, touch the skies and ,

Reach her goal.

Recognise her sensitive, emotional

And loving nature,

Stop the physical and mental torture.

She squeezes away sorrows and,

Helps to forget pain,

She shows us where the sun is,

When we are hiding from rain.

At least give her a chance,

Break free from the orthodox,

Delusionary trance.

Why the social differences be,

Her judging base,

She was and she is at par,

With men in the long race.

A daughter is an infinite gift,

Don’t let the social taboos make,

Her drift.

Encircle her with love in,

Everything you do,

Don’t kill her in the womb,

And bid her adieu!  


Comments are always welcome!

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Screens and Life.

How’s life people?

Let’s see if you can guess the theme of my new poem just by reading the title…

They told me that real life existed outside screens,

How wrong, they were.

I was sceptical ,how life thrived inside the screens.

How wrong , I was.

They said, characters are remembered just in real world,

How wrong , they were.

I thought ,emotions are only found in souls of the real world,

How wrong, I was.

They said,stories worth listening are those which are lived,

How wrong, they were.

I believed the flashy, virtual stories are short-lived,

How wrong, I was.

Soul-touching background scores exist only on monitors,

How wrong, we were.

Real life has no links with those large, treacherous monitors,

How wrong, we were!

Everything changed when movies became life,

And life turned into stories screened on screens,

Seeing, their ebbing sons , in battleground triumphing that strife,

As the actors, characters, stories, music, infused life into screens!


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The Imperfects.

Hello readers!How’s going with you guys?

I have always been interested in learning and trying new forms of creative writing and poetry. So this time, it’s turn for ‘LIMERICK’. It is a traditionally humorous (can be serious as well, well considering I am writing, it has got to be serious!), five-line rhymed poem that can be used in a wide variety of interesting ways.

So here it goes.

Related image

However imperfect we seem to the other sphere,

It was for a divine reason we were created here,

Call us manly-woman or womanly-man,

Agreed, we’re different from your clan,

But, aren’t perfect bodies of intellectual flaws, imperfect my dear?


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Breathing Belief

Hello readers!

Related image

Today’s blog highlights the journey of self discovery. The journey of moving forward. The journey of self- love. The journey of life.

So here’s a poem accentuating the journey of acceptance of beauty within ourselves and loving ourselves.

On a serene, rainy day, perched a little bird on a window pane,

Protecting herself from the giant drops, struggling in vain,

On the other side, sat a young girl, lost in her thoughts,

Enraged with life, owing to her skin marred with white spots,

The little bird, knocked on the pane with her mighty beak,

In her attempts to save herself from the gloomy bleak,

Listening to the frantic cries, the girl let the bird in,

Covering the winged life with a blanket of hope, warm and thin,

The little bird grappled for breath for a while,

For her rebirth, she thanked the girl with a smile,

Before flying to her open sky and returning to her fate,

She asked the girl the reason behind her gloomy state,

 Absence of cheerful mirth and happiness was the reply,

Being ostracized had made her aloof, quiet and immensely shy,

The bird chirped and joyously exclaimed,

Saving my life has earned you the greatest prize, she claimed,

The exclamation left the girl stuttering with happiness,

She realized she was no longer a prisoner of her loneliness,

The girl with renewed confidence walked towards the door,

For the first time, from the sea of misery, she would try to swim ashore.


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Sikkim Diaries. Part-1

What’s up readers?

Image result for sikkim map

Any Kung Fu Panda fans in the house? Wanted to see a real life Master Shifu prancing around (not specifically nailing Kung Fu poses)? Well, the state of Sikkim is just the place for you! For you will have a chance see the nearly extinct red panda In Singalila National Park in the state. Although don’t be surprised to see the red panda lazing around instead of performing difficult postures!

So talking about Sikkim tourism, it would be a great idea to know that the state is divided into four divisions north, south, east , west and there are different tourist locations in each zone.

During my three day long trip (I know, its short and cruel, but what can be done now?), I visited tourist locations in East Sikkim and some destinations of North Sikkim.

This state lies in the lap of Himalayas, so it can rain and get chilly on any day, without any warning. So it would be a great idea to pack an emergency umbrella, torch light ,extra pair of clothes and woolens for your trip. I suggest instead of going for sport shoes, go for Crocs as a safer option. You never know, when the weather decides to shower its blessings on you and you might fall sick.

