When I dreaded the weekend….

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Hello readers! I hope you all are basking in the happy weekend-ish sunshine!

I have an enlightening insight regarding college, which I have learned the hard way; it surely is TOUGH!!!! 😥

This is probably the first time in my life when I dreaded the weekend. The reason? I had so much work piled up to be submitted in the next week. Trust me, I have never prayed harder before, than this one time, where I prayed for Sunday to be extended a few hours more…it never worked though, Monday morning is just a few hours away now.🤤🤤

Anyways, something happened over the course of these twenty hours, which made me drop my work and start punching the keyboard keys.

Alright then, let the saga begin!

I woke up to the pitter-patter of raindrops pounding on my window pane,this morning. As I opened the door and went outside to collect the morning paper, a light object landed right on the top of my head and began traversing its journey downwards. Woohhh, when I think about it now, it was one of the scariest moments of my life.

As the object was taking its dear time to land on the ground, I was attracting attention, seeking for help. You cannot even imagine the myriad of possible names and shapes for the unidentified object, that were going on in my head. Hearing the pandemonium that I was creating outside, my four birdies, Simba, Sarah, Coco and Rio started fluttering around the cage in terror, unsettling all the ornaments and swings in there.

After a few minutes of the terrified screeching from the five of us, which earned us dirty looks from the neighbors and some laughs from the children, I decided to look directly at the source of my distress. With my body arched backwards to launch an instant attack on my attacker and a little caution, I opened my eyes to find a shiny, green object lying next to my foot. It was a long lost (and forgotten) shuttlecock. A SHUTTLECOCK!!!!

Flashes from a friendly game, last week came rushing back. Something had happened to the shuttlecock…Oh yes, a powerful shot from my opponent in the direction of the wind and it landed right on the inaccessible roof. And the game ended there! So how did it plan to give me a surprise visit this weekend? Blame the rainwater. As the streams of water flowed downwards, it carried with it, its new friend which landed right on my head, giving me the fright of my life.

Being the warrior that I am, with great zeal and zest I collected the morning paper and shuttlecock, and headed to solve the other problem; the one with my birds.

Staying alone in the peaceful environment, would have been a good idea, though. As I entered the house, I screamed once more, out of horror this time. My seemingly peace-loving birds had upturned their entire cage somehow and were fluttering happily around their spilled food. It took me about an hour to sweep and mop the floor spotless.

However my saga doesn’t end here. It has a few more acts before the curtains close…

A few hours more into the day and I find myself battling another T-Rex.I couldn’t measure and draw the contours of relief features, because some dim-wit thought it would be a good idea to eat chocolate in class, using my textbook as a protective shield for their dress! For protecting their dress!!! I hope from the bottom of my heart, the don’t have the fortune to meet husky book lovers. Seriously, someone is in great peril, when I meet them in college on Monday.

With a little help from the Internet and other sources, I completed one assignment of mine and decided to take a short break by walking around my building. Little did I know, the rainwater was in no mood to spare me either. A cyclist going the opposite way, decided to take a little detour and started peddling towards me. Before I could react to what was happening, I found myself drenched head-to-toe in the freezing water from puddles. Who knew, I would get to attend a rain dance session, sans passes?

The rude cyclist, did not even stop to apologize and cycled the rest of his journey, laughing along the way. However, he didn’t get to go very far, without having to shed a few tears either. He *accidentally* cycled on some stray dog’s tail who chased him along the block , finally jumping on his cycle and sprinkling him with the same puddle water, he drenched me with, in the first place! Thank you, universe! That was exceedingly satisfying! 🙂

However, all of this is nothing compared to the big shock that was awaiting to greet me when I reached back home. I had been locked out with no spare key. If somebody was keeping a record for bad days, I am sure, this one is qualified to make the cut.

With a disheveled appearance and piles of work to complete, I had to wait for two hours outside my house, with chilly winds to accompany me for my mother to rescue me out of this situation. I wonder how cold Jack must have been feeling all the time he was protecting Rose!😧 No matter what happens, now I am always carrying a spare key, some extra clothing and towels with me, wherever I go.

Thankfully I completed all my work, before night had fallen and I got to enjoy a peaceful family dinner, where my “adventures” for the day, were discussed and laughed at thoroughly. I have some stone-hearted family members, I found out today! Lol!

I hope laughing at my misery uplifted your weekend moods, if you guys also had to cancel some plans. I wonder what the universe has in store for me, next weekend!

