Mango Season

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Hello everyone! I hope all of you all doing well. After a long time, I am back with another story! Ta-da!

My grandmother is full of anecdotes and sayings. She always says enjoy and savour the mango season as much as you can for it always brings you the sweetest memories. I was earlier sceptical of her words but something happened last summer, that changed my perspective forever.

A warm morning, my parents decided to surprise me with something I had been pestering them to agree on for the past few years; a puppy! At the wink of eye, before I could understand the reason behind their behaviour, he was here. His mini frame coupled with short, stubby legs, eyes twinkling like stars with happiness, a tiny snout, an ever wagging tail and spotless white coat  he looked no less than a little bundle of positivity and light. I appropriately named him Joy, for he brought an irreplaceable happiness in my life.

I might not remember the most exciting day of my life, but I do remember the most anxious, confused yet the happiest one. It always feels so surreal describing that day because what I experienced that day cannot be expressed in mere words.  That day both of us were struggling to do the right thing. I was struggling to take care of him properly and he was unsure about how to assert himself on me. He did that soon enough, I can vouch for that. Just as the first rays of sunshine entered our house, he too had clawed his way in our hearts forever. No sooner than the day ended, he had us wrapped around his little paws.

Within the next few days, all of us adjusted our schedules to suit his. He would wake me at the crack of dawn, have breakfast and forcefully tug me around to play with him. Looking back I only remember laughing at his antics and my sleep deprivation lay long forgotten. Joy would then laze around and sleep until it was time for my tutor to come and he thought it was the best time to prance around, for some reason. He wanted to be near my feet when I studied, everyday. I guess he wanted to accompany me while I soared high in my intellectual pursuits or he just wanted to munch the titbits of biscuits that fell off the table while I munched them. I hopefully pray that the reason for staying near was the former.

His arrival, his punctuality for food, his playful antics, his colourful toys, his antics all had turned our house into a JOYous one. He had a different relationship with each of my family members.

Both my mother and he cared for each other , would keep tabs on each others’ presence in the house, but would start acting indifferent whenever someone else entered the room. I believe it would have bruised their reputations to admit their affection for each other. He had the same relationship with my mother as I have with my father. I guess we both maintained the equilibrium in our house.

He viewed my father as his protector. My father still recalls of an incident when an adult dog had entered our front lawn where our Joy was prancing around. Sensing danger, he leaped under the bushes, quietly located my father, crawled his way back to him and heaved a sigh of relief only when my father had chased the dog away. I wish I could have been witnessed this incident as this was unlike Joy’s bold nature that he unabashedly displayed in front of me. I guess not everyday belongs to dogs.

 My grandmother doted on him more than she dotes on me and that is some saying. He was such a smart baby. He knew where he should go  for protection, if he chewed on my things, from  where he could get treats without having to follow commands and who would always play with him. He knew how to live his life to the fullest.

Speaking of chewing on my things, he had a knack of chewing and sleeping on my slippers. No matter how many slippers or shoes were laid on the floor, he would choose mine and run with them in his mouth as if he had found a treasure. Three pairs of my slippers had been martyred in this process. He insidiously snitched all my toys and privileges giving me a run for my money. A few days after his arrival, I started keeping my guard up and being on my best behaviour in case, my family members uninanimously decided I was unworthy of staying with them.

I think I was comforted by the thought that I was his favourite family member. He would excitedly wag his tail and greet me whenever I returned home, would follow me around all day long, would sleep on my lap whenever I would sit on the floor, would hide behind me whenever he heard a loud sound and look at me with his puppy eyes drowning me in love.

It seemed my life started to revolve around him from his food time, sleeping schedules, training, grooming and journaling his growth and stay with us. I truly hope, it was the other way round too.

Soon the seasons were shifting and droplets of change started pouring in. Our little puppy was changing his antics and preferences. The once shy and dependent pup was now turning into a confident and curious one. The furniture and door stoppers were at his mercy. My mother scolded me every time I accidently dropped anything on the floor, in fear he would gulp something dangerous for him. We were racking our brains to train him to not saunter in the danger zones of the house in our absence. Still, apart from all the changes two things remained constant, his cuteness and love for mangoes. If you couldn’t find Joy anywhere in the house, you could find him in the backyard, under the huge mango tree in search of the fallen fruit.

It seemed life had endowed us with an eternal happiness in the form our cute, little pup. Destiny however had other plans for us, for Joy soon developed genetic respiratory ailments. Frequent visits to the vet, cajoling him to eat medicines and trying to sooth him through the nights became a familiar scenario in our household. It seemed everyone directly or indirectly prayed to the Almighty to reduce his suffering. It pained our hearts to see our once energetic puppy gasping for each breath now. Even his favourite toys and my slippers could not excite him.

The turn that things took next was for good or bad is still debatable. Sometimes I wish to thank my stars and sometimes I wish to berate them.

Joy continues to live with us, however, instead of his play pen, he now resides in frames. Wooden, glass, square, rectangle, circle, all kinds adorned our walls.

With the mango season coming to an end, our mango lover too was gone from our lives. This season was indeed too short.

I still remember him every day. His curious eyes, his happy go lucky attitude filled my day with hope and warmth. I still cuddle with him when I lie down on the floor where he used to sleep. In memories, my mini monster still jumps excitedly when someone rings the door bell. Every morning I still check my bedside only to realize I stare into nothingness now. We all remember him, but we refrain from saying anything because we are afraid tears might replace words and his puppy eyes won’t be there to question us what’s wrong. His arrival and departure changed me forever.

He gave our family a joy we never knew existed. It was because of him we started bonding with each other differently. I know wherever he is, he is still on the lookout for my slippers and things to chew on. I know, he knows one day he’ll get to claim his right over me, again. Till then I hope he just keeps track. I have a bitter sweet feeling about that reunion, though. I still don’t know whether I look forward to the next mango season or not. However, I am sure about one thing now, mango seasons do bring the sweetest memories. 

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12 thoughts on “Mango Season”

      1. Emotions pouring out straight from the heart…….it was so alive ….I visualised him wagging his tail….missing my saint Bernard who I lost last year….and he was sooo found of mangoes!! ….each word of the story ramped deep inside wrenching my heart…….”looking beside the bed to look into nothingness”…..kudos.Bhagyashree,.
        ..I read with misty eyes………very refreshing……would look forward to more such excellent writeups.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you! I am glad you liked my story and it reminded you of your furry friend. I’ll try to live up to your expectations in future.Thank you for following my blog! 🌺🌸


  1. Such a lovely story filled with emotions.felt very touched after reading it and enjoyed reading every word.looking forward to such lovely stories in future Bhagyashree.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had read the words and said a wow to the verbal expression, my mistake couldn’t get to the expression of feelings, considering the fact that you are such a good author I took it just as story. Have cried several times after realising that it was for our little joy. Couldn’t in my worst of nightmares imagine this happening.
    Take care dear, may he stay where ever he’s.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. No words, not even kidding. You’ve once again impressed me. You’ve penned down your feelings beautifully, could literally imagine all the instances. The title is perfect!:)

    Liked by 2 people

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