Sikkim doesn’t have an airport yet, so from whichever state you book a flight you will land at Baghdogra Airport(16 kms west of Siliguri) and then a shared taxi ride of about 2-3 hours would take you to your hotel.

A good choice of hotel would be Golden Star Continental Hotel & Spa for comfortable stay and great food! (They did not pay me to advertise, but their hospitality deserves a mention).

I have divided the destinations and their respective itinerary according to days on which I visited them. So here’s the list.

View from the ropeway
  1. Gangtok Rope way – This is the closest to all the accommodations. The hotel authorities would arrange a driver and a full day cab for you on demand. Since, Sikkim lies in a mountainous region, transportation is bit difficult. This is the reason, shared cab culture is prevalent in the region. I suggest you to not be shocked of passengers who would ask for a ride despite seeing you seated comfortably in the cab. Also, this place is extremely safe for ladies so if you plan to embark on a solo trip, and want to explore the streets at nights, you can go ahead with it with no apprehension! Coming back to the rope way, it is nothing but a journey in a glass cabin which provides you with a stupendous view of the state. Watch ‘Qarib Qarib Single movie’s last scene for reference. It was shot there. Make sure not to pull out your cameras out of the windows of the cabin to capture the scenic beauty. The ride can be a bit jerky and you might end up losing your camera/phone!
  2. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology- After the rope way ride, your driver would take you this monastery cum museum. You will have to climb an apparent steep slope to reach this place. As you enter the monastery, you will have to touch these revolving pillars and then gain entry into the inner part of the monastery. It signifies inner peace and respect for the self. As you finish visiting the monastery, remember to keep the entry ticket safely, as the small piece pf paper would allow you to take entry into the museum. It is a wonderful place to know about the Tibetan culture in detail. However , no photographs can be clicked here, so sorry people, you would have to visit the place yourself to see the artifacts!
Revolving pillars at Namgyal Institute
Related image
Ban Jhakri Falls

3. Ban Jakhri Falls- So nature lovers, prepared to be amazed at the beauty that these resplendent waterfall ooze. You will come across many picturesque locations here, which can be used to increase Instagram and Snap chat followers! Various water sports are also offered at these falls. A word of caution, wear water proof clothes and shoes or carry an extra pair of clothes. Also, while in water take small, balanced steps and be cautious of the slippery surfaces. All the boating lovers, instead of paddling in huge lakes, here you will enter in a small pool with statues all over the place and rough edges which makes boating difficult. So a big no to boating here, from my side.

4. Flower Exhibition Center- Trust me, it is one of the most beautiful flower exhibitions I have ever seen in life. The myriad of flowers can blow your mind with their delightful fragrance and epitome of beauty. If you plan to visit Sikkim anytime, take out time to visit this exhibition once. That reminds me the best time to visit this state is between the months of March-June. The rest of the months are either too cold or unsuitable for tourism.

Flower Exhibition
Morning dew and view from my hotel.

An erratic power supply can be experienced in the region, so always carry a power bank. And wake up a little early to enjoy the feeling of living among the clouds.

Visiting all these places in one day can be a little tiring for bodies and reading an extremely long blog can be exhausting for eyes so with an end to day one in Sikkim,I end my blog for today.

I would be back tomorrow with all the places I visited during the remaining period of my trip…

Till then be happy and be awesome

Comments about your experiences in Sikkim are welcome!Let’s see if you and me have something to share from our trip to the state!

A Tale of Two Friends.

Hello readers!

Isn’t life all about trying new things?

So here I am trying a new kind of poetry. ACROSTIC POETRY . It’s a fun poetic form where the first letter of every verse combines to create a word or a message.  Let’s see if you can decipher the ‘word’ after reading my poem.

Family comes first, they told me, since childhood,

Rightly wrong , they were, I understood in adulthood,

I found a friend in your words, guidance and kinship,

Even at the dusk of life, I would not forget this friendship,

Not even a day passed without our intellectual chit chats,

Doubts on my abilities vanished, hurriedly with your pats,

Flying kites in clear blue skies, running azure in green meadow,

Or following you around all day, I just loved being your shadow,

Resting in your grave you must be thoroughly content,

Life’s lessons you taught us before, we all now represent,

I reverently remember you on all occasions of mine,

For I know you would have been proud to see me shine,

Ever lasting was our bond, if someone asks me, I would respond!

