Happiness and Melancholy…

Hello lovely people ! Welcome again to my blog!

You know before starting this blog, I had been wondering about what would make me happy even on the gloomiest day of all…I did not know the answer would leave me astonished!


I know many people are with me on this and we might just digitally hi-five each other.

Jokes apart, beautiful, deep poetry and books make me happy (it had to be kind of obvious given my for literature!)

So in today’s blog I would be sharing a poem from my published collection (“AN INWARD ODYSSEY”, as mentioned in the previous blog ), which happens to my mother’s favorite.

A Colorful Melancholy

Let’s see if you can guess the end of this poem, just by looking at this picture. No cheating!!!
(Answer in the comments section)

A blossoming tree that I was stood wide and tall,

At a time all the creatures huddled around me whimpering and small.

The tiny saplings tried to find my sturdy roots,

From where they could be nourished to grow out strong, aggressive roots.

Little animals crowded my trunk during the dark,dingy nights,

For they were scared that someday they might be a part of those horrific, deadly sights.

One fine day my eyesight darted to a group of caterpillars,

Who were striving hard to save their lives from a group of horrendous killers.

The little creatures started wriggling on my trunk hurriedly,

The oldest of them was carving out a way for others worriedly.

With no time to spare the wise, old, caterpillar asked me to extend a helping hand,

And provide their sinking ship of life some land.

Out of pity I should have helped the miserable ones,

But arrogance and pride took over and prevented me from helping others, specially the needy ones.

They heard my thunderous laughter,

And I saw fear in their tine eyes for what was coming after.

Within a flash the wriggling caterpillars slumped dead on the ground,

All the plants and animals become scared of me, that were around.

The birds stopped chirping on my lush leaves,

There were no nests on my branches, not even on the eaves.

Little saplings started to drift away from my soul,

With time it became lonely, my sweet little knoll.

My arrogance was taking a toll on my life,

With each passing moment I was becoming strong with my haughtiness, but losing the strife.

A few days later I realised that God was punishing me for my sin,

No there was no one to support me in my tumultuous time no friend, no kin.

I started losing my shine, my sturdiness,

I realised that my mistake had set me on my path to self-destruction, on the path of unworthiness.

Within a few days I had become a mere shadow of myself,

I remembered my mother’s advice there are people to celebrate your happiness with but for your sins you have to pay yourself.

Now there were left bare branches with no flower, no fruit, no bud,

I remembered the five caterpillars on my trunk what was shimmering was their blood.

Suddenly one evening a butterfly flying perched on my arm,

For a moment I had redeemed my lost charm.

As the morning drew, the butterfly started its journey once again,

Deserting me to deal alone with my pain.

Within a few moments a throng of butterflies came swarming towards me,

My spirits lifted for a moment and I was lost in my magical spree.

The little butterfly came up to me and spoke,

Of things which made this tree guilty and teary-eyed, a tree which was once a great Oak!

She remembered the unfaithful day when I refused to help her family,

Was the day she started living in agony.

She had fallen of the trunk and survived,

She had been thankful for her second life, which was prized.

She dreamt of avenging the old tree,

For being the cause of her distraught and pushing her in the barbaric sea,

Of loneliness and  unhappiness,

Which she could not surpass in her despair and helplessness.

In the angst the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly,

A butterfly whose life was marred by a lie.

That the tree was heartless and its existence was futile,

Now at the moment she felt all the vengeful days had been inutile.

She had now forgiven the tree seeing its condition so fragile,

She had made a quick decision with her mind so agile.

She had removed the burden from my shoulders,

She brought life around me , a place in which now thrived only boulders.

All that was heard around me were cheerful and happy cries,

For now all my leaves had turned into mesmerising butterflies…

  Bhagyashree Jain ,

An Inward Odyssey,


You know one more thing that would make me happy…people reviewing it and interpreting it different ways!

Eagerly waiting to read your comment.

Till the next time, be awesome and wait for the approaching weekend!


© 2019 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

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