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A Deferential Gift

Hello people! I hope you are safe!

Can you believe a year has alright passed since the time I posted my first blog ever? I can’t believe how time flies. That day still remains etched in my memory. I was scared, nervous and excited about how this journey would unfold. Trust me, I am not dissapointed at all. I met so many wonderful people,had great conversations with them, collabed with them and discovered so many talented writers! All of you have done some amazing things already and I hope you guys continue to do so.

I had been wondering about the nature of content to post today for a long time. And the answer had been right in front of my eyes, I never seemed to have realized it.

In such tumultuous times we should cling on to every little ray of hope we see and celebrate it. Every warrior wheather in the vicious battlefield or in the periphery of their homes needs to be appreciated. Apart from the healthcare staff, sanitation workers, media, grocers and all others who are selflessly working to keep us safe, there is another community of people who are helping us in such difficult times. So today’s post is dedicated to all the amazing bloggers, artists and content creators out there who are working tirelessly to create content, sharing their stories and messages to give a message to the world,”we are not alone”.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

His echoing footsteps filled the room,

The rays of hope from the opened door, diminished the gloom,

I became still and excitement washed over me,

The bare canvas waited to be a part of the enthralling spree,

I prayed to the Almighty amongst all canvases,

I should be the on whom his colors would cover the blank spaces,

With a piercing look around,

He chose me to paint a picture, profound,

The artist sharpened his pencils and drew over my body,

For his masterpiece could not be tainted as a shoddy,

An excruciating pain was felt over my heart,

On the path to perfection,this was just the start,

Every day, with a line drawn,

A fragment of my identity was gone,

Each day he drew to his heart’s delight,

I endured the pain for that dazzling sight,

The next day a new pain was born,

As he erased what he had already drawn,

After ten long days of this agony,

Came the real test of my gallantry,

I was being painted in a picture, grand,

For I was to provide a relief from ordinary lives, morose and bland,

With each stroke, I was suffocated,

With each object brimming to life, I was defeated,

Neither did I object, nor did I oppose,

While attaining peace, this was the destiny I chose,

He relentlessly pursued bringing the canvas to life,

Little did he know, I was losing the strife,

Slowly I started losing my breath,

Nearing was my age old enemy, Death,

Before the final show, a black cloth was drawn over my eyes=

I was the artist’s feat that had to be prized,

Losing my identity did not matter,

As long I could provide peace in the chaotic clatter,

The serene painting into which I had been transformed,

He hoped, would keep people united for long,

An empty canvas that I was,

My sacrifice has ultimately found a cause!


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Until the next time,


©2020 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

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