Bhagyashree, 15 April 2019

Comments and interpretations always welcome!

Sikkim Dairies coming soon!

Facade of a Face

Mona Lisa , Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, is undoubtedly the world’s most mysterious painting. Right from the position of the lady’s fingers, to the the uncanny landscape have been questioned since the beginning of time. In this backdrop, I have composed a poem, voicing the inner conflict of the most mysterious lady in the world.

Since the fateful day I was conceptualized,

I was , I am, I will be, minutely scrutinized,

Some say that I have an enigmatic smile,

Others believe I haven’t smiled for a while,

There are theories that I have a lovely veil on,

Cracks bear testimony to the eons bygone,

Concealed or deeply evanesced are my brows,

I was even stealthily possessed by highbrows,

Position of my fingers have raised questions,

Ambiguous landscape have led to speculations,

The realms of my identity have been pondered,

For perpetuation, millions were squandered,

They say I could have been a woman or a man,

I am real or fictitious, knows not even one man,

I have been attempted to be mauled by acid and rock,

Which has led to my new sanctuary in a glass block,

Medical experts claim I was suffering from ailments,

Curious eyes are in search of bridges and calamints,

All these questioning needles have caused immense ache,

All these questions have put my existence at stake,

Am I a canvas of paints or a canvas of questions, mate,

A poet’s imagination, was this supposed to be my fate?

Comments and different interpretations are always welcome!

Till the next time, let’s paint our thoughts aloud through words!

Living in Lanka.

Ayubowan readers!!! (Can you guess the language?)

Today’s blog is a travel account dated to the time I embarked on a Youth Exchange Program to Sri Lanka in 2017 with six other people.

Before beginning, did you know Sri Lankan government allows dual citizenship to people for both Sri Lanka and India? I did not know about this, until the very last day of my trip…

So it was the 28th day of August and the first day my week long vacation (I know YOUTH EXCHANGE, but anywhere away from school, is a vacation, right?) Moving along the gyrating paths amidst the mountains and reaching our destination at Horton Plains, summarizes it perfectly.

A small bit of advise, no matter in which season you visit the place, always carry a light, warm clothing as it can get a wee bit chilly in the later part of the day.

Standing atop the highest point of Horton Plains (look at the oxymoron), you feel you are on the top of the world. Struggling to hear what your friend is trying to speak against the howling wind, is battle in itself. One day is surely not enough, to drink in the beauty oozing of this place.

Also, carry a pouch of tit bits for the way as the journey can be a bit tiring.

After many failed efforts, this is the one only pose I could come up with for a picture like this at Horton Plains! Laugh all you want to…

One amazing fact that we came to know, on the way, really blew my mind. I know many people have heard the curious incident of birds plummeting to their deaths in India, but have you hear there was mass animal suicide in Indian ocean as well?

Well this happened when the Indian and Sri Lankan plates broke apart and the animals on either side, were not able to adjust to this change. In an attempt to be on the other side of the land, they drowned in the Indian ocean. Phew! Must have been scary, no?

The next day was the same as well, with just a distinction of visiting an ice-cold lake this time. Gregory Lake. For all the people who have long hair out there, I suggest you carry a scarf with you during boating, as the rough winds can take a toll on your hair! I had to learn it the hard way. Well, poor me!

Alright, now it’s time talk about living with host families in Sri Lanka. Using basic English can really help you strike a good rapport with the families. And one word of caution, be careful of what you eat, because more than half of the goods there, contain some or the other form of non-vegetarian products.

With the host family…

Small sovereigns back from your hometown can really make people cheerful.

I suggest if you plan a trip to Sri Lanka, do visit its parliament. What enchanting beauty, that place hold is beyond description. I would have loved to show you photos, but nobody is allowed to click pictures there. Security reasons, I guess. It is one enchanting place, where you will be lost in your own thoughts after entering.

The rest of my trip included in meeting with Sri Lankan diplomats, government officials , discussing various issues with them, vising government offices and a long list of monotonous itinerary, which I am sure most of the people are not interested in. To be honest, even I am not even I find it a little boring to share all these details…

What I loved about this trip was an inter-cultural program for delegates of both counties. We had to dress up in traditional clothes of our country and put up cultural performances. Come on, kudos to our choreographers, who made a stiff branch like me swirl gracefully.

