Blogger’s Bedrock.

How’s it going, readers?

Today’s blog , I know it is a little late. Apologies , but the topic I chose to write on , today, required a great deal of thinking. Believe me, I have been racking my brains to seek answer to this question all day long…(scroll down to unravel the mysterious question)

Abbreviating the reason for me being here, for a nobody being on a platform to share her views was truly a Herculean task! When I finally thought of a reason which satiated my desire to delve deeper into this question, I decided to start this blog.

Isn’t it strange, how millions of faces appear in the world, merge with the ‘facade’ of a huge crowd , disappear and are eventually forgotten. Millions of faces, millions of minds, millions of ideas, billions of expressions, yet all fused in a marsh of invisibles.

The same story has been and will be repeated with one and all till the end of time. Different tales amidst that One Story of life and death, will be left unheard, undocumented and will be forgotten. In this phenomenon of racing ahead paving way to be remembered through the eons of time, we are outstripped of everything we have achieved and ultimately forgotten by Time… Trying to grasp the irony is a bit frightening and humorous at the same time, isn’t it?

Although this fear of being forgotten had been daunting me since childhood, I realized its magnanimity (trust me, I am not deceiving you) a few seconds before attempting to write this blog. This has been a recurring nightmare of mine since the time I have been discovering the true purpose, true ambition and the true calling of my life.

I might be just another face (or mask) in crowd, sometimes not even visible (because I am a teeny-tiny person, laughs), but I never want to be forgotten. I might have the same tale among thousands, even the feelings and expressions might be similar, but I want the tale to be heard. I want my sing-song voice to be heard and remembered through the cacophonous chatter.

This brings me to my question of what actually brings me here? Probably a desire to write. Probably a desire to reach out to people through words and expressions. Probably to make new friends. Probably to break free from the constraints of my leather bound dairy. I am sure all of these, but above all to be remembered even when I am no longer a face in the crowd…till the end of time.

I never knew, documenting and sharing petty details to great achievements (trying hard to make them come true), could make me happy to an extent that I smile throughout the day and I am one step closer to being immortal.

I know I am not alone ( and never want to be as well) in this. There are thousands, questioning themselves, gathering courage probably doubting themselves before expressing a sweet melody among the crass noises. A big shout out to all those!

It takes great ounces of strength and determination to even attempt something like this. So let’s be each other’s back in this journey and carve out a new way, where only souls ,not faceless faces live to express and express to live. Let our words and expressions alone lead to our immortality.

With this, I came to an end of this blog, having explained my reason for attempting to be here or rather begin my journey of immortality.

© 2019 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

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