Just Breathe

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Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

Success is all about failing and learning. It takes courage to bravely face all the hurdles, fail, learn from them and continue on the strenuous path you have chosen to carve your success. Today’s post is dedicated to all the amazing people who had decided to follow the same path, yet, for some reason, are on the verge of giving up. Trust me, all of you are brave enough to undertake the rest of the journey, and emerge victorious, just don’t lose courage now. You have come a long way since the moment you decided to fight and a new life awaits you at the end of the next step you have to take…

As you sit at the uncomfortable foot of the stairwell,

Overthinking the zillion ways, life did not treat you well,

Or the times, you did not live up to the expectations,

Yours, theirs, seeking solace in dearth of inspirations.

Pondering the reasons you should stop mid-way,

Drowning yourself in regret retreat, where alone you’ll stay,

Or probably the bliss of escaping, when you had time,

Or just one more push and you reach the ultimate paradigm.

You see others succeeding rapidly at a faster pace,

Doubting yourself, if you belong here, in the first place,

Suddenly, you stand up, determined to quit once and for all,

Promising yourself, to not feel pangs of guilt, big or small.

The confident footsteps stagger to walk on their new way,

Until a small voice whispers; “Just breathe and let it go away,

Just breathe and enjoy a day relaxing, smiling, savoring,

Enjoying the laurels you have been so far, achieving.

You are meant for this, for a reason, you choose this path,

However, scary it seems, you are treading on the right path,

Quitting now, is a blunder, you’ll be horrified to commit,

Later on, realizing, at the next step was the desired summit.

Just breathe and cling tightly on the thin thread of hope,

Keep climbing high until this thread becomes the thick rope,

Of your dreams, wishes, desires, joys and silent success,

Agreed, it is strenuous and hard, keep trying, nonetheless.

Just breathe and climb the stairwell, you left behind,

Just breathe and follow your heart, instead of your mind,

Doubting and impulsive quitting are just a part of life,

Which make you even more determined to win this strife.

Just breathe, relax, smile, muster courage, try again,

Harder and harder till the time, it is no pain and only gain,

Just breathe and let all the doubt slowly get away,

The footsteps will then confidently walk on their old way.”

Bhagyashree, 24.8.19

All rights reserved

I would love to hear your story of overcoming the impulsive decision of quitting and emblazoning success over it. Let’s chat about it in the comments section.

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Until the next time, stay motivated and strive harder!

Happy weekend!

9 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. Hi Bhagyashree!
    This poem is full of positivity and will surely inspire those standing on the edge..
    Hats off to your maturity at such a tender age


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