Apart from these, I would never forget the late night talks with other delegates, conversations over cups of coffee and bonfire. I suggest try to get a booking In the Sri Lankan Youth hostel for a comfortable stay and try mingling with other delgates.

Did I mention, we also witnessed the shooting of Sri Lanka’s Got Talent in the auditorium of the Youth Hostel. It was quite boring, let me tell you!

One more site worth visiting, is the Candy market in the capital. It has shops established around huge aquariums! Isn’t it fascinating?

A strong, travel light and a mosquito repellent along with bottled water would be a great idea to travel. The ideal months to travel to this place would be between August to September.

At least once in your lifetime, you should visit this place. It a place where your soul comes alive through the bountiful and beautiful nature.

So waiting for you to share your experiences of Living in Lanka!

Till the next time be happy and be awesome!

Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Watery Tales.


What’s up folks?

I have been attempting to write Haiku for quite some time now(this is the reason these were published in my book of poems, I suppose winks).

So instead of writing ballad like poems (which I generally like and write) on this element and essence of life, I have decided to present a few Haiku on the same. Hope you like them!


Intoning wind through the rocks

A new symphony

2. The last drop

Coyly dancing on the leaf

Waiting for the rains

3. Pitter Patter

Tumbling from the skies to Earth

A new song

Comments are always welcome!

Till my next blog…be awesome and enjoy the weekend!


Blogger’s Bedrock.

How’s it going, readers?

Today’s blog , I know it is a little late. Apologies , but the topic I chose to write on , today, required a great deal of thinking. Believe me, I have been racking my brains to seek answer to this question all day long…(scroll down to unravel the mysterious question)

Abbreviating the reason for me being here, for a nobody being on a platform to share her views was truly a Herculean task! When I finally thought of a reason which satiated my desire to delve deeper into this question, I decided to start this blog.

Isn’t it strange, how millions of faces appear in the world, merge with the ‘facade’ of a huge crowd , disappear and are eventually forgotten. Millions of faces, millions of minds, millions of ideas, billions of expressions, yet all fused in a marsh of invisibles.

The same story has been and will be repeated with one and all till the end of time. Different tales amidst that One Story of life and death, will be left unheard, undocumented and will be forgotten. In this phenomenon of racing ahead paving way to be remembered through the eons of time, we are outstripped of everything we have achieved and ultimately forgotten by Time… Trying to grasp the irony is a bit frightening and humorous at the same time, isn’t it?

Although this fear of being forgotten had been daunting me since childhood, I realized its magnanimity (trust me, I am not deceiving you) a few seconds before attempting to write this blog. This has been a recurring nightmare of mine since the time I have been discovering the true purpose, true ambition and the true calling of my life.

I might be just another face (or mask) in crowd, sometimes not even visible (because I am a teeny-tiny person, laughs), but I never want to be forgotten. I might have the same tale among thousands, even the feelings and expressions might be similar, but I want the tale to be heard. I want my sing-song voice to be heard and remembered through the cacophonous chatter.

This brings me to my question of what actually brings me here? Probably a desire to write. Probably a desire to reach out to people through words and expressions. Probably to make new friends. Probably to break free from the constraints of my leather bound dairy. I am sure all of these, but above all to be remembered even when I am no longer a face in the crowd…till the end of time.

I never knew, documenting and sharing petty details to great achievements (trying hard to make them come true), could make me happy to an extent that I smile throughout the day and I am one step closer to being immortal.

I know I am not alone ( and never want to be as well) in this. There are thousands, questioning themselves, gathering courage probably doubting themselves before expressing a sweet melody among the crass noises. A big shout out to all those!

It takes great ounces of strength and determination to even attempt something like this. So let’s be each other’s back in this journey and carve out a new way, where only souls ,not faceless faces live to express and express to live. Let our words and expressions alone lead to our immortality.

With this, I came to an end of this blog, having explained my reason for attempting to be here or rather begin my journey of immortality.

Happiness and Melancholy…

Hello lovely people ! Welcome again to my blog!

