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Let’s talk?

My first experiment with book photography! Do say, it’s worth the effort! πŸ˜…

Hi everyone! What’s up?

I had envisioned an idea long back, about something which I love dearly. However it cannot be executed without the co-operation of our warm community.

So in today’s post, I am going to ask you a question which revolves around a topic unlike anything we have talked about before.

I had been thinking of setting up an online platform to discuss books, authors and stories where people from diverse countries and walks of life can join in and share their views.

I have been working on a blueprint for this idea since the last few months and the bookclub is almost ready to be established. I’ll fill you guys in once everything if finalized.

Now comes the part where I need your opinions and views. Do tell me what you feel.

How many people are interested in being a part of this book club? And which online platform would you prefer; Instagram, WordPress or both? Or any other social media platform?

Trust me, this book club would encorporate many fun activities revolving around literature and connect us to people in ways we did not imagine before.

Tell me in the comments section your thoughts. Let’s plan an amazing journey together!

Until the next time,


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