Dear boy with the ‘Banta Soda’

Hello folks! How’s is going?

I have some good news to share with you. Do you guys remember I had recently attended a writing workshop organized by Terribly Tiny Tales? It is a huge organization that curates and publishes amazing pieces of literature from all over the country. So the good news is… One of my stories has been featured in the TTTPicks on their app!!!

I was jumping in glee when I first read the notification. 😅

So here’s my story which is in the form of an open letter. I hope you enjoy reading it.

( *Banta Soda is a popular local mocktail in India resembling Virgin Mojito)

I still can’t forget the moment we first met during the summer of ’90. Struggling our way through the crowd of Sarojini market to get our hands on the last few ‘Banta soda’ bottles. As our eyes met and shoulders brushed I forgot all about the hustle and fortunately lost the last bottle to you.

You then offered to share the soda with me over guitar and conversation. I marvel how at our day-long ,life affirming conversation gave way to me finding my soulmate. I remember my heart fluttering as our lips accquainted with each other and our bodies seeking comfort in each other.

Before I could confess this, you told me about your musical career in Bombay and how we should consider a long distance relationship. I wish I could have mustered courage to stop you. Now that I think of it, I am glad I didn’t.

For those letters full of your adventures, your jobs, your house and love for me seem much sweeter. I still have them preserved in the precious box you gifted me with your first paycheck. It is still the most prized gift for me.
Time passed but distance never drifted us apart. You toured the world with music in mind and me in heart. I led my life with responsibilities and secretly yearning for your return.

Time passed and we grew from boys to men to husbands and fathers. I wish we could have done this together. Closer to each other. Over the years I realized why they say opposites attract. You were the free spirited soul I always wanted to be. Your flight gave me wings. Our love gave me courage to live for myself.
Although years have passed since the time you proposed to me on a phone call, I still have the answer hidden in depths of my heart.
You never lost hope. I never mustered courage. But now, I don’t care how much time it takes to begin again, how many attempts it takes to forgive me for wasting all these years, what life we have in front of us. Answers to all these questions don’t bother me now. All I want is love. But I still seek one answer desperately these days .

“Would you share another soda this summer with me “?

Your lover

©2020 Bhagyashree. All rights reserved.

Until the next time,


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