Hello people! I am back with another poem. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Coming back home, I roam and browse through your library every night,
Each story,each poem you’d ever written has never left my sight,
For choosing writing over family, neither I blame you nor I am sad,
But reading your words do give me glimpses of a mother I never had.


I wish we could have bonded more and left happy memories behind,
I would have loved to read those glassy eyes, creative and kind,
Your empty room,unused papers and pens now scream for mercy,
But I guess they would also have to settle for memories which are pursy.

When other kids had their moms to support them, I had books,
What all mischiefs I carried out just to earn your angry looks,
Growing up, I felt I was all alone in this huge, cold abode,
I wish our friendship was pristine just like your words when they flowed.

I am confident the little child surely did try to make her toys understand, Her mother was busy working tonight, so if she felt scared, they shouldn’t leave her hand, All her tales of curiosity and childlike complacence could wait, Till her mother returned from her wordly world to their real fate.

The teen too would have loved occasional, reassuring hugs and approving pats, And seemingly ruthless groundings when she unwittingly exceeded her tantrums and smart acts, However all the hopeful moments were sacrificed in vain, As the conundrums and confrontations never materialized and her only punishment was an enveloping void of pain.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to spread my wings in the sky,
And you weren’t even present for bidding me my last goodbye,
I’d so many new adventures to share, but you never had time,
And when I dropped out of college, I wish you hadn’t treated it as a crime.

Instead loved me for I was strong enough to make my own decision and choice,
And admitst the cacophony, find my unique, melodious voice,
I never knew whether you listened to or liked the music I made,
All I remember is your scolding, while walking on the path, you forbade.

Before we could sort our differences and fights you were suddenly gone,
Leaving me alone (now, all alone) to battle with a dark dawn,
Returning home I found a solace in listening to my tunes,
In your room, where you used to spend writing all your nights and noons.

In another lifetime if we get another chance, mother, I would tell you,
How I’d have loved to be your friend and supported you in all hues,
Of life,but for this life, we are stuck with a little of this and little of that,
I have your words with me, while you got memories of your beloved habitat.

©2020 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved. 21.02.2020

Until the next time,


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