Family Ties :Book Review

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Greetings everyone! Time for a quick book review.

Book- Family Ties

Author-Danielle Steel

Rating- 4.2/5

I think I am speaking for everyone when I say,Danielle Steel weaves a beautiful world for her readers with her words, impossible to escape from once you start your journey with her. Each novel, each character, each plot twist has been written in a way which holds immense validity in the society and is easily relatable.

She smiled knowingly. The circle was complete.”

‘Family Ties’ narrates the tale of young architect, Annie,who is faced with the challenge single handedly raising three kids after the demise of her sister. The story then leaps forward to sixteen years and we now witness the escapades of the three younger ducklings (Woohoo a great reference!) until their lives are brought together to complete the circle.

Before I begin the review, I would just like to say, read this novel. It mainly focuses on Annie and her life revolving around the kids, but also throws in some pockets from the childrens’ lives as they grow up.And the struggles the children face are so vulnerable and real, that you might feel you are reading stories from the lanes of your own lives. Steel’s writing has a firm grasp of realism. I guess this the reason why she has is popular among the masses.

There are only a few novels that keep you at the edge throughout. This is one of them. The simplicity of the novel is its strength. Not once in the novel you feel, the plotline is going haywire or is unnecessary. What attracts me most about the author is her endings which continue after the syntax. It provides the much needed closure for her nail-biting novels.

Steel usually opts for a pinhole writing approach to narrate the tale of her characters. In one novel you’ll find many parallel stories running together, each complete in its own sense, yet, at the same time, a part of the complete story.

For me, Danielle Steel’s best work till date is ‘Daddy’. Although I am not saying this work lags behind. It’s just the emotions in Daddy are emoted in a manner which tugs at your heartstrings, and this one provides an outsider’s view in the lives of protagonists.

Like every other novel of hers, the importance of family, love and respect is highlighted .To sum up, it is a great novel that needs to be read once in your lifetime.
Danielle Steel can be the perfect companion anytime!

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