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I am a big girl now, mother…

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Hello readers! Finally,I am out with a poem I had been wanting to compose for a really long time, but was never really satisfied with the result until now.This piece of poetry revolves around the relationship of a mother-daughter duo and how they find their strength to face the cruel, male dominated world. I know, it’s pretty long (well actually, the longest I’ve ever written), excuse me, for that, but knowing I am writing this, it is justified, right?

I hope you enjoy reading the poem as much as I enjoyed writing it! Here it goes…

I am a big girl now, mother…

I remember the first time, the day, a man eyed me hungrily,

You said breathe, look away, walk faster and move on steadily,

I had been a child of five, ready, eager to explore and create,

You said by the time, I turned into a ‘big girl’, I should wait,

Wait for the viciousness and hunger to completely clear away,

And keep my beauty, my identity hidden under a veil till that day.

I grew up believing those stares were a route to that time,

I did what you taught me and kept hiding from the crime.

I was smiling and laughing at my tenth birthday party that night,

Forgotten were the horrors of the past in the present ,so bright,

Suddenly a hand groped me from behind, despite my protests,

Mom, he was one among the long list of civilized guests,

 Hurt, angry I came running to you, out of shock, out of fear,

You laughed it off as a mishap and began to wipe my sorrowful tear.

I thought another hurdle was added to that right path,

And once more, I had to hold back and bury my wrath.

Time flew by, and I started  turning into a young lady,

I was shrouded into long, dull clothes to blend with the shady,

Surroundings and protected from the hunters lurking around,

You asked me again to look away and make no sound,

The wolf-whistles started to be engraved in my ears,

But looking away and walking faster helped all through the years.

Surrounded by my trusted people, I spent the early years of my life,

Before I knew it you pushed me to become someone’s ideal wife,

From that day onwards I remember him never asking for my consent,

I don’t think he understands what the word ‘NO’ meant,

The ornaments of my face have given way to red, blotchy scars,

But didn’t this arrangement called marriage raise bars,

Of cruelty and strangling my ideas, thoughts and opinions,

I believed I would never face this, for I am not among the millions.

 After all those years, I am a big girl now mother,

Still waiting for the dawn you promised me mother,

As I lay on the floor stripped naked of my existence,

Even when I followed all your words with persistence.

Lying on the floor surrounded by blood and dirt,

I question myself, what did I ever do to be hurt?

Darkness has started to crowd and envelope my eyes,

Probably this is where I die, after living the promised lies,

In spite of the defeats, I don’t wish to be dead so soon,

Is this ending in disguise a long-awaited blessed boon?

With this moment I wish to fight, till my shackles are cut off,

And I explore the world in the way, the little girl dreamt of.

I see the open window and hope it carries my voice outside,

The voice of a bruised but not broken child, lady and now a bride,

I scream and scream till there is no voice left in my throat,

I raise my voice for me and for millions like me to be afloat,

From the misery and helpless reflections from the mirrors,

And break free once and for all from the ruthless killers.

I truly understand, today what the ‘big girl’ signified,

Months after losing you, my protector, by my side,

You wanted me to find my voice, my strength, my power,

To fight for myself in the face of hardships and not cower,

You made me strong enough to take a staunch stand,

I feel proud and loved at how you never let go off my hand.

I remember reading the diary you left behind for me,

And realizing how many battles you fought for me,

Alone you pushed the man, who dared to raise his eye,

And harboured intentions of making your daughter cry,

The hand that groped me, years ago, was cut off brutally,

You fought all hardships for me always smiling beautifully,

 Till your last day my husband was not spared from your fire,

To always protect me was your heart’s deepest desire.

You protected me till your last gasp of breath,

Till the time I found chivalry in the face of death.

Nothing can bruise, taint and shatter me to pieces now,

I have tolerated enough abuse and humiliation, I avow,

My soul breathes the bravery lingered by you, my dear,

From the courage you taught me by giving in, to fear.

I have turned into the big girl now mother,

Who will not tolerate injustice another,

I have turned into the big girl you were mother,

Ready to face the world, your big girl mother…

Bhagyashree 31.7.19

All rights reserved.

A big shout-out to all the ‘big girls’ out there and a bigger shout out to their mothers for making them who there are today. #gogirlpower

Don’t you think it’s cruel that the innocent little girls become their courageous big counterparts only after losing everything? How I wish, life had been a bit merciful by providing another alternative…

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A walk by the fields

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Hello people!

