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Hello everybody! How have you been? I am back with my segment wherein we discuss our love for literature and words!

So my question for today is:

If you had to choose one book to read and re-read all your life, which would that be?

I think, this is one of the most difficult questions ever posed to me. It would be an understatement when I say, I was tormented while thinking of an answer. Still if I had to pick one, I would choose a book from The Three Investigators series and be willingly and repeatedly lost in the beautiful maze of words and mysteries!

Tell me, which book you guys would choose in the comments section. I would love to read your answers.

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  1. Actually, a children’s novel, “The Phantom Tollbooth.” It’s a book that, while appealing to children, has more and more meaning as you get older, wiser, and more attuned to the world and people’s existence in it. It really is a work of art. This does NOT apply to the horrid animated film someone tried to make of it many years ago. It’s a book that must be read to be appreciated for its colorful and artful use of language and imagery.

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      1. My 5th grade teacher read it to us and I was so sad when it ended. I then read it to my little boys but I think they were just a bit too young (they’re 29 and 30 now!). They loved the first chapters but I think the later ones were a bit over their heads. It is truly a great book.

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