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Hello folks! God, it’s been weeks since I last posted and months since I last continued this weekly segment…

Please, please help me with some tips to manage time.😅

Alright then. Today’s question is inspired by a recent event (details in next blog post) and actually is quite important while weighing literary classics.

Which novel(s) left you utterly dissapointed or forced you to add a book in your DNF section?

For me it would be Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I was so fascinated by Woolf’s writing and had become her huge fan after reading To the Lighthouse. However after reading Orlando (review out soon!), I might take a break from reading Woolf. 😅

Tell me in the comments section your disappointing experiences with books. Let’s bond over the same pain!

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  1. I’ve never read Orlando, but I’m sorry that it disappointed you! I have read To the Lighthouse though, and I mostly enjoyed it. I couldn’t really decide if I loved that book or hated it😂, but I did like the writing for sure!

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