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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

Today’s is a big day, isn’t it? We are going to participate in the first activity as members of our book club! As you all know the activity scheduled for today is a TREASURE HUNT. I hope you’ll have a gala time in cracking clues and hints till you reach your ultimate goal.

Let me reprise you with the rules for this activity.

1) Each participant will have to solve four clues to complete the task.

2) The correct answer to the first clue will lead you to the second clue and so and so forth until the last round.

3) The first three clues will include a name of a book, a popular object(s) in the story and a place found in the narrative. The clues will not necessarily pertain to this order.

6) The fourth and final clue will be a famous, six-word quote from a novel which the participants have to guess from the hints.

7) Whoever solves all clues the fastest, wins the treasure hunt and earns a shout-out on my next blog post! All participants will have to provide answers to all four clues in the comments section.

8) To play fair, I would close the comments section after a day.

Alright then, may the best one win!


A place where a teenaged sleuth can be found residing,

A place in whose name a pinnacle might be hiding.


I am mentioned in the tales of Thousand and One nights,

With me you’ll savour touring a whole new world and it’s delights.


You might have read about the life changing moral crisis of a war survivor,

If you have read Graham Greene’s fictional-autobiograohical memoirs.


The most popular ending word of fairy tales,
Followed by another word for ‘every’ which will help you further sail,
And help you encounter the Days brother, youngest of the three,
Accompanied by the third person, singular, present of ‘be’,
‘An-other’ word joined to give you your next hint,
As you seize this ‘day’ and finish the exploring stint.

I’ll be waiting for your answers! Good luck, booklovers! It is now time to flaunt your bookish knowledge.

ยฉ2020 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.


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