Treasure. Life. Pleasure

Hello readers!

Let me know it you like this poem in the comments section! An honest review is needed as I have tried a different style of poetry (free verse with anaphora;repetition of word or phase in the beginning of each verse) which I have not attempted before.

She saw once again, the crumbling ruins with tired eyes,

She saw once again the hopeless, sleepless nights,

She saw the delusional palace that she grew up in,

She saw the long corridors where she used to run alone,

She saw the friendly snowflakes settling on window panes,

She saw the grandeur fragmenting slowly and stealthily,

She saw the desolated meals, every day and every night,

She saw the paintings screeching for freedom,

She saw the sunlight bouncing on the treacherous walls,

She saw the smiles of the unhappy child, teenager and adult,

She saw the bulldozer striking again at her unhappy palace,

She saw the people collecting rubble from the demolition,

She saw the unhappy child dying with each stroke.


She saw once again the happy cottage with tired eyes,

She saw the hopeful, peaceful slumbers spent in the house,

She saw the happy cries of her children, echoing around,

She saw a happy face smiling back at her from the glass door,

She saw a happy child being born inside her again,

She saw her demons flying around, not able to touch her,

She saw her happy home, standing in place of the palace,

She saw her happy soul flying happily, instead of being caged,

She finally saw her home once again, before closing her eyes again.

Copyright: Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

Enjoy the weekend till we meet again!

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