After a long time, finally, I am out with a post. Today’s post narrates a story of a father discovering the meaning of life after the death of his beloved wife. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Overwhelmed by the canopy of stars under the night sky,

I sit by the fields like any other day, waiting for her to pass by,

Her dazzling smile, her sweet fragrance, her graceful stride,

Reminds me of that special day, when my girl became my bride,

The chapel was lit, tearful parents seated on the sides of the aisle,

With the nervous groom, struggling to recall his vows all the while,

Which flowed like poetry, once he lifted her, glittering, pristine veil,

And they promised each other oneness in their matrimonial trail.

He counted two decades elapsed since he visited the church again,

For instead of happiness, that place now bestowed him with pain,

A loud noise was heard and a devastating rumble followed suit,

Letting go of her gloved hand was all that he remembered en route,

To the hospital, where he woke up after ten torment full days,

To hear, he lost his family in the church which in riots was ablaze,

Only his newly wedded wife was fortunate enough to survive,

Although now she needed machines to help her breathe and thrive,

Days turned into months waiting in the hospital, by her bedside,

Hoping one day, she would rise, leaving her lifeless trance, aside,

After months of waiting, she breathed her last and bid goodbye,

And bequeathed a girl to make him smile, whenever he would cry.

However, he pushed the baby girl away, in pain, in raging anger,

” Her life is cursed”, he kept repeating feverishly with a clangor,

He’d send her to be raised in a home for orphans he decided,

She would bring nothing but sorrow, was the reason he provided,

With a stone heart, he left the baby at the house, sans any concern,

For her well-being and happiness and decided never to return.

With changing moons,the crying baby blossomed into a wise lady,

Believing, one day she would finally be able to meet her family,

Probably when she would be roaming freely around the fields,

Or happily running haywire amidst the colorful,dense yields,

Or someday riding a bus while going to the neighboring town,

Maybe they’ll meet while she was shopping for her wedding gown.

Like his lover, he roamed around the fields every now and then,

Hoping in some way or the other, he could be with her again,

On one of these somber, hopeful walks, she came back into his life,

With the same smile, warm face, she was a replica of his late wife,

In an instant he realized where she came from, who she was,

For her unhappy childhood and misery, he was the cause,

Unable to face his young girl, whom he had harmed,

He scurried away shamefully, making her scared and alarmed.

Since then he had been visiting those fields every day,

To talk to her,to seek her forgiveness in every possible way,

Every time she casts a glance at me, she melts away my heart,

With her kind, nurturing aura and a pristine soul and heart,

With time she has started considering me her trustworthy friend,

If I told her truth, will she turn away and would our bond also end?

Afraid of this, I could never muster courage to talk to her,

Until today when I would reveal the cold truth in front of her,

I know her love for the fields will make her sneak out of her room,

For she finds these walks as a means of averting the gloom,

Tonight come what may, I will chose the path of atoning for my sin,

I ‘ll promise to never go and stay with her through thick and thin,

A low thud and rustling of leaves, made me look around,

My sweetheart was sprawled near the fallen Oak leaves, I found,

I lovingly helped her get to her feet and dusted her dress,

And around the twinkling stars, twirled the playful tigress.

Before I could utter a word, I could feel myself weeping,

For injuring a heart, which would probably never stop bleeding,

She bent down and pressed something in my hand,

A bright red rose, which had crumpled a little in her hand,

She embraced me and said something, changing my life forever,

“I know you went away before, but I know you’d do it never,

Again and we’ll be together till the world falls apart,

A new life,sans agony, united and strong, we’ll start”.

Seeing our footprints together, I was sure she had returned to me,

Years later, reminiscing , the moments of our youthful spree,

When he had hurt her selfishly, she had smiled and revealed,

He was forgiven,by asking him to walk with her by the field.

© Bhagyashree, 19.9.2019

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Left(-over) Love

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Hello fellow bloggers and beloved readers!

Some love stories are never endowed with the happy ending they deserve. Today’s post is about a modern couple who are hesitant to make take the first step on the path of their left(-over) love and lead their lives choosing happiness over misery.

Her phone beeped once.

She lept to her feet,

As of waiting for his reply.

Her phone had beeped only once.

It was him.

With a smiley for the birthday wish,

She had sent.

It was definitely him.

She smiled.

Unable to contain her excitement,

Over his usual reply.

She smiled ruefully.

His fingers trembled.

Hesitant to ask her how she was,

After leaving years ago.

His fingers trembled uncontrollably.

She struggled.

To string the words together,

Asking him, could they meet again?

She struggled.

There was love left. It still hurt.

Both the screens were swiped shut,

As their moments drew on with,

Unspoken feelings and unfinished conversations.

There was love left. It still hurt.

Bhagyashree 4.9.19

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