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Tinder Vows

Hi readers! I hope you are safe these days!

I have been working on short story writing for the past few days. Recently I received a prompt from a friend and decided to take it up as a challenge to come up with a story. Trust me, it had not been easy to think and write a story considering I am not a fan of the theme.

I hope you guys enjoy reading it and let me know what you think about this peice.

So the prompt was: Tinder and you guessed it right, the theme was: Love.

His Tinder bio read- I VOW to never start the next episode without you!
Hers read- I VOW to be by your side in sickness and in health until your death do us apart, by chance you decide to watch the next episode without me!

Two individuals decided to try their luck in finding love online. They matched. They agreed to go on a date.

Who knew, three years down the lane, the two lovers would be repeating their Tinder bios as thier vows while walking down the aisle? It was truly a match made in heaven!

Stay at home and be safe people!

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