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“I do”

Hi guys. Everytime I watch the news, my heart is wrenched with pain and I pray for the people suffering emotionally, mentally and physically. I know we are battling with a dangerous demon these days and we are bound to feel sacred and paranoid. However we all need to keep a calm mind and stay inside our homes to contribute our bit in the collective battle.

I hope all you are safe and are keeping your families safe. I have decided to provide support and wishes of well being to all my readers. I will be leaving a ❤ in their comments section for the same. You guys also leave a ❤ in the comments section of your friends, readers to help them know you are safe and are there to provide virtual support to them.

Here’s is a piece of mine to help you liven your quarantine period.

“I do”, echoed on both sides of the screens.
Quarantine period had delayed their marriage however they chose not to delay their love.

© 2020 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

Stay safe. Stay strong!

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