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A heroic, hilarious escapade!

Hello readers! How have you been? How was your weekend? My weekend was pretty eventful and I might need a little help decoding the events leading to it. Whom do I turn to in this hour of need? Of course, to my beloved readers!

So let me summarize the *events* for you, that have left me baffled and a little apprehensive (you’ll soon know why).

Yesterday was quite a jam-packed day for me. I was preparing for my upcoming exams in a hostile environment (*coughs* because of an aproaching family wedding, you all know how fun and hectic these can be) and it was quite a task. Before I knew it, somehow I had made it to the evening and it was time for my music class. [For those of you who are new here, I play guitar.] That reminds me I have my music grades coming up and I haven’t started studying for them yet. Wish me luck and some time management tips so that I can make through this time, alive.

We have deviated from the path, anyway, let’s get back to it. After my music class ended, I decided to take a detour on my journey homewards. I decided to have a peaceful hiatus in a park. Trust me, I needed this badly to bust my stress. As luck would have it, there weren’t many people around and I even saw an empty swing! So you can guess what happened afterwards.

However, my destiny was insistent that day to make it adventurous. A troop of monkeys soon found its way to the isolated park, *so far*. Before anyone could bat an eyelid, they had hijacked the slide from little kids and were merrily having a gala time sliding and jumping down. I so wish I had captured that moment. It was so enthralling to see baby monkeys having their share of enjoyment. I was so captivated in the moment that I didn’t notice a mischievous monkey slip away from the band towards me. Soon, he had my leg in his hands trying to tug me away from the swing. In the next moment, another baby monkey had joined him. Expectantly, I screamed and somehow manged to run away from this unique tug-of-war and those naughty monkeys. It still gives me goosebumps to think about that moment and see such frivolous baby monkeys so close.

I would like to thank my stars, for I had the wisdom of leaving my guitar home at the last minute. I wonder how things would have turned out, if I had to wrestle my guitar out of those monkeys’ grasp. After ruminating about the incident I have come to three conclusions;

1) The baby monkeys considered me one of them and wanted to kidnap me in their custody for a ransom of bananas,maybe.

2) They wanted me to get off the swing. (Seriously guys, asking me politely would have done the trick too)!

3) They consider me their idol and did not want me to disappear from their eyesight again, hence they held on to my legs.

I am still confused which conclusion before the situation. I am apprehensive now to visit parks alone and without my *monkey-protective-apparatus*.

I think you readers can help me out here. Do share if you have any more ideas. I would love to broaden my understanding about the situation.

Until the next time,

Cheers! 🌸

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4 thoughts on “A heroic, hilarious escapade!”

  1. Accept the third option or option one, I am sure u won’t need a monkey protecting apparatus. They themselves will protect you, 😂. Secondly you can come over this side too, we have beagly bhoo to match u and comfort you, and a huge park hash tag without monkeys.

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