You know before starting this blog, I had been wondering about what would make me happy even on the gloomiest day of all…I did not know the answer would leave me astonished!


I know many people are with me on this and we might just digitally hi-five each other.

Jokes apart, beautiful, deep poetry and books make me happy (it had to be kind of obvious given my for literature!)

So in today’s blog I would be sharing a poem from my published collection (“AN INWARD ODYSSEY”, as mentioned in the previous blog ), which happens to my mother’s favorite.

A Colorful Melancholy

Let’s see if you can guess the end of this poem, just by looking at this picture. No cheating!!!
(Answer in the comments section)

A blossoming tree that I was stood wide and tall,

At a time all the creatures huddled around me whimpering and small.

The tiny saplings tried to find my sturdy roots,

From where they could be nourished to grow out strong, aggressive roots.

Little animals crowded my trunk during the dark,dingy nights,

For they were scared that someday they might be a part of those horrific, deadly sights.

One fine day my eyesight darted to a group of caterpillars,

Who were striving hard to save their lives from a group of horrendous killers.

The little creatures started wriggling on my trunk hurriedly,

The oldest of them was carving out a way for others worriedly.

With no time to spare the wise, old, caterpillar asked me to extend a helping hand,

And provide their sinking ship of life some land.

Out of pity I should have helped the miserable ones,

But arrogance and pride took over and prevented me from helping others, specially the needy ones.

They heard my thunderous laughter,

And I saw fear in their tine eyes for what was coming after.

Within a flash the wriggling caterpillars slumped dead on the ground,

All the plants and animals become scared of me, that were around.

The birds stopped chirping on my lush leaves,

There were no nests on my branches, not even on the eaves.

Little saplings started to drift away from my soul,

With time it became lonely, my sweet little knoll.

My arrogance was taking a toll on my life,

With each passing moment I was becoming strong with my haughtiness, but losing the strife.

A few days later I realised that God was punishing me for my sin,

No there was no one to support me in my tumultuous time no friend, no kin.

I started losing my shine, my sturdiness,

I realised that my mistake had set me on my path to self-destruction, on the path of unworthiness.

Within a few days I had become a mere shadow of myself,

I remembered my mother’s advice there are people to celebrate your happiness with but for your sins you have to pay yourself.

Now there were left bare branches with no flower, no fruit, no bud,

I remembered the five caterpillars on my trunk what was shimmering was their blood.

Suddenly one evening a butterfly flying perched on my arm,

For a moment I had redeemed my lost charm.

As the morning drew, the butterfly started its journey once again,

Deserting me to deal alone with my pain.

Within a few moments a throng of butterflies came swarming towards me,

My spirits lifted for a moment and I was lost in my magical spree.

The little butterfly came up to me and spoke,

Of things which made this tree guilty and teary-eyed, a tree which was once a great Oak!

She remembered the unfaithful day when I refused to help her family,

Was the day she started living in agony.

She had fallen of the trunk and survived,

She had been thankful for her second life, which was prized.

She dreamt of avenging the old tree,

For being the cause of her distraught and pushing her in the barbaric sea,

Of loneliness and  unhappiness,

Which she could not surpass in her despair and helplessness.

In the angst the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly,

A butterfly whose life was marred by a lie.

That the tree was heartless and its existence was futile,

Now at the moment she felt all the vengeful days had been inutile.

She had now forgiven the tree seeing its condition so fragile,

She had made a quick decision with her mind so agile.

She had removed the burden from my shoulders,

She brought life around me , a place in which now thrived only boulders.

All that was heard around me were cheerful and happy cries,

For now all my leaves had turned into mesmerising butterflies…

  Bhagyashree Jain ,

An Inward Odyssey,


You know one more thing that would make me happy…people reviewing it and interpreting it different ways!

Eagerly waiting to read your comment.

Till the next time, be awesome and wait for the approaching weekend!


Knock Knock…Who’s there? A new blogger in the web air!

Hello beautiful readers!

Today I begin a fresh chapter of my life…I entrust myself with a new responsibility of being a blogger apart from being a poetess! So let’s begin by introducing myself. My name is Bhagyashree Jain. I am an ardent book lover, voracious reader and a fierce protector of my books (I dare you to touch my precious books without my permission). I published my first collection of poetry ” AN INWARD ODYSSEY” last year, when I was seventeen and now as the eighteenth chapter of my life unfolds, I have decided to dip my hands into blogging.

