In the circle of life (yeah, yeah I am a big Lion King fanπŸ˜‚), you meet strangers who turn into friends and friends who turn into strangers. However, it the journey of a friend turning into a stranger that hurts the most. Today’s post is about that one journey that leaves you pained and scarred, yet gives you the courage to try again and find your happiness.

It is not the goodbye that hurt,

It is the recurring flashback, that does,

It is not the empty room that pinches,

It is the engraved echoing conversation, that does.

It is not the short talks that squeeze my heart,

It is that abrupt ending adieu, that does.

It is not the distance between us that hurts,

Is is the increasing emotional gap, that does.

Is is not our dwindling friendship that hurts,

Is is your fake attempt at rekindling, that does.

It is not letting you go that pinches,

It is remembering old memories alone , that does.

It is not ending things that squeeze my heart,

It is starting all over again and again, that does.

Bhagyashree, 27.8.19

All rights reserved.

I would love to hear your varied views on this journey. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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