You never know what it feels like….

It smells like a freshly cut tangerine,

Tantalizing you, the aroma of its alluring sheen,

Inviting you to live its taste,

Being secretive, all the while, wheather with sweet nectar or bitter droplets it is laced,

It sounds like a party blasted with beats,

You know it lies outside your comfort streets,

However as you move ahead in its search,

You find yourself at crossroads where unknown dangers might lurk,

It looks like Mona Lisa from distance,

Equally riddled with imperfections throughout its existence,

You never know what it feels like,

Until you have lived its ups and downs alike,

This is called the ‘wee-bit-of-celebration’of life,

Where we have to live well, just live until the end of the strife.

©2020 Bhagyashree. All right reserved.


Until the next time,


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