The Memory Keeper’s Daughter: Book Review

Photograph from Google Images Hello people! Watched the 'Avengers Endgame' yet? Don't worry I won't give away the spoilers in this blog, so you can scroll down without any worries or anxiousness(I know how hard spoilers hurt)! So this blog is officially my first book review. I hope you guys don't judge me too harshly...… Continue reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter: Book Review


Five books to die for.

Photograph by: Bhagyashree. All rights reserved. Hello fellow book lovers! Isn't it a wonder how our world revolves around books, characters, scenes, incidents and how easily friendships and relationships could be severed if someone, dare reveal the spoilers before we are done with the books!!! On a lighter note..NEVER I repeat NEVER reveal spoilers to… Continue reading Five books to die for.


The Imperfects.

Hello readers!How's going with you guys? I have always been interested in learning and trying new forms of creative writing and poetry. So this time, it's turn for 'LIMERICK'. It is a traditionally humorous (can be serious as well, well considering I am writing, it has got to be serious!), five-line rhymed poem that can… Continue reading The Imperfects.


Breathing Belief

Hello readers! Today's blog highlights the journey of self discovery. The journey of moving forward. The journey of self- love. The journey of life. So here's a poem accentuating the journey of acceptance of beauty within ourselves and loving ourselves. On a serene, rainy day, perched a little bird on a window pane, Protecting herself… Continue reading Breathing Belief


Facade of a Face

Mona Lisa , Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece, is undoubtedly the world's most mysterious painting. Right from the position of the lady's fingers, to the the uncanny landscape have been questioned since the beginning of time. In this backdrop, I have composed a poem, voicing the inner conflict of the most mysterious lady in the world.… Continue reading Facade of a Face


Knock Knock…Who’s there? A new blogger in the web air!

Hello beautiful readers! Today I begin a fresh chapter of my life...I entrust myself with a new responsibility of being a blogger apart from being a poetess! So let's begin by introducing myself. My name is Bhagyashree Jain. I am an ardent book lover, voracious reader and a fierce protector of my books (I dare… Continue reading Knock Knock…Who’s there? A new blogger in the web air!