A Tale of Two Friends.

Hello readers!

Isn’t life all about trying new things?

So here I am trying a new kind of poetry. ACROSTIC POETRY . It’s a fun poetic form where the first letter of every verse combines to create a word or a message.  Let’s see if you can decipher the ‘word’ after reading my poem.

Family comes first, they told me, since childhood,

Rightly wrong , they were, I understood in adulthood,

I found a friend in your words, guidance and kinship,

Even at the dusk of life, I would not forget this friendship,

Not even a day passed without our intellectual chit chats,

Doubts on my abilities vanished, hurriedly with your pats,

Flying kites in clear blue skies, running azure in green meadow,

Or following you around all day, I just loved being your shadow,

Resting in your grave you must be thoroughly content,

Life’s lessons you taught us before, we all now represent,

I reverently remember you on all occasions of mine,

For I know you would have been proud to see me shine,

Ever lasting was our bond, if someone asks me, I would respond!

Bhagyashree, 15 April 2019

Comments and interpretations always welcome!

Sikkim Dairies coming soon!

© 2019 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

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