Moment of Peace

Hello people!

For the last few days,I wake up praying for only one good news; we have now found a cure for Covid-19. It is so heartbreaking to read about thousands of people who lost their precious lives in the raging battle against this deadly virus. I hope their souls find peace and thier loved ones find thier strength back in such tumultuous times.

For the time being I urge all of you to be safe, be aware, take care of yourselves and not panic. Precaution is the best cure and attack that we can launch at this virus.

Since childhood I have been taught to seek the bright ray of light in the darkest of times. And I have tried to implement that teaching instead of panicking these days. It’s my humble request to all of you to do the same. Use this quarantine period to spend time with your family and mend the ever increasing communication gap.

If you feel alone or troubled, do reach out to people to talk and share your feelings. Who knows you might help the other one channelize their pent of feelings. Be there for each other! Help the society by being in the confines of your own houses. Please don’t roam around unnecessarily. We have just one job these days, do nothing more than being in isolation. Please do that properly. Share your feelings in my comments section about how you are overcoming the panicky situation going around. We need that desperately.

I know I cannot provide medical help to people who are suffering these days, but what I can do is to channelize calmness and peace both of which play essential roles in the path towards healing. I am going to that do with the only power I have: writing!

Let me share how I overcome my moments of panic; by being creative. That’s the key. Write your feelings, express your emotions through cartoons, draw, paint, laugh out loud and before you know it you are not tensed any more. And you have helped your family members by being their strength. Imagine the power we as individuals have to bring a much needed global calm only the world right now.

As some of are already aware I am working on writing 140 character stories, here’s the one I had written a few days back in lieu of Coronavirus. I hope it provides you with some relief in distress and you find the strength to put up a grand fight!

There was a pandemic.There was a global lock down.Life came to a standstill.
Probably this was the ‘moment of peace’ we all were waiting for to re-learn how to appreciate ‘life’.


I would be waiting to hear about your ways of spreading a calm vibe around. And if we are fortunate enough we might help someone in our close knit community who in turn might help others!

Lastly don’t forget we are in this together! Together we will stand in times of need and work for a better tomorrow!

Love and strength,


©2020 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

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