Left(-over) Love

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Some love stories are never endowed with the happy ending they deserve. Today’s post is about a modern couple who are hesitant to make take the first step on the path of their left(-over) love and lead their lives choosing happiness over misery.

Her phone beeped once.

She lept to her feet,

As of waiting for his reply.

Her phone had beeped only once.

It was him.

With a smiley for the birthday wish,

She had sent.

It was definitely him.

She smiled.

Unable to contain her excitement,

Over his usual reply.

She smiled ruefully.

His fingers trembled.

Hesitant to ask her how she was,

After leaving years ago.

His fingers trembled uncontrollably.

She struggled.

To string the words together,

Asking him, could they meet again?

She struggled.

There was love left. It still hurt.

Both the screens were swiped shut,

As the moments drew on with,

Unspoken feelings and unfinished conversations.

There was love left. It still hurt.

Bhagyashree 4.9.19

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