In Conversation with a blogger

Hello people! I am back with another segment of ‘In Conversation with a blogger’. Ta-da!

This time, we have a special guest with us. A blogger who shares the same roots with me. A blogger who renewed my perspective towards our hometown with his blog posts. A blogger whose efforts have been recognized and appreciated by many forums. An amazing blogger who also happens to be an incredible photographer! So here’s the excerpts of my conversation with Arv from JaipurThruMyLens.

1) Thank you Arv! for agreeing to do this.  Before beginning I would like to know about your blogging journey.

I started blogging in 2015 when I wanted to share my exploring in the city. Initially, it started with the sharing of pictures and offbeat places. Over time, my readers wanted more and that’s when the blog expanded. Jaipurthrumylens is rated as no 1 Jaipur blog by, a website that rates blogs.

2) You tell the tale of your city through amazing photographs. This is an incredible and creative way of channelizing your creative energy and living every flavor of your city. What inspired you to do the same?

My blog is essentially my perspective of the city. In spite of living in Jaipur for many years, there were many nooks and corners that I was not aware of. I was sure not many residents were aware too. So after one year, I decided to share it with everyone through a blog.  

3) If you had to describe your blog in three photographs, which ones would you select?

 It is really hard to pick any three. I wouldn’t say that these pictures describe the blog, but these are some of my favorites.

4) Do you remember any comment on your photos that made you laugh?

None really.  

5) What are your expectations as a reader when you read other blogger’s?

Some unique perspectives, viewpoint or insights. If not that then a good enjoyable read. 

6) You have a huge reader base.  Congratulations on that. Any advice to achieve the same?

Do what you are passionate about, rest will follow on its own. 

7) Have you ever experienced a blogger’s block?  If yes,  how did you overcome it?

I do. I give blogging a mini-break. 

8) Blogging is a commitment that demands great dedication, diligence and a constant variety and consistent content. Some bloggers who are unable to meet these demands quit within the first year.  Your take on this. Any tips for bloggers who experience this?

The clarity of thought and aim is very important. If you know what you want to write about the rest is the easiest part. Having a niche makes it easier.   

9) Any lesser know fact/secret about our city that you would like to share with me and our readers?

In these days of social media, secrets are hard to keep. I suggest residents to become a tourist for a day in your own city. Also, worth experiencing is the Nahargarh Heritage water walk and a heritage walk in the walled city area. 

Until the next time,


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