” Together”

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Hi fellow bloggers and beloved readers!

Isn’t it surreal how one line, one quote, sometimes inspires you to no bounds and you surrender yourself to the beautiful process of creating something new! (Let me know if it is otherwise for you guys)

” More than mother and son,
They were accomplices in solitude”.

Gabriel Gracia Marquez

When I finished reading this quote, I was sure about one thing, is the inspiration for my next poem. And lo, here it is! A poem dedicated to the angelic journey of a mother-son duo pitted against the cruel world. However, this poem would have made more sense on the occasion of Mothers’ Day šŸ˜› Never mind, enjoy my piece!

Stumbling her way through the old building alone,

The young girl maneuvered to search for that stone,

From her childhood, bearing the innocent imprints,

Of ruling the world, someday, with her artistic prints.

Crossing the forgotten alley, she recalled that night,

Which left her miserable and drowning in contrite,

“It was a mistake, a grave blunder”, he kept repeating,

“Let’s stifle the tiny heart, that’s inside you, beating”.

A scared, but firm ‘no’ was her strong, ultimate reply,

After which, her loved faded, painfully bidding goodbye,

Determined to fight back for herself and now,for him,

A part of her soul, which would never leave her grim.

Abandoned by her parents, seeking solace in solitude,

She realized, a change was needed, in her attitude,

From a meek, frightened and helpless single mother,

To a strong, brave, loving and self-sufficient mother.

She decided to rekindle her love for the vibrant paints,

And learn to live life to the fullest, sans constraints,

Seeking inspirations from the scribbles of the past,

She vowed to lay an example, forever which would last.

Her left hand, carrying the stone with cracked paint,

The other promised the child, ” You’ll never be a taint,

You are my precious, precious blessing to be prized.

Seeing the wonder you’ll be, the would will be surprised”.

“We are not alone from now, we are together in this,

And together we’ll make our lives an ethereal bliss”,

Promising this, she walked with her head held high,

With her little treasure she was ready to soar the skies.


Twenty, long, years later, she remembered her old days,

Seeing the cluster of canvases, bather by golden rays,

Where a young man, spoke about spreading joy through art,

An innocent, pure joy, keeping the evil and cruelty apart.

Smiling he walked up to an old lady, delicate and elegant,

Taking her hand, he whispered in a manner, eloquent,

” We were not alone, mother, we were together in this,

Mother, together we made our lives, an ethereal bliss”.

Bhagyashree, 30.8.19

All rights reserved.

Did this quote impact you in the same way, like me?

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work.Let me know in the comments section what you think,

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Ā© 2019 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

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