Dear Politics

Hi guys! Vacations are just round the corner and I am so excited! What are your elaborate plans for the vacations? I know one thing surely, I would be posting more often! That reminds me could you guys give me some tips for surviving college? I would love to read them in the comment section.

Alright then, time for today’s post. Although I do write about politics very often, I decided to dabble with this subject a little more in the light of some recent events. I hope you guys enjoy reading my work.

Dear Politics…

Dear Politics,

It is with deep pain and remorse, I write to you, this letter,

To thank you for the gifts of corruption and demonic humanity,

Instead of freedom and equality “supposed” to make our lives better,

We are stuck with fake promises, hidden truths and futile vanity.

I used to look up to you as a motherly comfort to global tears,

Hoping one day, your children, would reign over a world sans violence,

Instead their policies have given way to even more chaos and fears,

And in place of laughter, I hear a gruesome, painful, wailing silence.

You were there, when the guilty rapists were set free, weren’t you?

Despite the pleas and protests of the shattered but hopeful girl,

What a pity you were a witness during the human trafficking trial too,

What if you were absent all such times, letting Lady Justice freely swirl,

How wonderful it would have been, had you let the innocent breathe,

And rather chose to silence the ruthless terrorist’s rustling notes,

Yet again, you chose unwisely, soaking all the righteous citizens’ seethe,

I don’t blame you though; your choice was between justice and votes.

Would there have been quick progress if you had let the deserving candidate win?

Probably then there would have been less focus on boundaries and religion,

But you taught us it was important to respect old blood in the political kin,

And every aspect of development would follow, if you had an orthodox vision.

Since your inception, you never cease to discordantly disappoint me,

With your ingenious methods of flouting numerous rules and laws,

And the principle of heartless elimination in one’s ambition spree,

To achieve which, you propagate, highlighting others’ tainted flaws.

Old memories come gushing to me, when you used to walk in sync,

With empathy, unity, respect, honesty and above all prudence,

I don’t understand, over the years, how these virtues left your rink,

Leaving behind dark traces of envy, revenge and grating imprudence.

I wish you were still tolerant enough to comprehend my perception,

And had allowed me to pale the dark covers to bring out your kind heart,

If it exists, I doubt, deep down, after seeing the current condition,

Or the prophecies were true after all; it’s indeed inevitable doom’s start.

With my only weapon; writing, I tried to help you open your closed eyes,

Time and again, to warn you, felon souls do not need your blessing,

My people supported my words, unlike you, heedless to my cries,

Plunging down, with the present and future, instead of progressing.

United with my people, I fought and failed against your might,

But succeeded in raising our feeble voice against your hollow clangour,

The power hungry politicians made attempts to change this sight,

First failing by persuasion then overtly expressing their vicious anger.

When every scheme of yours floundered, you targeted the mastermind,

And decided to extinguish the tiny ray of hope, ignited with great efforts,

But you forgot, realizing the truth, my people once again won’t be blind,

And you won’t be able to rule unabashedly with your comforts.

From behind my closed walls, I write for one last time,

Wishing you luck for the toughest battle of your life,

You may silence me now, but I will live on in my soldiers’ paradigm,

Against you, together, as the day rises, we’ll definitely win this strife.

Before I forget, until the next time we meet, after you are defeated,

Try learning, serving people, instead of power, which is consecrated.


A strong, anonymous voice

© 2019 Bhagyashree


Until the next time,


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