Look up at the stars,

My grandfather said,

When facing life’s scars,

Of despair and dread.

Forgotten was this,

In my childhood,

In its cheerful bliss,

Until my adulthood...

I was aggrieved,

Angry at the world,

Until this was retrieved,

Making my lips curled.

That day I realized,

To make us shine,

Darkness thrived,

From stars, it’s a sign!

© Bhagyashree 2022. All rights reserved.

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Until the next time,


14 thoughts on “Stars”

    1. Hi bhagyashree,
      Yet another one from you…..you have an amazing thought process…and your talent of weaving them so beautifully into words…renders me at a loss of words….do continue stringing these sparkling pearls ….that continue to twinkle like the lovely stars……….
      You know I love a moonless night to a moonlit one ….coz ..you look up to see all those glorious orbs shining in their full might…….
      Stay blessed dear!!! Love you loads.

      Liked by 1 person

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