The Pregnant King: Book Review

Photograph by: Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

 Hello people! I am back with another review!

Book- The Pregnant King-

Author- Devdutt Pattanaik


This book piques your interest with it’s title only. You are forced to pick up the novel and read the tale it narrates. A tale about the eponymous king, who seems to have defied the rules of nature.

I am sure some of you must have heard about this author who excels in writing Indian mythological fiction. This is the first book that I read under his banner and I am eagerly looking forward to more delightful reading!

So without further ado, let’s begin with the review…

Beginning Notes

A historical fiction set in the vibrant lands of India during the times of Mahabharata, packed with adventure, drama, emotions, regrets, desperation, helplessness and finally discovery of self, assured to provide you with a read worth a lifetime.
As you read the novel you meet a young king Yuvanshava and his three wives, drowning in the river of misery and sorrow as they remain childless. Thier lives are spiraled upside down as the magical portion made to help the queens bear children is accidentally drunken by the king. Against a political backdrop, you then read a story about a man bearing a child and how his life changes until the moment he decides to abdict his throne.


I have always loved reading Indian mythology and history, so this novel was a must read for me. I should actually thank my friend, who gifted me this amazing book!

Each character in the novel is so beautifully written and characterized that you seem to relate with everyone of them. While reading the novel, you sometimes fell the plot line revolves around themes spiraling in our lives; losing communication, inability to achieve political success because of gender restrictions, internal politics and so on and so forth. You never feel that the plot line is deviating anywhere. The author has the narrative flowing in a linear pattern and tell the readers only the things that help the story proceed ahead.

Each chapter of the novel narrates an entire tale in itself. The best part about the novel it encapsulates the tale of four generations. So the change of ideas with each new generation and the stability of core values throughout is very evident. It’s surely worth a read.

Some incidents in the book are so memorable, that you can’t stop thinking about them even months after finishing the novel. One of my favorite incidents in the book is the last scene in the book. It is so powerfully written that it bought tears to my eyes.

Many themes overlap in the novel like infertility and it’s taboo, the subjugation of women in politics, LGBT and gender and role reversal. However no theme overshadows the other. Such is the beauty of Patanaik’s writing. I am particularly fond of books with powerful endings and this surely makes the cut! I could help but sigh in regret as why I had not read it earlier.

Would I recommend it?
Sure. For all those who are looking for a good read to keep themselves busy. You can read it during such times when all of us are on a house arrest!

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