Hello readers! How’s it going?

Finally, it is happening! I can happily cross one thing off my bucket list. Yaay! (Scroll up or down for the big reveal. )

Alright then, without further, let me *formally*make this an announcement!

*DRUM BEATS* (Kung Fu Panda style)

I am thrilled to announce, my online book club “LITERARY LISTINGS” is ready to kick off and I can’t wait to soar high in the vast sky of literature with other book lovers. I am getting goosebumps while thinking about it!

Here’s everything you need to know about the club.


The club will function on two online platforms: Instagram and WordPress.

There will be an Instagram chat group where all the book lovers will get together to discuss anything and everything about books. I would be regularly posting snippets of our conversations and book reviews on my WordPress account.If any of you wish to do the same, you just have to mention the name of the club and tag the founder. It would be a great idea to let the founder know beforehand about your posts, so that they can also read it and share their opinions.


  1. To create a warm and welcoming community of bookworms where they can freely express their bookish thoughts, widen their literary horizons and meet like-minded people.
  2. To list amazing book recommendations.
  3. To read and review books and expand our already existing TBR piles!
  4. To hold community discussions about literature.
  5. To plan fun activities around books.


The club will have regular discussions on Instagram and monthly posts on WordPress. The themes of books, genres of the books will be decided beforehand through mutual consensus .


In case you are interested to be a part of this club, you can mention it in the comments section or DM me. I am linking my Instagram handle at the bottom of this post.

If you have any unsolved query, feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media handles. I’ll be happy to help you.

Also, it would be a great help, if you could share your Instagram handles with me so that I can add you in the chat group.

Can’t wait to get it rolling!

Ready for the book club, book lovers?

Instagram Handle

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