On the tenth day of April 2019, I hereby tread on a new journey of blogging and present my first blog to the world.

Although this is my first blog, I feel I am writing it for the millionth time. Whatever I wrote did not really make the cut…there was something missing in everything I wrote.

For those people who have watched “Wake Up, Sid!” , you might remember the scene when the protagonist Ayesha (Konkana Sen) a journalist, tears up her article one day before submission. The reason being she felt something was missing. I can still feel the dialogue ringing in my ears “maine submission se ek raat pehle apna article phad diya aur phir se likhne lagi “!

(” I tore off my article one night before the submission and began writing once again”)

As a die hard Bollywood flicks fan, I wanted the same incident to be repeated with me (along with others, hopefully they would come true too). They say whatever you desire the most, life presents you the same . And lo! the same thing happened. I literally tore off the blog and began the blog once again! Unfortunately, no Ranbir Kapoor was with me to help me out. (SILENT SOBS!)

So after trying to write and hitting the backspace button say about a thousand times, I decided to take a break and visit a nearby ice-cream shop.

One thing I love about people is observing them. The myriad of emotions, characteristics and thoughts these like- minded bodies express, are beyond comprehension. You know the beautiful silence that lingers when you just observe people around you…a blissful feeling of being alive and aware of each moment passing by…

So while enjoying my big cone of Cookies and Crunch ( for people who might wonder about this petty detail) I observed a little girl of probably three or four years of age. A chubby little girl enjoying her Popsicle in a spic and span manner, dabbing her mouth at regular intervals was definitely an entertaining sight to behold and to question your sense of cleanliness. I had been observing her for quite some time, for when she became conscious. To break the awkward silence I complimented her cute yellow dress. Like every Indian child she was schooled by her mother to reply with a cheerful ‘Thank You’. However the next two words got me to ponder something which I never gave a thought to. In her innocence , after hearing the golden words from her mother, she turned to me and said ‘Your Welcome’ and started giggling.

It might be an incident to laugh about for some but it made me wonder what did that little girl have about her, which we are lacking.

The answer had been in front of my eyes for quite some time, however I failed to recognize it. The desperate need to not use logic everywhere and laugh on oneself no mater what the situation.

I believe as we continue our journey in the ‘Forest of Age’, we protect our curious eyes with spectacles of boundaries. Later as we grow, these spectacles remain glued to our eyes and we fail to grasp the beauty of this world. Everything sf filtered by these glasses and we eventually forget to question everything with our eyes . What we have learnt, our minds apply. What we haven’t ,we stop questioning.

Searching for answers in lieu of our curiosity gives us immense joy, which leads to pretty smiles. These spectacles have constricted our curiosity and thus leading to less hearty laughs…

I wonder how life would have turned out, had I kept my eyes open without the protection of these glasses. Had I laughed more on myself before, would I have been laughing more now?

Not placing everything in accordance to logic, moral behavior, righteous conduct probably could have led to a new journey or discovering the world azure and anew and in the same breath discovering a new me?

No matter what we say, what questions arise in our minds, which answers we are seeking, life always gives us an opportunity , let me correct myself, millions of opportunities to seek answers, to change everything we decided for ourselves and be happy everyday, every moment of our lives.

Let’s imagine ourselves to be children once again, spilling out merrily in the world, discovering it and smiling even when they (or shall I say, we?) reach a dead end. Let’s try to fall and bump the ground, so our spectacles cab be broken for once and for all. Let’s enjoy the beauty oozing out without any screens, any glasses, any obstruction at all!

Let’s be alive for once, instead of just breathing…laugh on our mistakes and silliness instead of hiding them because at the end, has anybody ,even the most sincere of them all gotten out of here alive?

For the time we are youthful (which I believe throughout our lives), laugh heartily and enjoy ice-creams while seeking solutions to problems… (Good joke, made you smile, I hope!)

With this foundation stone I begin my new journey as an eighteen year child once again! Let’s see where the path bends, as the destination is not important but the journey is…

So who all our joining me for my next cone ? This time strawberry would do! ( I am smiling just by thinking about it!)

Till the next time…be awesome, be happy and wait for my new blog!

Comments and reviews are always welcome!