book club


Hello booklovers! Hope everyone is doing fine!

Tada! I am back with our book club’s activity!

So booklovers ready to test your literary skills today?
Today’s activity is a bit different from what we have attempted before.
I hope you guys have loads of fun cracking this code. You can make use of dictionary and thesaurus in this activity.

I have enlisted sixteen words here. All you have to do is the select those eight words which have made thier way in the English language after these were introduced in the jargon by authors in their works.

Here are the words.

  1. Grok
  2. Decry
  3. Pollyanna
  4. Abattoir
  5. Newspeak
  6. Bilk
  7. Evince
  8. Shangri-la
  9. Didatic
  10. Blatant
  11. Laconic
  12. Nerd
  13. Munificen
  14. Gargantuan
  15. Zephyr
  16. Mentor

Who guesses the maximum number of words and writes them in the comments section wins this game.

I hope you have fun doing this activity. I would be waiting to read your answers.

Just a heads up, we might organize a buddy read sometime in the upcoming months. I’ll share the details soon. Whoever wants to participate, just grab a copy of your own and we’ll discuss it together!

Until the next time,


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