Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well in this quarantine. Apart from your physical well being, I urge you to take care of your emotional well being too. I know it is a difficult time for all of us, but I know we will get through it, safe and sound!

Anna at the amazing Anna’s Book Nook nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award and I can’t be more grateful! Do check her blog for all the splendid book reviews and related posts:)


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your blog post.

My Answers to Anna’s Questions

  1. What childlike things do you do?

I think a more appropriate question would be, what childlike things I leave out! Jokes apart, I still watch animated Disney movies with my mouth agape, lost in wonder and amazement. The Lion King remains my favorite movie till date.

2.What is your favorite genre of books to read?

Fiction and mystery. However, I am dappling with a varied genres these days.

3.What is the most recent book you’ve finished?

I have just finished reading ‘The Monk WHo Sold His Ferrai’ by Robin Sharma.

4.Where is the next place you want to travel to?

To be honest, I am not a fan of travelling, but I would love to visit Egypt someday. The alluring msteries of its pyramids and temples intrige me immensley. Infact I have spent many sleepless nights reading about the same. Let’s have a conversation about it sometime.

5.If you could live in a fantasy world, which one would you pick?

That’s the toughest question of the lot. Ummm…..I guess it would be the fantasy world from either the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings series. Too cliche , right? Can’t help it, I am a die hard fan of these series.

6.Would you rather be an author, an editor, or a publisher?

I’d rather be an author who edits and publishes, instead of choosing one profession!

7.If you could say one thing to your younger self, what would it be?

You have a great sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to bring it out. Do it soon.

8..What is your favorite dessert?

The Indian sweet-Gulabjamun! God, I now have a craving for it! Shouln’t have thought about it in the first place!

9.What is your preferred social media site and why?

The answer has to be YouTube. There are three reasons for this choice.

  • I absolutely love music. No matter what chore I am doing or any peice of writing I am working on, there is always a YouTube tab open on my laptop/phone streaming my favorite songs.
  • My childhood memories are revamped through this site. One of my favorite things to do on YouTube, is to binge watch old cartoons, which are no longer aired. So brownie points for that!
  • Most importantly, I feel YouTubers maintain some sense of projecting their real lives with dashes of modesty to the masses which somehow lies hidden under the covers of imprudent vanity on other social media sites. Social media was invented with the sole objective of connecting people, not to inflict scars of inferiority or envy on them. So YouTube takes the lead in propogating this advocacy.

10.Did you have a favorite school subject?

I think I might surprise myself with this answer! Yoga and needlework. Although I was terrible at both of them (still am), but I enjoyed the most while attending those classes.

11.What is one good thing that has happened to you during this global pandemic?

This panemic induced quarantine gave me the time to execute the plan of starting my book club, something which had been in the pipleline for a long time. I guess I owe this to this global pandemic, but I hope things return to normalacy super soon.

My Questions

  1. What is your childhood’s happiest memory?
  2. If you get an opportunity meet your favourite character from a novel, what are the three things you’d tell him/her?
  3. Have you ever been in an ironic situation in life? If yes, what was it?
  4. If you get to choose a superpower for yourself, what would that be and what would you use it for?
  5. Web series or movies?
  6. What would be the title of your autobiography, if you write one?
  7. If you had to choose a theme song for yourself what would that be?
  8. If you had to describe the year 2020 as a flavor, what would that be?
  9. What is your preffered stationery item and why?
  10. Which was the first book, you DNF? Did you complete reading the book later?
  11. What was your last joke which made people laugh?

My Nominees

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. I would love to read your take on my questions. Love to the blogging community for such warmth! ❤

  1. KN J Tales and Snippets
  2. Curating Thoughts
  3. Lifesfinewhine
  4. Jesusluvsall’s Blog
  5. Willing Yourself to Win

Until the next time,


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