Eyes and their Tears

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The eyes, heave, sigh and cry,

For they have to bid goodbye,

To whom, why, you might ask,

To answer, it’s an onerous task,

For us, it is just a droplet,

For them, it’s a love couplet,

We think it’s a drop of salt,

Its absence makes their life halt,

They can feel it in their souls,

As the moment rumbles and rolls,

The moment we all dread,

As we see our loved ones tread,

To far-off destinations unknown,

Bequeathing past to their known,

It seems so surreal for the pair,

Who now have just grief to share,

For their offspring will be lost,

Just like melted dew and frost,

Their little one, behind sight,

Whom they protected with might,

Who they felt growing and glowing,

Maturing steadily after sowing,

Thinking, they’ll be together,

In all seasons and weather,

Unaware, they’ll have to part,

Tearing all their dreams apart,

Their heir now had to move on,

Alone, towards the dreaded dawn,

Mother Eye loudly wailed,

To stop this, but she failed,

Her mind reluctantly asked,

For a time, after this turmoil passed,

However her heart refused,

Demanding scion’s safety, unabused,

Father Eye had nowhere to vent,

All his despair and pain, up-pent,

To be in place of his li’l one, instead,

Was his only wish now, he said,

However the circle of life,

Rejected the pleas of man and wife,

It was now time for young blood,

To shoulder the flow of flood,

Of emotions of sorrow and grief,

To be washed before a new leaf,

Of joy, love and laughter,

Not just now, but also after,

Necessary for the greater good,

The pair bids goodbye to parenthood,

They prepare themselves for living,

A life, now just of breathing,

Before they could catch a sight,

She bubbled and ensured her flight,

To fulfil her pre-destined destiny,

Ending the emotional mutiny,

All the eyes could do was flutter,

And live with this chaotic clutter,

Everytime they think, it ends at last,

Another daughter, goes rushing past,

All they do now, is blink incessantly,

To be near the place from where their daughters left quiescently.

©Bhagyashree 2021. All rights reserved.

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©Bhagyashree 2021. All rights reserved.

26 thoughts on “Eyes and their Tears”

  1. Dear Bhagyashree
    How beautifully u have expressed human emotions through your poem “eyes and their tears”.Hats off to u.Keep on writing.God bless u.
    Aunty—Rita Mathur

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  2. Dear Bhagyashree
    What a lovely and touching poem.lt brought tears to my eyes.u hv penned down emotions so beautifully.lt is so remarkable that u can feel and write with such senstivity.Always look forward to reading your poems.Do keep writing.God bless and good wishes.
    Swapna kulkarni

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  3. How beautifully worded, the best part was the way you have travelled with the words to reveal
    and reach to the emotional destination। Lovely 😘😚😍

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  4. You are an innate writer,Bhagyashree….and every piece of your write up reflects your thought process…and the love and nurturing that you got as you grew up….a rare diamond from a gold mine!!…kudos…..as for the poem….it not only related the significance of the tear but also the emotion behind……ifelt at.points that it was dedicated to the grannies and you had your mom and aunt in mind….but it was so subtle that it encompassed all going through the agony of seperation or the joyof accomplishing something….but it had the power to stir the hearts of the readers and rendered them speechless by the eloquent flow of your pen….stay blessed dear and continue to write on all these almost extinct emotions in this maddening ,fast paced world.

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  5. Dear Bhagyashree,
    Beautifully, beautifully written poems! ‘Eyes…’ and’I am a big girl…’ Took me on a soul wrenching, thought provoking journey. I going to the archives to read more.
    God bless and keep writing!

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  6. Kudos Dear Bhagyashree !
    An original composition …the style n content overpowers the genre constraints and traditions.
    I have been fortunate to go through the valuable works of our young poetess reflecting a range of predominating moods – flippant, reflective, sad, happy , vibrant, dignified ,satirical and contemplating . Sure enough, it has been a sheer pleasure .
    In this Poem Readers’ emotions are invoked through the placid and retrospective mood of the Poetess
    There is flawless execution of variety of literary techniques in her work.
    Oxymorons like – *“eyes wailing loudly “* create indelible impact on reader’s heart and soul.
    Regular rhythm brings uninterrupted flow of emotions.
    There are various references suggesting bereavement, loss , grief, despair but above all hope and power to overcome.
    Variety of poetic methods and techniques- rhyming couplets
    sincerely grace the emotion that becomes increasingly reflective like separation of close relations and
    fluidly explores the aspect of life that is being missed.
    Overall the style and flow of the poem is very fascinating and satisfying
    Bhagyashree, you are our shining star full of good cheer ,
    Putting sincere efforts throughout the year,
    Through the treasured contributions you make ,
    You are sure to reach your goal and fulfill your role.
    Keep enchanting your readers with your magical writing skills.
    Your each writing is a masterpiece….. awaiting the next .
    Best Wishes and Blessings.

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  7. ” Shed no tear oh shed no tear, the flower will bloom another year, weep no more oh weep no more, young buds sleep in roots white core”. John Keats
    Going through Bhagyashree’s poem ‘ Eyes and their Tears’ it is natural to be reminded of these famous lines by a legendary poet. Poets in making are / ought to be inspired by classical poetry and poets and it is so pleasant to find that Bhagyashree is cultivating the traits essential for making a poet with appeal and impact. She has so well penned down emotion which at once represents the sentiment and sensibility. The language and wordings are not just phonetic rhyms but rhyme with meaning and serene flow.
    Congratulations , blessings and Best wishes.

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  8. Bless you dear Bhagyashree for writing down a poem full of true emotions It touched my heart very deeply. You are such a wonderful god gifted child well groomed & full of dedication & emotions. Love you.

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